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Staffing Software For Recruiting 10 Best In 2024

The selection of the ideal candidate for an open post involves many factors. According to The Undercover Recruiter, 52% of hiring managers struggle to pick out top prospects from the plethora of available names, and 46% of talent executives claim that discovering high-skill individuals is challenging in and of itself.

Software and other digital hiring tools can greatly streamline the hiring process. For instance, LinkedIn mentions that use hiring algorithms to locate the most effective candidate and reduce the time it takes to make an offer.

I’ll share with you the best recruiting tools and staffing agency software in this piece, as well as some of their best features.

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Staffing Software: Buyers Guide

These are a few of the most important factors to take into account when choosing staffing software for your business. Keep in mind to scale each demand based on the size of your team or organisation.

User Interface (UI): Staffing software should have an intuitive user interface (UI) when it comes to tasks like organising resume information, keeping a candidate database, and controlling recruiting workflows. The application process should be simple, orderly, and smooth.

Usability: Staffing software should be user-friendly because it will be used by staffing specialists, team leaders, HR representatives, and staffing agencies.

Integrations: Your other office software, such as communication software, enterprise resource management software, CRM, applicant tracking software (ATS), and so forth, will probably need to be connected to the staffing sector software.

Value for money: I search for products that are reasonably priced given the diversity of functions they provide, giving preference to software that provides a sliding scale price range for various group sizes.

Staffing Software Feature List

Each of the platforms on this list stands apart thanks to special characteristics. But the majority also offer a few of the following essential platform characteristics for recruiting.

Applicant tracking system: A system with which to gather resumes, analyse keywords, and control the hiring process is called an applicant tracking system.

Candidate scoring: An evaluation system for candidates that flags those who meet the criteria you set for each position.

Recruiting CRM:  Techniques for managing and tracking continuing connections for both active and passive applicant sourcing.

Interview scheduling: Connection to internal or external calendar software for organising interviews with prospective candidates.

Talent acquisition: Tools for reaching out to the top prospects and engagement conversion measures.

Hiring process automations:  Workflow triggers that relieve some of your team’s basic administrative duties.

Job posting creation: Creation, optimization, and distribution of job postings on internal and external hiring webpages.

Overviews Of The Best Staffing Management Solutions

Each of the online staffing tools that are included on our top 10 list is briefly described here.

1. Recruiterflow

Best for recruiting and executive search firms

Screenshot of Recruiterflow’s 10 Best Staffing Applications For Recruiting and Staffing in 2022

Incoming candidates are arranged per stage of the hiring process on a board in the Kanban manner by Recruiterflow.

For recruiting and executive search organisations, Recruiterflow is a cutting-edge CRM and applicant tracking system that is intended to increase recruiting productivity. Features include recruitment workflow automations, pipeline management, sourcing capabilities, productivity help, and an extensive reporting suite.

With its uncluttered user interface, Recruiterflow is renowned for packing strong capabilities without sacrificing user experience. One-click sourcing, email automation, and two-way email sync are just a few of the features that make Recruiterflow a fantastic user experience and a time-saver for recruiters.

With the help of Recruiterflow’s Google Chrome extension, you can quickly find possible candidates on LinkedIn, Github, AngelList, and Xing and contact them directly from your browser window. Additionally, any positions you post will be freely listed on employment boards like Zip Recruiter, Indeed, LinkedIn, and others.

Recruiterflow has a yearly fee starting at $69 per user each month. On request, they also provide a free demo and a 14-day trial.

Free demo and trial period of 14 days

Annual billing starting at $69 per user.

Visit Website

2. Manatal

Best ATS with CRM and AI automations

Maternal snapshot for the top 10 staffing programs for hiring and staffing in 2022.

Users of Manatal can accelerate the hiring process by arranging applicants and process phases on Kanban boards.

Manatal is the market leader in streamlining the hiring process by providing a special blend of fundamental ATS tools, cutting-edge AI-powered features, and a customer relationship management system. Manatal is used by thousands of staffing and recruitment agencies across more than 90 countries.

