Talent Management Systems 10 Best in 2023

Talent management, as all HR professionals are aware, is essential to attaining organisational success. A subset of HR software called a talent management system is made to assist you manage your finest talent—your existing and potential employees—so that they stay content and engaged in their jobs.

The ideal talent management solution will aid with all aspects of workforce management, including locating top talent, identifying top performers, supplying possibilities for internal growth and advancement, and supporting succession planning.

This post will assist you in swiftly comparing and evaluating the top talent management programs so you can successfully hire, retain, and develop your team members.

Talent Management System Comparison Criteria

What characteristics should I look for when evaluating talent management platforms? Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

User Interface (UI): Is the user interface (UI) neat and appealing?

Usability: Is it simple to use and learn? Does the business provide effective user support, technical help, training, and tutorials?

Integrations: Can you easily connect to other tools with this one? Exist any built-in integrations already? Does it integrate with already-established job boards and business websites like LinkedIn?

Value for money: How in line with the features, capabilities, and use case is the price? Is the pricing transparent, clear, and flexible?

Talent Management Systems: Key Features

When choosing the top people management systems to review, I take the following factors into consideration.

Hiring Process Automations

Does the talent management software system provide automations, machine learning (ML), or artificial intelligence (AI) within an HRIS workflow?

Talent Pool Searchability

Are hiring managers and HR teams capable of doing a swift, complete, and reliable search of their talent pool using information pertinent to the sector, such as experience, skills, education, and so forth?

New Talent Onboarding Process

Is the HR management team able to quickly onboard new employees and give them access to the necessary resources, paperwork, and training via the app?

Document Management and Storage

Is it possible to upload, track, organise, and search pertinent candidate papers (such as a resume, portfolio, credentials, etc.)? Does it detect applications that are duplicates?

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Overviews Of The Best Talent Management Systems

Each talent management platform that made our top 10 list is briefly described below:

1. ClearCompany

Best HR workflow with strategic insights to improve hiring, onboarding, performance, and workforce planning

You can hire, retain, and engage top personnel with the help of ClearCompany’s talent data visualisation tools.
A personnel management solution called ClearCompany enables smoother hiring processes, company-wide goal alignment, and performance management. They offer every functionality you require to find, hire, onboard, develop, and keep the greatest employees.

Establish 1:1s in a flash, complete with weighted sections, free-form responses, and custom scoring tables. You may also access candidate sourcing, automated screening, grading, and interview scheduling.

Tools for background checks, calendars, job postings, payroll and benefits, and SSO are all integrated with ClearCompany.

On request, ClearCompany provides individualised pricing.

On demand pricing

Visit Website.

2. PerformYard

Best for linking talent management and performance management processes

Using PerformYard’s ongoing performance management system, it is simpler to retain top talent.
The performance management tool PerformYard gives HR teams customizable tools to support a productive talent management strategy. It provides you with the resources you need to develop your talent management plans, and it streamlines the employee experience so that they can concentrate on giving good feedback and having productive performance talks.

You can adapt PerformYard to your organization’s own talent management strategy, whether it be 360-degree evaluations, project-based reviews, rating scales, ongoing feedback, or cascade goals.

PerformYard offers a straightforward employee experience that encourages feedback and good discussions. Every customer receives a personal customer success manager to oversee their implementation, including employee onboarding, training, and ongoing support.

The majority of significant HRIS/Payroll systems, including ADP, BambooHR, Gusto, Rippling, UKG, Paycom, Workday, and Paylocity, are integrated with PerformYard.

PerformYard costs $5 to $10 per user each month.

$5 to $10 per employee every month

Visit Website

3. Cegid

Best for collaborative recruitment

Utilizing the co-option tool from Cegid, reward your staff members for recommending applicants from their networks.
The Talentsoft platform from Cegid (formerly known as Hello Talent) combines the features of an employee engagement platform with a talent management and acquisition platform. The system promotes manager and employee cooperation throughout the hiring process, starting with recruiting. Employees can quickly recommend candidate profiles from their personal networks utilising their co-option app. You may also integrate a point system for employee referrals that is unique to your company to help facilitate suggestions.

Cegrid created an easy-to-use internal mobility tool to assist current employees in discovering new career options within their company to help increase employee retention. In order to support staff in continuing to be proactive in their own skill development, other capabilities enable teams to promote cross-disciplinary projects.

On request, pricing is provided.

Visit Website

4. ADP

Best cloud-based HR suite

For 12 years running, ADP—a provider of labour management solutions—has been recognised as one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” by FORTUNE Magazine. Self-service administration, mobile-optimized job advertising, and the ability to track salary are among the features.

Despite providing access to a wide range of HR services, ADP Workforce Now retains a user-friendly system. Additionally, consumers have almost endless freedom to add and remove features from their subscriptions to fit their needs.

Their talent management and acquisition tools include a user-friendly dashboard for tracking employee performance and coordinating team goals with individual team members. By implementing a configurable merit and bonus approach, this aids HR teams in identifying competency trends, identifying prospects for career advancement, and rewarding great performers.

Due to countless menus that prevent quick access to information and multiple dead ends for fundamental information, their professional website has a usability problem. Their program also suffers from this issue, which cost them points in the evaluation’s usability component.

