HR Software For Payroll 10 Best In 2024

The use of human resources software has numerous advantages for businesses of all sizes. A useful tool can assist your HR staff work less stressfully, spend less money operating, and perform better for your business.

Today, however, with the majority of the workforce continuing to work remotely, HR solutions provide another crucial advantage: they make monitoring your payroll simple. They streamline your accounting procedures, maintain track of every payment, and support your company’s adherence to tax regulations.

Learn more about the top ten HR applications for payroll in the following paragraphs. The study contains a brief summary of each solution, screenshots, and a comparison table to assist you in choosing the software that is best for your business.

Comparison Criteria

Do you want to know what criteria I use to choose the finest HR software for payroll? Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

User Interface (UI): I favour systems with uncluttered, straightforward user interfaces. Your HR staff should have no trouble locating the appropriate functionalities.

Usability: I give priority to technologies that are simple to set up and operate. It shouldn’t take your HR personnel weeks to learn how to use the payroll system or other HR functions.

Integrations: I selected products that work well with other technologies, like email systems and other main HR software products (e.g., your human resources information system).

Value for money: I seek for software that provides a variety of functions so you can get the most for your money. The tools should handle essential HR procedures like talent management and employee performance in addition to payroll processing.

HR Software for Payroll: Key Features

Payroll management: With this function, your HR department may handle the financial information about your employees, such as their salary, incentives, bonuses, and pay stubs.

Attendance tracking: Tracking attendance is important since managing payments is challenging without doing so. The top payroll HR software keeps track of paid time off (PTO), unpaid time off, and overtime for your workforce.

Workforce management: In order for your talent management team to prepare for the future, the software should gather and analyse personnel data, such as employee lifecycle, employee enrollment, employee engagement, and turnover rates.

Reporting: Gathering data is useless if you are unable to understand it. Your HR department should be able to develop unique reports with the aid of the HR solution and offer them to your management team.

Overviews of the 10 Best HR Software For Payroll

The finest uses for each HR software with payroll are highlighted along with some standout features and screenshots that provide an overview of the user interface.

1. Deel

Best comprehensive payroll and global HR platform for a positive client and worker experience

The robust interface of Deel makes managing employee and contractor data simple.
Deel is a global payroll platform that makes it possible to hire people in more than 150 nations. It enables you to recruit anyone as a contractor or employee without being concerned about regional regulations, challenging tax structures, or global payroll.

Deel incorporates a number of features, such as contract administration, expenditure reimbursements, and off-cycle adjustments, into their user-friendly platform. For each area you recruit from, local country specialists offer consultative ways, ensuring your contracts are properly structured and assisting you in avoiding contractor misclassification. Deel complies with SOC2 and ISO 27001 security standards and connects with several popular accounting and personnel management solutions.

Self-management of salary and personal information by employees and independent contractors lowers administrative burden. Deel uses well-known payment processors like Wise, PayPal, Payoneer, and Revolut to provide a variety of withdrawal choices and cut down on pointless transfer fees abroad.

One of the biggest global payroll systems we’ve seen is Deel, which reports having 100,000 active worker contracts. On Trustpilot, Deel has received over 1,200 reviews with an average rating of 4.8/5. The business provides professional account managers for specialised requirements as well as 24/7 internet support.

In light of these elements, I suggest Deel for the finest client and employee experience.

Upon request, Deel provides flat rate pricing. On their website, you can also request a free demo.

free trial offered

upon request, flat rates

Visit Website

2. Oyster

Best international payroll service for remote-first businesses

The dashboard for Oyster provides admin users with a brief summary of all colleague activity, including updates on onboarding and invoicing status.
No matter where your team is based, Oyster’s HR platform and payroll solution provides completely compliant worldwide payroll services with automatic local deductions, taxes, and contributions, making them a perfect option for remote-first organisations. With built-in facilities to manage worldwide payroll taxes and employment legislation, their payroll software is effectively used to hire and recruit personnel internationally in more than 180 countries. To guarantee that your business receives the legal protection you’ll need while operating in a new country, they also have carefully designed compliance guardrails for local labour regulations in place.

The application tracking and employee onboarding tools in Oyster’s payroll solution include a simple, user-friendly design. Oyster can be used to pay foreign workers or independent contractors in their home currencies, pay for their out-of-pocket expenses, and provide them with regional employee benefits. Additionally, the Oyster system has a useful employment cost calculator that can estimate the expense of employing a new employee in any country, taking into account all applicable taxes and government contributions as well as the Oyster flat-fee, which differs based on the country you’re hiring in.

Oyster is the ideal solution for remote-first enterprises in my opinion because of these capabilities.

Oyster provides a free demo on their website and charges $399 per employee every month. Additionally, they provide a freemium plan for hiring and paying contractors alone.

