15 Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2021

It’s crucial to save files and folders in a safe location that won’t hinder the device’s performance. Earlier, when people kept all of their files on laptops and other portable devices, there were numerous problems. The most frequent problem experienced by consumers is a decline in device performance brought on by a lack of free storage space. In addition to this, the user had difficulties sharing the files.

These are a few of the problems that were encountered; if you are still having trouble securely storing your information, don’t panic. In this post, we’ve listed a list of the top cloud storage platforms from which you can choose to address your storage, security, and sharing needs.

Platforms for cloud storage are simple to use; regardless of the device you use, you can sign up for the platform and download all of your stuff. The nicest aspect is that you may pick the plane you want to board based on the storage you need. Some storage platforms only provide a fixed amount of free storage; to get more, you must pay a fee. This was only a brief introduction to the platform; each cloud storage provider has a unique collection of services to offer. Let’s check out the list of features and services offered by the software and platforms immediately.

Best Free Cloud Storage Platforms of 2021: Top 15

The top free cloud storage providers for storing all of your files in 2021 are listed below.

1. Google Drive

google drive

One of the most well-known brands when it comes to computer or mobile software is Google. Every software that a user would require while working on their individual devices has been made available by Google as a brand. buy alprazolam intensol baikal pharmacy Google has also developed a free online storage platform where you can quickly save any type of material and view it from any device in order to assist you in keeping all your work and projects organised.

Software that only needs your login information to access all of your projects is very simple to use. You may easily access them by logging in from any device. There are other additional features in addition to this; some of them are listed below.

Important Elements of Google Drive

Every user of this free cloud storage provider get 15 GB of storage.

You can effortlessly synchronise all of your data in real-time.

All types of file formats are supported for sharing and storage.

This platform can be easily integrated with other software.

The platform features a very simple, clean UI that doesn’t require any training.

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2. Dropbox


When it comes to online storage, Dropbox is a highly well-liked platform. For more than a decade, it has been on the market and has been safely storing user files. Given that it offers many of the same capabilities as Google Drive, it is a fantastic substitute. You can save all kinds of files on this cloud storage platform.

Along with easy sharing and a straightforward UI, the platform offers more than just storage features. Thus, this is the greatest platform to use if you want to keep everything in one location.

Notable Dropbox Features

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and other operating systems are all compatible with the platform.

All of your files from your device may be effortlessly synced, and they will remain secure.

You can continue working while adding additional tools to the platform.

To effortlessly work together on the same document, you can collaborate with others and add them to the document sharing list.

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3. Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is the next item on our list of the top cloud storage platforms. This means that reading about Amazon Drive might be highly alarming for you if you are new to choosing a cloud storage platform. However, you did read that correctly; Amazon provides a one-stop solution for storage in addition to a one-stop solution for purchasers.

This platform was launched by Amazon in 2015, and since then, its user base has increased. All users who want to save files can utilise this excellent platform, and if you are a premium member, this is your best choice. All Prime subscribers are given free, unlimited storage.

Important Elements of Amazon Drive

This platform is incredibly simple to use.

All files and documents, including spreadsheets, pictures, and presentations, can be previewed using the software.

Any sort of file from your device can be added and viewed with ease.

Sharing the files by a link, message, or other software is simple.

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4. iCloud


This is an extremely popular cloud storage service. The default cloud backup for Apple devices is iCloud, which is run by Apple Inc. However, you are free to use this platform with another OS if you so choose.

You may quickly save all of your stuff on this platform, but it only provides 5 GB of free storage, unlike all other online cloud storage services. You have the option to choose the premium plan if you want to upgrade. You can select the plan that best meets your demands because the plans are personalised for each customer and their preferences.

Important Elements of iCloud

Users of other device systems may initially find it confusing, but they will soon be able to simply adjust. For users of Apple devices, it is a very simple to use platform.

The website allows for 15 GB of file uploads.

Simply send the link to your coworkers so that you can collaborate on this platform.

Numbers, pages, notes, and keynotes may all work together on the platform.

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5. Mega


You may also test out Mega, another free cloud storage option. Although it is not as well-known as the other platforms stated above, this one is becoming more well-known every day and will eventually be quite well-known. The features and available free storage space are the reasons for its rising popularity.

In contrast to other platforms, the platform gives all users 50 GB of free storage. In addition, users can extend their free storage by adding a confirmed phone number and sharing the platform with other well-known individuals.

Notable Mega Features

The software provides a 1GB download and upload restriction every six hours.

It makes it safe to sync files from your device and to protect them.

The software runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Using a key, the platform encrypts the files.

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6. OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Our next cloud storage option, OneDrive, comes from a very well-known and reputable company. This software, which Microsoft has also provided for all PC and laptop users, is safe and can assist you in protecting your data.

All you need is a Microsoft account to use Microsoft Onedrive. This platform is free and provides limitless storage capacity to all account holders. Software makes it simple to save and share any content you desire. It can even simply sync data from your device and store them safely.