ADP Workforce Now offers a free demo and starts at $17.50 per user per month with a minimum of 1000 users.

Free trial

$17.5 per user, each month, for a minimum of 1000 users

Visit Website

5. SAP SuccessFactors

Best for enterprise-level talent management

Enterprise employee lifecycle core HR.
Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing, or SAP, was established in Walldorf, Germany, in 1972. Originally concentrating in corporate resource planning, they now offer TMS as well, with functionalities for team goal management and worldwide talent recruitment.

SAP capitalises on the four talent management pillars of recruiting and onboarding, performance management, learning and development, and compensation management to support talent management success at the enterprise level. A wide range of their tools can be integrated with their talent solutions. They can connect to popular document writing, document management, and identity management systems, for instance. As a result, they received high marks in the evaluation’s Integrations section.

A few of drawbacks to be aware of are A) the price of the program may quickly add up if you require numerous services/packages, and B) reporting might be more user-friendly and automated; as it is, it necessitates a lot of human work.

Software packages for SAP SuccessFactors start at more than $1000 per package and solutions start at $2.18 per user. The program provides a risk-free trial.

Free test

Software packages start at $1000+ per package and cost as little as $2.18 per user.

Visit Website

6. Recruitee

Best Android and iOS mobile apps

Recruitee, used by companies like Starbucks, Toyota, and VICE, is made to aid in luring candidates and automate hiring procedures. For your own employment site, features include comprehensive CSS and media options as well as the capability to post to more than 10 free job boards globally.

You may immediately connect Recruitee with your current platforms and software thanks to their open API. As a result, you can add-on chat, project management, or CMS features. As a result, they received high marks in the evaluation outline’s Integrations area.

This program has been criticised for having interface problems when it comes to integrating and analysing external documents, such as PDF CVs, which navigate awkwardly and demand magnification.

The cost of Recruitee is $79 a month, and there is a free 18-day trial and demo available.

Free demo and trial period of 18 days

from $79 per month

Visit Website

7. HireEZ

Best talent management system for diversity and inclusion initiatives

Create HR initiatives and processes in accordance with specific requirements.
The hiring managers at Intel, Hilton, IBM, and Nike use HireEZ. This platform, which is intended for talent finders and agencies, has a strong infrastructure with scalable server clusters, contact information sourcing, machine learning for candidate selection, and more.

As you can see from the screenshot of the tool, HireEZ features a simple, clear, and understated user interface. It’s straightforward to quickly determine what you need thanks to the menu bar’s short list of tools. This improved their overall usability and user experience evaluations.

One drawback of HireEZ is that its paid plans are frequently on the expensive side and don’t offer the best solutions for situations where a single organisation employs several recruiters.

A freemium Starter plan for HireEZ is available for $149 per month. Additionally, HireEZ provides personalised pricing schemes.

Starting at $149/month with a Starter plan that is free,

Visit Website

8. PeopleStreme

Best for compensation management

Ascender PeopleStreme is a global provider of payroll and human capital management software that specialises in creating tools to support learning and development, employee appreciation, incident management, and other HR initiatives.

To boost employee satisfaction and retention, this solution stands out for compensation management since it gives HR professionals a real-time view of employee compensation, including other benefits. Despite its excellent customizability, this tool is simple to use regardless of the setup you choose. Any lingering difficulties can be resolved by the overly attentive support staff.

Because Ascender PeopleStreme A) does not provide online price alternatives that are transparent and B) does not provide any kind of free trial for users to try before committing, they were penalised in the Value for Cost area of the evaluation criteria.

Pricing for Ascender PeopleStreme is available upon request, and there is a free demo.

Free trial

Upon demand

Visit Website

9. Bullseye Engagement

Best low cost talent management system

Bullseye Engagement offers solutions for a 360-degree employee review and evaluation, engagement and pulse surveys, goals management, salary planning, and talent matching. It was named a “Disruptor of the Year” by Insights Success Magazine.

This tool’s feedback loop is simple and effective, keeping users interested with notifications, role-based evaluations, comments and notes, access to employee histories, an organisational chart, a social media wall, coaching for direct reports, and communication tracking.

Bullseye Engagement received lower points in the UX component of the evaluation criteria due to its old and cumbersome user interface. The software does nothing to produce a smooth, clean experience and appears much older than it is.

Bullseye Engagement offers a sample and is available for $3–4 per user each month.

Free trial

$3 to $4 monthly per user

Visit Website

10. Oleeo

Best for redeployment and internal mobility

Monitor staff performance and arrange for internal promotion.
This platform, which was originally known as WCM, was created with the goal of supporting diversity-sensitive hiring and includes modules for a VA personnel management system and intern/apprentice sourcing. This program focuses on sometimes overlooked recruitment pools, such as veterans and college campuses.

This software’s ability to function well as a high-volume applicant tracking system (ATS) makes it stand out since it gives you the flexibility and scalability to construct a solution around your current process. Debiasing technologies to lessen gender bias in job posts and automatable programmatic job ad campaigns are further helpful aspects.

In the Value for Cost portion of the evaluation criteria, where at least one of these two factors is highly recommended for a perfect score, Oleeo’s lack of pricing clarity and the absence of free trial offers cost it some points.

Oleeo features a free demo and offers pricing upon request.

Free trial

Upon demand

Visit Website

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