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Benefit Administration System 10 Best in 2022

This article will assist you in swiftly comparing and evaluating the top software for managing benefits and other human resource functions.

The benefits package offered by a business is very important in keeping employees. A poll found that 78% of workers cite the availability of perks as a justification for continuing to work for their current employers. This emphasises the crucial part that a top-notch benefits package plays in encouraging employee engagement and loyalty.

A benefits administration system is an essential component of HRIS systems, as every HR professional is aware. Good workforce planning includes benefit management since it makes sure that your personnel is kept happy, healthy, and taken care of. A clear and adaptable benefits plan is where to start if you want to foster long-term loyalty.

One of the numerous varieties of HRIS systems is software that manages benefits. It covers a lot of terrain, such as offering an effective dashboard for employee benefits or helping with various types of benefits tracking.

In this article, I’ll discuss the benefits of having flexible benefit systems and highlight a few of the top benefit solutions you can include into your existing HR software.

I’ve compiled a list of a few benefits administration programs that HR professionals can look into below.

Employee Benefits Administration FAQ

What is benefits administration software?

A system or set of technologies called benefits administration software assist HR teams in managing employee benefits, such as paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans, and health and dental insurance.

How does benefits admin software compare to benefits administration outsourcing services?

Benefits administration software and benefits outsourcing are different in numerous significant respects.

  • Higher degrees of control are necessary because all process is kept within your business, which demands more administrative work on your part.
  • Self-lead software typically costs less to licence but may have higher health benefit premiums since you lack the negotiating muscle of a larger conglomerate.
  • You are alone responsible for compliance and accountability; outsourcing shifts this responsibility to another party.
  • By using your own benefits administration software, you have more control over your plan and provider than with outsourcing, which reserves the right to change things at any time.

How does benefits administration software help you set up employee benefit systems?

It’s crucial to speak with the customer support team for your preferred solution to discover the ins and outs of setting up an employee benefits system because every benefits administration software will have its unique method for doing so. According to the size, finances, and demands of your business, benefits administration software will often assist you in evaluating and planning the benefits you wish to offer, as well as in putting them into action, connecting them to your payroll system, and onboarding new employees.

What are alternatives to Paycor payroll?

Although the Paycor payroll system is quite well-liked, if you need something different, there are several benefits administration solutions to choose from, such as ADP, Infor, or Rippling. For more information on these choices, keep reading this article.

Employee Benefits Solution Comparison Criteria

When choosing employee benefits management systems for review, what are we looking for? Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

User Interface (UI): Is the user interface (UI) neat, appealing, and up to date? Is it simple for you to find what you need and does the navigation make sense?

Usability: Does the business provide good user support, tech help, training, and tutorials? How simple or challenging is it to learn the software?

Specifications & Usability:
Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS) — Can employees use a specific portal to browse and sign up for benefit programs with ease and intelligence?

Payroll Deductions: Does your benefits software deduct the necessary amounts automatically?

Range of Coverage Covered – Can all health and dental benefits, 401K retirement, and other benefits be included in a single software solution?
Built-in Payroll Integration – Does the program have a way to connect to your current system if it doesn’t have its own payroll features?

Integrations: Can you easily connect to other tools with this one? Exist any built-in integrations? Does it provide access to a marketplace for apps?

Value for money: How in line with the features, capabilities, and use case is the price? Is the pricing transparent, clear, and flexible?
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Overviews Of The Top 10 Benefits Administration Systems

Each of the benefits administration programs on this top 10 list is briefly described below.

1. Papaya Global

Modern international workforce management platform including a simple tool to navigate the complex world of global benefits

Papaya Global is a cloud-based global workforce management solution that helps HR teams hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees and contractors in 160 countries. You can use their platform to attract and retain the best global talent, while simultaneously creating and managing your global benefit plans withing the same system.

Benefits are a powerful way of attracting and retaining top talent, and Papaya Global is one of the few providers who offer benefits management for a fully global workforce. Their in-house experts will guide you through the complex world of administering benefits in over 160 countries. They’ll help you understand what’s possible, connect with local vendors, and create a package that works for you and your workers.

Papaya Global’s benefits management services cost from $20/employee/month. They also offer a free trial and a free demo.

With the aid of Papaya Global, HR departments can hire, onboard, manage, and pay workers and contractors in 160 different countries. Using their platform, you can design and manage your worldwide benefit plans within the same system, as well as draw in and keep the top people from around the world.

One of the few companies that offers benefits management for a truly global workforce is Papaya Global. Benefits are a potent tool for luring and keeping top employees. Your internal experts will help you navigate the intricate world of benefit administration in more than 160 nations. They’ll assist you in identifying your options, establish contacts with nearby suppliers, and develop a plan that benefits both you and your staff.

Benefits administration services from Papaya Global start at $20 per employee every month. Additionally, they provide a free demo and trial.