Teams may use Manatal’s products right away because of its practical and intuitive user interface, which necessitates little to no training. All of the typical ATS features are present on the platform, including daily recruitment processing, drag-and-drop pipelines, compliance tools (such as GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, and others), a career page builder, a full analytics suite, a skill bank, candidate and job histories, activities management, collaboration tools, a placement management system, and all key features relating to candidates’ information and records.

Powerful search features, AI-based suggestions, candidate scoring, and social media recruitment are some of the most novel aspects (Linkedin, Facebook, GitHub, and more). These capabilities have proven to be incredibly helpful in expediting tasks like applicant sourcing and screening and in maximising the use of sizable existing candidate databases.

Last but not least, Manatal comes with a full CRM (customer relationship management) system that enables its users to monitor and manage leads and clients throughout the whole client lifetime.

Manatal provides interfaces with Linkedin, Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, and other workflow apps in addition to an open API.

Manatal offers a free 14-day trial as well as a free demo and charges $15 per user per month.

Free demo and test run

$35 per user per month

Visit Website

3. Tracker

Best staffing software with ATS, CRM, and automation

Utilize simple Kanban boards to visualise the hiring and recruiting process.

A combination ATS and CRM, Tracker is a software for hiring and staffing. The application is intended to assist staffing and recruiting companies in managing and streamlining their client, candidate, and operational operations.

The tool has functions for finding candidates, developing and coordinating applicants, and placing candidates. Additionally, Tracker provides features like resume parsing to assist in reducing manual data entry. Tools for marketing and job board integration, back office support, sales and client relationship management, and more are also offered.

Users can create unique applicant portals, dashboards and reports, and workflows, as well as combine Tracker with external job boards.

Tracker is compatible with several different third-party tools.

A tracker starts at $80 per user every month. Also available is a free trial.

Free test

$80 per user per month

Visit Website

4. hireEZ

Best for outbound recruiting with access to 800+ million candidates

Using hireEZ’s all-in-one search feature, you can easily narrow down your candidate search criteria.

An AI-powered outbound staffing software called hireEZ (formerly known as Hiretual) has access to 800M+ prospects across 45+ open web platforms, market analytics to help create effective recruiting campaigns, and candidate interaction tools to make outbound recruiting simple. You may implement a strategically scalable approach with hireEZ to create your future workforce.

Additionally, hireEZ has tools like email templates and sequences, email delegations, tracking, and scheduling that help improve candidate engagement and response rates. With features that help you invite team members, monitor team activity, interact in-app, evaluate team effectiveness, and prevent duplicative efforts, hireEZ also makes it simple for your recruitment team to work together.

HireEZ interacts with numerous different technology applications as well as widely used ATS/CRM systems. They also have an API Suite and a Chrome Extension.

HireEZ offers a 7-day free trial and monthly prices starting at $149.

seven days of no cost

Pro Plan: $149 per month

Visit Website

5. Zoho Recruit

Best staffing software for staffing agencies

On open job status, jobs by industry, and other topics, Zoho Recruit offers analyses and reports.

A hiring tool for recruiters and corporate hiring teams is called Zoho Recruit. The technology makes it easier to hire more competent individuals and a staff that is in step with the shifting talent demand.

Users may automate and manage candidates, clients, and contacts, publish jobs to numerous job sites, and spend less time on tedious tasks.

The staffing software from Zoho Recruit helps recruiters overcome a variety of challenges. Zoho Recruit assists customers in finding, tracking, and hiring the finest prospects without having to switch between different media. It offers comprehensive solutions for both in-house recruiters and employment agencies.

With the help of the tool, you may personalise every part of your working day and automate operations like email sending and updating interview results, among other things. Additionally, Zoho Recruit offers statistics and data for hiring plans.

starting at $30 per feature/month

Visit Website

6. TargetRecruit

Best staffing software with job board integrations

Verify the background and activity of potential employees and keep a communication log.

Salesforce’s native enterprise software for staffing and recruiting companies is called TargetRecruit. It includes CRM, Front Office, Middle Office, and Portals features that let users manage timesheets, pay and bill using mobile-ready portals, source and place the best candidates, and improve business connections.