Notable OneDrive Features

Any device that supports an internet connection can use the platform.

On the platform, you can scan documents using mobile devices.

The software has a function that allows you to easily enter file expiration dates, and it will remove those files automatically.

You can upload files up to 15 GB in size.

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7. Icedrive


Although it may not be a particularly well-known brand, it is on the list of the top free online storage platforms. You can simply save, manage, and access data utilising this next-generation cloud service from any location and on any device. Because it has functions for both people and businesses, it may be the perfect programme for everyone. It’s simple to collaborate on files and edit them in real time.

Important Elements of Icedrive

The user interface of this platform is really clear and simple.

All of your files are encrypted with Twofish on this device.

No one can view the file other than the user, not even the staff.

You may easily upload 10 GB of files for free.

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8. pCloud


The following is a fantastic cloud storage option that is free. It includes all those features, including compatibility for numerous file types, ease of use, and sharing, just like every other name on this list. This software gives these features sophisticated alternatives in addition to just a basic option. Many people have trusted it, including those from Fortune 500 companies.

 Notable pCloud Features

To keep your data and information safe, it provides high-level security.

All of your data may be easily backed up with a single click.

The platform continuously updates the file versions so you can discover them simply.

Files can even be filtered by format.

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9. Sync


As its name implies, Sync is an excellent free cloud storage service that can conveniently store all of your information. All of your files and papers are kept safe and private on this platform. In addition, you may access your files from any device with ease. It works with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs and simply pay for it.

Notable Sync Features

With Sync, all of your files and folders are safe.

Up to 40 GB of files can be uploaded before the performance graph starts to deteriorate.

The software provides a simple method for sharing files on various platforms.

Every plan get unrestricted file transfers

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10. WorkDrive


WorkDrive is the next service on our list of the best free cloud storage. The company Zoho, which ranks among the top software development firms, created this platform. Operating the cloud storage is quite simple; all you have to do is sign up, drop all the files and folders you want to store to the cloud, and that’s it. Due to the usage of SOC2 type II to provide security, the files will be safe and secure. Because it offers real-time editing features, this platform is one of the greatest choices if you want to utilise it for office work.

Significant Elements of WorkDrive

With your peers, you may quickly edit the files and make changes in real-time.

Most devices are compatible with it.

The reports can be altered whatever you choose.

All files on this platform are encrypted.

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11. Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk

Every OS, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, is compatible with Yandex Disk, a free cloud storage platform. Even if the free plan on this platform only allows for a small amount of file upload, you must subscribe to the premium plan if you want more storage. There are two plans with yearly and monthly validity options.

Notable Yandex Disk Features

This website provides free access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and other software.

All users receive 50 GB of free storage.

The platform’s user interface is straightforward.

You may easily exchange files on the platforms and download them as well.

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12. Media Fire

Media Fire

Another fantastic free online storage service that can easily transfer and securely store all of your files from your device. A cloud storage, synchronisation, and file hosting service is called MediaFire. Every operating system, including iOS, Windows, Android, and the web, is compatible with the platform. There are other additional features in addition to this; some of them are listed below.

Important Elements of MediaFire

You can upload files up to 20 GB for free using this platform.

The platform provides an ad-free experience, which is quite uncommon for platforms or free applications.

The platform will upload the file and folder if you only add a link to them.

You can choose the access restrictions.

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13. MiMedia


Another underutilised free cloud service is MiMedia. It is a fantastic platform because it offers both free and premium options with a straightforward user interface. You can choose whichever of the many plans on the platform best suits your needs. Even the free plan is available for you to try out. It provides 10 GB of gratis storage with the free plan.

Notable MiMedia Features

When compared to other cloud storage platforms, the platform offers affordable options.

It keeps all of your files safe.

You can easily add files and arrange them in accordance with the needs.

It also provides sharing that is genuinely private.

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14. JumpShare


Some of the top features from all the industry giants have been adopted by JumpShare. It offers functionality similar to screenshot capturing, file sharing, video recording, and collaboration. The best aspect of this platform—above all the others—is its straightforward user interface. No of their size, files can be shared.

Important Elements of JumpShare

Utilizing this platform, taking and sharing photos is simple.

Uploading files to the platform is as easy as dragging and dropping files.

Even screen recording can be done to create GIFs.

It works with all platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

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15. Box


Box is the last platform on our list of the best free cloud storage platforms. It is another another incredibly straightforward platform that everyone may use. Simply typing the file names into the search box will bring up the files.

Important Box Features

You can upload files to this platform and remove the rest from your hard drive.

You can exchange files and invite new participants to modify

The cloud is used to sync, edit, and save all of the files.

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Using Free Cloud Storage Platforms, Safely Store Your Files

Now, you can quickly free up disc space and safely store all of your files on any of the cloud storage platforms. Any of the platforms that best meet your needs and enable you to be productive can be your choice. These 15 cloud storage providers are the best, in our opinion—please let us know if we should include more. You can update the article by typing the names of the platforms.

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