Free demo plus free trial

$20 per employee each month

Visit Website

2. Deel

International employee management platform with integrated solutions for global benefits

The self-service platform from Deel offers both workers and contractors a consistent, dependable experience.
Deel is a global platform for managing employees that facilitates hiring in more than 150 nations. Without having to worry about regional regulations, complex tax structures, or global payroll, you can use their system to hire contractors or employees. Additionally, you may use their platform to provide tailored benefits to your staff, wherever they may be.

The website provides you with a thorough breakdown of salary expenses as well as perks and benefits. You can evaluate the costs of various nations and determine which perks and withholdings are necessary. You can provide local health insurance, pension programs, or stipends for your employees. Withholdings and payroll deductions are computed automatically, making it easy to schedule a large payment with just one click. To give a variety of withdrawal methods, Deel also uses well-known payment processors as Wise, PayPal, Payoneer, and Revolut.

Deel complies with SOC2 and ISO 27001 security standards and interacts with several popular HR and accounting solutions. Additionally, they offer an Open API solution that enables programmers to create their own connections to the Deel platform.

Deel provides a free demo and flat pricing upon request.

free trial offered

upon request, flat rates

Visit Website

3. ADP

Comprehensive HCM software with integrated benefits management and easy employee self-service

The ADP benefits administration platform, which also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, makes it easier to enrol in benefits.
ADP is a reputable and well-known provider of HR software with over 70 years of experience. Their cutting-edge, cloud-based HCM solution integrates fundamental HR functions with capabilities for hiring and onboarding, payroll processing, time and attendance monitoring, talent management, benefits management, and performance management. They also provide employee benefits administration capabilities that you can use to draw in new hires and keep your best employees.

You and your staff may simply manage group health insurance for themselves and their dependents with the aid of ADP’s benefits management system. You can compare the reasonably priced plans of 700 regional and national health insurance companies using their system, which has access to a well-established network of doctors. Additionally, the platform analytics tools collect and examine employee data to assist business owners in making strategic decisions on benefit offers.

For businesses looking for comprehensive benefits administration help, ADP is the best compensation and benefits platform. The PlanFit Tool from ADP gives employees a unique ranking of the plans to assist them in choosing the ones that best meet the needs of their families. Additionally, ADP offers users plan calculators to help them make decisions by analysing various plans and use situations.

Accounting tools like QuickBooks and Xero, ERPs like Oracle and Sage Intacct, and timekeeping programs like QuickBooks Time and ClockShark are just a few of the programs that ADP interacts with. On any kind of mobile device, you can access their self-service employee app.

Upon request, ADP offers specialised pricing.

On demand pricing

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4. OnPay

HR management software with benefit deduction costs synced directly to payroll

OnPay’s HR management platform eliminates manual data entry and automatically connects employee benefits to payroll, saving teams time.
OnPay’s HR management software connects fundamental HR procedures, such as payroll processing and benefit administration, together. Your health, dental, and vision plans can be set up with reputable companies like Humana, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, and UnitedHealthcare with the assistance of their staff of licenced in-house insurance brokers. Once implemented, benefit expenses are automatically linked with payroll, so you won’t need to bother about tracking down any changes in costs manually. Other benefits, like as life and disability insurance, liability insurance, health spending accounts, and more, can be provided to your employees through a partnership with OnPay.

The broad range of functions on OnPay’s platform go beyond only benefits management. Their software not only offers full-service payroll but also other crucial HR services like automated onboarding processes, employee personnel files, document storage with e-sign capabilities, compliance audits, paid time-off monitoring, and task management tools.

OnPay connects with Deputy, Magnify, Mineral, PosterElite, QuickBooks, When I Work, Xero, as well as America’s Best 401k, Guideline, and Vestwell, three 401k retirement platforms.

OnPay costs $4 per employee per month plus an additional $36 per month basic charge. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial and receive a free month of service.

thirty days of no cost

Starting at $4 per employee each month plus a $36 base charge

Visit Website

5. Peoplekeep

Solution that allows small businesses to define a monthly benefit allowance that employees personalize as needed

Small teams who don’t want a cumbersome application that’s burdened down by unnecessary features may appreciate Peoplekeep’s straightforward design.
A cloud-based benefits administration tool called PeopleKeep can assist businesses in managing their healthcare reimbursement plan. By automating HRA-related procedures like updating and approving reimbursements or updating employee information, PeopleKeep can help you save time. You may manage fundamental benefits administration activities even when you are not near a computer thanks to PeopleKeep’s accessibility from any mobile device.

PeopleKeep is a great choice for small firms because it has no minimum contribution requirement, allowing companies to provide their employees varied allowances based on their roles and wages. Additionally, it allows workers the freedom to select the health insurance that best meets their requirements for better customisation.

Employees with existing HSAs do not have to pick between PeopleKeep and them because it is HSA-compatible.

PeopleKeep starts at $15 per employee every month plus a $30 base fee. In addition, there is a $150 setup cost.

$15 per user each month

Visit Website

6. Infor

Powerful set of cloud-based human capital management software solutions replaces complex processes and systems.

With simple reporting features to survey the most popular items and active consumers, Infor is a cloud-based benefits administration software. Being cloud-based also entails an automatic synchronisation of all data, ensuring that all users always have access to the most recent, accurate information.