Get your first hiring free (up to a $8,500 value) and receive 10% off all future hires for a full year.

$399 per employee per month

Visit Website

3. Papaya Global

Best for global payroll analytics & reporting

You can track pending payments, payment histories, personal information, tax data, and more with Papaya Global.
Payroll HR software called Papaya offers a complete worldwide personnel management solution with cross-border payments in more than 160 nations. The platform connects with well-known job management solutions, supports all employee alternatives (payroll, EoR, contractors), and makes use of cutting-edge technologies to assure compliance and obviate mistakes.

Papaya’s payroll and HR analytics suite provides you with insights with tailored human resources analysis. These insights include information on who your employees are—by country, cost centres, and more; how well you’re attracting and retaining top talent; and the reasons why they left. You can also clearly see where your company stands in terms of gender, age, and pay equity—by department and seniority structure.

Sorting data by region, time frame, or gross costs makes it simple to analyse and visualise payroll data to spot trends.

Papaya offers a free trial and prices start at $20 per employee each month.

Free test

$20 per employee each month

Visit Website

4. Paycor

Best for automating manual payroll tasks

The management platform from Paycor gives you a quick overview of all your staff, independent contractors, and freelancers, together with their rates and due dates.
Every area of people management, including hiring, onboarding, payroll, career development, and retention, is modernised by Paycor. More than 29,000 clients rely on Paycor to assist them in resolving issues and achieving their objectives.

An intuitive yet effective payroll application is a part of Paycor’s full HR package. Pay employees quickly and effortlessly from wherever without having to worry about tax compliance. Flexible pay options, auto-run functionality, robust real-time reporting, and interesting employee self-service are some of the key features.

Paycor connects with applications for certified payroll, FMLA, spending management, employee wellness, and wage and salary verification.

Paycor offers a free trial and monthly prices starting at $99 + $5/employee.

Free test

From $99 + $5/month/employee

Visit Website

5. Rippling

Best for USA-based payroll with a huge list of third-party integrations

The home for all of your employees’ wages, benefits, paperwork, gadgets, and apps is Rippling.
The cutting-edge payroll solution from Rippling combines the simplicity of newer systems with the substantial functionality of legacy systems to give the best of both worlds. Because it is based on consolidated employee data, organisations are able to automate all of the administrative tasks necessary to process payroll and update employee data.

Users of Rippling may swiftly and automatically onboard new personnel, process payroll with a single click, and pay employees or contractors from any location. Additionally, employers can control the offer letters, I-9s, health insurance, and vacation time of their workers.

Asana, GitHub, Asana, 1Password, Zendesk, Dropbox, Sage Intacct, Netsuite, Microsoft 365, QuickBooks, DocuSign, Upwork, LinkedIn, and many others are among the applications that Rippling interfaces with.

Rippling offers a free sample and charges $8.00 per user per month.

free trial offered

starting at $8.00/user/month

Visit Website

6. ADP Workforce Now

Best payroll software for small businesses needing scalability

ADP is a reputable and well-known provider of HR software with over 70 years of experience. ADP Workforce Now, a modern HCM solution offered by the company, is a cloud-based software that combines essential HR tasks with payroll processing, time and attendance tracking, talent management, benefits management, performance management, a recruiting system, and hiring and onboarding tools. Although their Workforce Now solution is primarily made for small to medium-sized organisations, if your company expands you may scale it up to one of their more sophisticated products.

Automatically calculated payroll taxes and year-end tax forms, the choice to pay your staff via direct deposit or physical checks, and a tool to help you manage wage garnishments, if necessary, are just a few of the key features offered by their online payroll software. By directly connecting employee work hours to payroll, its time and attendance monitoring add-on also reduces a lot of administrative wrangling. Additionally, their software includes an employee self-service mobile app that enables staff to view their pay history and contrast pay periods side by side to look for any disparities. This programme is fully available on all web devices.

Xero, ZipRecruiter, 7shifts Restaurant Scheduling, FinancialForce, Infor, JazzHR, Oracle, PayActiv, PlanSource, QuickBooks, Replicon, Sage Intacct, SAP SuccessFactors, Sapling, TempWorks, Wave, When I Work, Workday, Xero, and many more are just a few of the well-known software programmes that ADP Workforce Now integrates with. ADP Workforce Now is accessible in 140 countries.

ADP offers a 30-day free trial and monthly prices starting at $160 for up to 49 employees. Currently, when you sign up for payroll processing, you receive two months for free.

thirty days of no cost

From $160/month with the first two months free

Visit Website

7. Patriot Payroll

Best basic payroll software for US companies including tax services

Your payroll process is condensed by Patriot Payroll into three simple steps with an uncomplicated approval procedure.
Patriot Payroll is an online payroll service provider that aids in the cost-effective expansion of small enterprises. Free payroll setup, free 2-day direct deposits, and free customer assistance from the USA are all features of their product. You can also benefit from their cost-effective HR software add-on if you don’t already have a digital employee database. It features a repository for digital employee files, the capacity to track managers and their direct reports, and the option to run reports on your system data to record the demographics of your entire workforce. Additionally, they provide a time & attendance monitoring add-on that connects employee work hours directly to your payroll data.

