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SaaS Management Platforms 10 Best in 2024

Service-based software Apps have completely changed how businesses use technology. Although this strategy has numerous benefits, there are also problems that need to be dealt with. SaaS management tools assist businesses in minimising risks and maximising rewards.

These tools make it easier to manage cloud-based software acquisition, licencing, onboarding, and renewal. Additionally, a management platform for enterprise SaaS will lower security risks and maximise SaaS investment ROI over the course of the investment.

SaaS Management Tool Comparison Criteria

What criteria should I use to choose the finest SaaS management platform? Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

User Interface (UI):Is the user interface (UI) clear, appealing, and simple to use?

Usability: Is it simple to administer a variety of SaaS tools? Does the business provide effective user support, technical help, training, and tutorials?

Integrations: Is there a simple way to connect it to other company management software? Exist any built-in integrations already?

For the money: How reasonable is the price given the available SaaS management tools and capabilities? Is the pricing appropriate, transparent, and clear?

SaaS Management Solution Key Features

SaaS management systems include a variety of capabilities that can be used to maximise the benefits of cloud-based software applications. Here are some essential qualities to consider:

User management: keeps tabs on who is using what software and why

Application discovery aids in identifying the most appropriate technology for each use case.

Application Cost Optimization: Reduces waste brought on by inefficient use

Application Usage Insights: Shows how and why software is used.

Application Security: reduces hazards brought on by improper app use (Shadow IT)

License Renewals: Ensures that licences are current and valid by renewing them.

Compliance: Maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and requirements

Vendor Management: keeps a database of data about vendors.

Overviews Of The 10 Best SaaS Management Platforms

To demonstrate what each SaaS management platform vendor’s product does well, below is a quick explanation of each, along with screenshots that highlight some of the capabilities.

1. Zluri

Best for reducing SaaS wastage

You can learn how SaaS apps are used and where money is being lost with Zluri.
Zluri is a SaaS management platform that is data-driven and focuses on managing, optimising, and complying with regulations for apps. By eliminating duplicate apps, emphasising underutilised tools, and consolidating apps with similar functions, it aids in spending optimization.

With Zluri, many IT tasks, including purchasing, onboarding, and renewals, may be automated. By removing insecure apps and managing compliance risks, security is improved.

Pricing is not made public, but businesses with fewer than 25 employees can sign up for a free trial.

For companies with fewer than 25 workers, a free trial is provided.

There is no public disclosure of pricing.

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2. Onetool

Best for managing all your SaaS from a single app

Finding the best SaaS solutions for any use case is simple with Onetool.
With the help of Onetool, you may use a single, flexible subscription to access all the SaaS tools you require. You handle everything through one membership process rather than registering separately with several vendors.

Onetool gives IT teams the ability to install all the required tools from a single dashboard. You don’t need to keep track of many payments because you only pay one monthly fee each month.

The monthly price for onetool users is $5. There is no option for a free trial.

$5 per month per user

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3. BetterCloud

Best for intuitive data security

The majority of well-known business tools are simple to connect with BetterCloud.
A SaaS management software called BetterCloud provides automated management, important insights, and simple data security. With the help of the programme, you can keep track of important usage statistics for your company’s SaaS subscriptions.

BetterCloud makes it possible to enforce password management, manage user profiles, and receive notifications when problems occur. Additionally, you have the option to customise reports using more than 100 different attributes.

BetterCloud starts at $3 per user each month. No free trial is available.

$3 per user per month

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4. SailPoint

Best for identity security in the cloud

End users can clearly understand their SaaS use thanks to SailPoint.
SailPoint is a cloud-based identity governance platform. The platform provides solutions for SaaS-related problems like analytics, password management, and compliance.

It is simple to determine who has access to particular tools and how they are being utilised with SailPoint. Users can confidently control their digital identities.

The cost is not made public. No free trial is available.

There is no public pricing information.

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5. Augmentt Engage

Best for managed service providers (MSPs)

With Augmentt Engage, MSPs can administer SaaS for numerous businesses.
Managed service providers may assure secure SaaS operations for their customers with the aid of Augmentt Engage. The platform improves security while streamlining user management and provisioning.

In order to provide a real-time, actionable perspective of how SaaS is being utilised throughout the enterprise, the software can be administered from a single interface. Integrates with the majority of PSA and RMM platforms is Augmentt Engage.

A 14-day free trial is available for Augment Engage, which starts at $0.49/user/month.

14-day no-risk trial

$0.49 per user per month

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6. Productiv

Best for understanding app engagement

Utilizing Productiv, you can quickly determine how people are interacting with your SaaS applications.
Application engagement metrics fuel Productiv, a SaaS management platform. Using this tool, you may assess the value and efficiency of certain apps and analyse your SaaS portfolio.

The programme gathers and examines engagement insights to assist you in comprehending the function of SaaS apps. Additionally, Productiv makes it simple to comprehend consumption trends.

A 90-day free trial is offered, however pricing is not made publicly available.

90-day no-risk trial

There is no public disclosure of pricing.

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7. Snow

Best for comprehensive license management

Snow provides you with thorough summaries of app usage and related SaaS charges.
A SaaS management platform called Snow is intended to lower the risks connected to IT asset management. It has in-depth analytics for IT operations that give information on how technology is used across all deployments.

With the aid of Snow, you may simplify licencing procedures and determine each application’s compliance status.

There is no free trial period, and pricing is not made public.

There is no public pricing information.

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8. Torii

Best an extensive range of integrations

Torii allows you to segment SaaS spending by app and date.
Torii is a cloud-based programme for controlling users, providers, and SaaS licencing. The platform aids in the implementation of good spend management and the viewing of available resources and running apps.

The analysis tools on this user-friendly platform enable administrators to look into suspicious activities, oversee funds, and guarantee compliance. Applications from third parties like Slack, G Suite, Zoom, Salesforce, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, Github, and Zendesk are integrated with Torii.

There is no free trial and pricing information is not made public.

There is no public pricing information.

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9. Blissfully

Best for benchmarking SaaS spend

It’s simple to track application usage and costs with Blissfully.
You have complete visibility into SaaS adoption across your organisation with Blissfully. You can evaluate usage, delete inactive accounts, and do away with duplicate accounts.

Along with automatically provisioning new hires, this software also automates the removal of licences when an employee quits (offboarding). Additionally, you may manage licence renewals, view bills, and design approval workflows.

Depending on their size and technology, pricing structures are tailored to each firm. On request, a risk-free trial is provided.

Pricing schemes are personalised.

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10. Vendr

Best for saving money on Saas

Vendr offers you information that could result in significant savings.
Vendr wants to save IT companies up to 30% on SaaS expenses. You can bargain for bulk discounts because licences are arranged into aggregate contracts.

The business evaluates your SaaS stack and determines potential savings. Vendr promises that the savings you will realise will outweigh the expense of using the service.

There is no free trial and prices start at $3000 per user each month.

$3000 per user per month

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