Users can design compensation plans for high-impact sales teams or customer service representatives using Infor’s feature for compensation management. With the ability to send out commissions, bonuses, and perks, Infor also makes your pay cycle simpler.

Employers can utilise Infor to offer health, disability, insurance, and retirement services to employees, improving their capacity to recruit new workers. A paid time off program may be automated with Infor, ensuring that employees take use of their PTO.

Pricing information is offered upon request.

from $5 monthly

Visit Website

7. Rippling

Connects all your benefits to one employee system of record that automates enrolling new hires and entering deductions.

Data from salaries, bonuses, commissions, reimbursements, earnings, and deductions are all combined in one location via Rippling.
Rippling is a platform for managing employees that takes care of an organization’s IT and HR requirements. Employers can use Rippling to manage all employee benefits, such as health insurance and 401(k) plans, on a single platform (k). In order to ensure accurate data computation and deductions, Rippling synchronises HR data with payroll. This helps to avoid payroll errors and conflicts.

If you want to automate enrolling new workers and adjusting deductions to save time and make sure all new employees take use of their benefits, Rippling is the best benefits administration software. Additionally, the platform enables businesses to evaluate and contrast insurance plans from a variety of top providers, such as Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield, making it simpler to find employees the most affordable coverage.

Employers can connect new benefits to current plans via Rippling without forcing users to re-enroll, giving them immediate access to updated benefits.

There are several productivity applications that Rippling interacts with, such as Google Workspace, Slack, QuickBooks Time, Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365, PayPal, etc.

Rippling has a monthly fee of $8 per member.

starting at $8 per month per user

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8. Ascentis

Full-suite HR technology that lets you add as you need making it perfect for small business employee benefits

The administration of employee benefits module by Ascentis is a component of a larger HR software package.
With features for payroll, recruiting, personnel management, and benefits administration, Ascentis is a full-service HR solution. Additionally, they offer time monitoring, a full reporting suite, and iOS and Android mobile apps.

If you want software that allows you to tailor benefits for employees, Ascentis is the finest option. As a result, companies have the flexibility to modify benefits based on an employee’s position. The guided benefits enrollment procedure offered by Ascentis makes the process simple while assisting employees in understanding and utilising the various perks.

To make sure that business operations are in conformity with regional, national, and state rules and regulations, Ascentis has built-in compliance and risk management checks.

Other HR-related solutions including Bonusly, NetSuite, TimeClock Plus, and other applications are integrated with Ascentis.

Prices for Ascentis are available upon request.

On demand pricing

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9. Sap SuccessFactors

Popular employee experience management solutions including role-based dashboards and benefits reporting

To automatically assign benefit packages to employees based on department, salary, or job title, SAP SuccessFactors employs IF/THEN statements.
A human capital management tool called SAP SuccessFactors can assist managers and HR professionals in enhancing employee engagement through benefits administration. With its adaptable impact reports, this HCM aids businesses in evaluating the success of their benefit plans. It features a feature for creating surveys that you may use to create improvement goals based on employee feedback.

For businesses looking for benefits administration software with customizable role-based dashboards that only display the information you need to see, SAP SuccessFactors is a great choice.

Users of SAP SuccessFactors can also generate comprehensive reports on employee benefits, which aid in their ability to evaluate and assess the competitiveness of benefit packages.

Numerous HR and benefits tools, such as Time Intelligence Dashboard, All Tax TIMP, AcuitiPay, CUI Manager, and others, are integrated with SAP SuccessFactors.

On request, SAP SuccessFactors offers personalised pricing.

$8 per user each month

Visit Website

10. Gusto

Over 3,500 health insurance plans for HR experts to choose from with licensed advisors to help pick the perfect fit for your team


Gusto is an easy-to-use application with a lot of pre-made health plans that the HR department can start using right away.
You can manage your company’s compensation workflows with the aid of Gusto, a SaaS with benefits administration features. It features a full-service payroll tool to assist you in managing payroll requirements while automating tax filing, guaranteeing adherence to state and federal rules. Gusto can assist you in offering employees benefit packages that are both affordable and comprehensive, including dental, medical, life, and vision insurance. Gusto can also be used to assist staff members with 401(k) retirement planning.

Because they have qualified advisors on staff to assist with questions and issues, Gusto is the finest benefits administration software for employees if you want to make sure you have the greatest plans. More than 3,500 plans and 100 insurance firms will be available to you, enabling businesses to create plans that are tailored to the needs of their employees.

Users of Gusto have the choice to open a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), which lowers their taxable income while allowing them to pay for medical expenses. Gusto also provides consumers with lifelong access, enabling them to continue using their accounts even after leaving your business.

Gusto interfaces with a variety of applications, including workforce management tools like Asana and Trello, hiring and applicant tracking platforms like ApplicantPro, BreezyHR, and Recruitee, and performance management tools like Lattice, Bonusly, and PerformYard.

Gusto has a base monthly cost of $39 plus a $6 employee fee.

Visit Website

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