For US-based firms, Patriot’s full-service payroll software manages their local, state, and federal taxes and serves as a concierge. If the company needs further details to file your taxes, the customer care team will also get in touch with you so that you won’t have to. A wide range of simple-to-access payroll reports, including those for tax credits, tax filings and deposits, payroll registers, paycheck histories, time off reports, W-2 summaries, payroll tax liabilities, and more, are also included in their system.

Patriot interfaces with, GoCo, Plaid, Intuit QuickBooks Online, and WorkforceHub Time & Attendance.

Patriot costs starting at $17 per month plus an extra $4 per employee each month. The business provides a 30-day free trial as well as a self-guided demo or individualised tour.

thirty days of no cost

From $17/month + $4/month each employee

Visit Website

8. OnPay

Best full-service payroll software for small businesses or startups, including integrated benefits administration

By seamlessly syncing key HR data to payroll, such as employee working hours and benefits administration expenses, OnPay helps you complete payroll more quickly.
Full-service payroll software from OnPay assists businesses with processing payroll, handling essential HR duties, and integrating employee benefits all in one location. Their programme has compliance options for all 50 states and a comprehensive range of payroll services. Additionally, they provide specific payroll services for businesses in the restaurant, farming, nonprofit, and religious industries at no extra charge. Even if you have no prior experience with this kind of software, OnPay provides excellent customer service, with platform specialists accessible to assist you in setting up your payroll process and automating your taxes.

The platform’s free employee handbook and HR templates are great for helping new business owners get their enterprise up and running as quickly as possible. Important HR tools like task management features, employee personnel files, document storage with e-signatures, compliance audits, and automated onboarding procedures are also provided.

They also assist small businesses in setting up health, dental, and vision plans with reputable companies like Humana, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, and UnitedHealthcare with the assistance of their team of registered in-house insurance brokers. Once implemented, benefit expenses are automatically linked with payroll, so you won’t need to bother about tracking down any changes in costs manually. Their connectivity with 401(k) plans is another intriguing aspect; it immediately enables employer matching and profit-sharing options and can result in additional tax credits for small enterprises.

OnPay connects with Deputy, Magnify, Mineral, PosterElite, QuickBooks, When I Work, Xero, as well as America’s Best 401k, Guideline, and Vestwell, three 401k retirement platforms.

You may immediately access all of OnPay’s features because there is just one pay level. In addition to the base charge of $36 per month, it costs $4 per employee every month. You’ll also get your first month of services for free if you create an account. Additionally, a 30-day free trial is offered.

thirty days of no cost

Starting at $4 per employee each month plus a $36 base charge

Visit Website

9. Natural HR

Best payroll system for workforce analytics

Natural HR centralises your employee data and generates comprehensive reports for each team member.
Because Natural HR has a straightforward user interface, your staff members should be able to pick it up quickly.

One feature of this software that I enjoyed was its capacity to gather and analyse workforce information including headcounts by location, gender diversity, and absenteeism by department. Natural HR gathers data from the company and organises it into clear reports. This gives your HR team the opportunity to give management actionable insights, which may be quite valuable.

Since Natural HR can help your HR staff track absences before processing payroll and save time when creating reports, I selected it as the best solution for workforce analytics.

On request, Natural HR provides tailored pricing, and you can set up a demo.

free trial offered

On demand pricing

Visit Website

10. Remote

Best for international workforces

The homepage of Remote provides a summary of any modifications that need your attention.
In order to pay and manage full-time and contract employees globally for businesses of all kinds, Remote is an HR solution for distributed teams. Users can manage worldwide payroll, employee benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance in more than 50 countries using Remote.

With Remote, you can pay and onboard your contractors and staff via a safe, cloud-based platform. Wherever your team works, Remote will take care of your regional payroll, benefits administration, compliance, IP protection, and taxes while giving you access to your most crucial employment documents, employee data, and HR activities. To guarantee complete compliance with all applicable laws at all times, Remote’s network of HR and legal professionals keeps up with the subtleties, modifications, and complexities of local regulations.

In order to link personnel, payroll, and HR data, Remote additionally collaborates with strong HR systems. Remote gives partners the ability to use its global infrastructure in their products and services while enabling more clients to scale their international teams more quickly with its global employee API and native partner integrations.

Depending on the country, remote starts at $299 per employee per month and goes up to $599. For new businesses and organisations with a social mission, special pricing is also available.

$299 per employee each month

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