Intel Finally Shows Off Actual Arc Alchemist Desktop Graphics Card : gadgets


I would guesstimate that in the consumer market Intel is already the most popular video card since most computer users don’t play video games and are fine with onboard.

PC gaming is kind of been decline and Considering how crypto Miner’s have jacked up the price video cards that is kind of predictable.

It’s not a particularly fun market when a video cards Become prohibitively expensive.

Sooo In a bloated market like this onboard is that much better because it’s not driving up prices for An aspect of computers that most computer users are not interested in.

In the big picture of things there’s a much higher demand for low and video cards than high and video cards.

Intel AMD ending video all have to be careful that they don’t sabotage their own market with these high video card prices because currently Wow Nvidia and AMD can make money off crypto Miner’s, Intel is losing money on the fact that computers are becoming less useful for gaming.

Nvidia and AMD’s market is being helped out by the crypto Miner’s, Which offset some of their sales losses, but on the other hand Intel doesn’t get all the additional sales because you don’t put a whole bunch of CPUs in a mining rig , you put a whole bunch of GPUs in a mining rig.

And then Intel’s an AMDs Actual computing platforms become less useful because you’ve made PC gaming less affordable and that illuminates part of the total used package of the PC for a significant percentage of consumers.

The good all days that we mostly enjoyed where your computer was also an affordable gaming system without much additional investment have been wiped out by crypto Miner’s.

Now turning your PC into a gaming system is prohibitively expensive and it makes even more sense to buy a console than ever.

Crypto mining has to already have significantly harmed the progress of gaming on PC, but the Damage is adding up and building overtime to as the platform has just become on reliable for gaming without affordable graphics cards.

Now it’s also so bad that you can’t even trust the prices when they are affordable like you have to hurry up and buy a card while you can watch again just leads to a scenario where the sooner you can get on PC gaming the better.

They’re allowing this massive PC gaming industry to be sabotaged by crypto minors making pump and dump money for the digital beanie babies of currency.

Seriously if magic the gathering could also be a currency what you would get out of the deal is bitcoin … And you did it which is why one of your first exchanges was based on magic the gathering. GOX!

That’s because the same mindset of people are attracted to the same stupid idea and massively overvaluing collectibles.


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