Finding, matching, and hiring candidates is made simple by TargetRecruit’s applicant tracking system, job board search, job posting, and job management features, as well as its global mapping, candidate presentations and branding, credentialing, e-signatures, reporting and dashboards, flexible workflows, and email integration.

TargetRecruit has more than 140 integrations with Salesforce Native apps and other applications for accounting, tests and assessments, background checks, chatbots, commissions tracking, contract management, email integration, marketing automation, payroll, relationship mapping, video conferencing, and much more.

TargetRecruit offers a free trial and monthly prices starting at $124.

Free test

from $124 per month

Visit Website

7. Bullhorn

Best staffing software with business intelligence (BI)

Keep an eye on each applicant’s Engagement Summary.

Bullhorn is a staffing program that offers users an all-in-one option for hiring and selling, paying and billing, reporting and engagement, and VMS integration. Users will be able to track and onboard applications, manage timesheets, invoice clients, obtain insights, automate workflows, and interact while on the road with the help of these capabilities.

Bullhorn eliminates information silos and enables users to collaborate to quickly position candidates. Bullhorn is an obvious choice for recruiters that detest wasting time because it has a robust search capability that quickly sorts through 100 million candidate records and displays results in less than half a second.

Users will find it simple to switch from their existing systems to Bullhorn thanks to the more than 100 solutions that Bullhorn interfaces with in an open ecosystem.

Pricing for Bullhorn is available upon request. Team, Corporate, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus are available as plan options.

Live demonstration

On request, prices are provided.

Visit Website

8. Avionté

Best staffing software with payroll & billing

Follow days open, inactive, and other pipeline movements using the Active Job Monitor.

For the administrative, light industrial, information technology, and professional sectors, AvionteBOLD is a CRM and ATS system that is jam-packed with capabilities for payroll & billing, advanced sourcing, candidate attraction, and onboarding. You can go paperless, rapidly onboard new employees, and use the mobile app to recruit anywhere using AvionteBOLD.

Personalized job boards, mobile-friendly job applications, thorough job distribution, Google for Jobs integrations, and Talent Tasks to keep applicants updated are just a few of the features that AvionteBOLD provides to help its users attract and onboard quality candidates and give applicants a hiring experience they might actually enjoy.

Rapid integration of AvionteBOLD with ADP SmartCompliance! PayCard, Asurint, Essential StaffCARE, Adobe Sign, Checkr, Crimcheck, Equifax Workforce Solutions, Greenshades Software, Global Cash Card, Haley Marketing, IBM, Liberty Screening, MAXIMUS, and Nelco are just a few of the companies that we work with.

On request, AvionteBOLD provides pricing information.

Prices available upon request

Visit Website

9. SmartRecruiters

Best staffing & ATS for talent sourcing and engagement

From your Sourcing dashboard, quickly connect to employment boards like Monster and Indeed.

With features for applicant experience, management engagement, recruiter productivity, recruiting budget, hiring speed, and hire quality, SmartRecruiters is a cloud-based talent acquisition solution that can be used by businesses of any size. In contrast to the other software solutions we’ve discussed, SmartRecruiters provides NGOs with free plans, significant discounts on larger plans, and a donation of a portion of their ownership to a foundation.

Users of SmartRecruiters can build customised pages without knowing how to code. Whether you’re using the desktop software or the mobile one, keep the team updated with notes, notifications, and social tools. The pre-integrated assessment tools speed up and simplify the process of screening and evaluating prospects. Other things that SmartRecruiters’ users can do include standardising candidate evaluation standards and automating advertising to stay inside their budget.

Solutions for job boards, sourcing, recruitment marketing, communication, candidate evaluations, background checks, onboarding, and analytics are all integrated by SmartRecruiters.

On request, SmartRecruiters provides cost information.

Freemium item

Prices available upon request.

Visit Website

10. SmarterSelect

Best for NGO & grant staffing

When it comes to hiring for non-profits like grants and scholarships, SmarterSelect is an expert.

A cloud-based application management tool called SmarterSelect is intended to simplify the process of giving out rewards such as grants, scholarships, and special programs. Due to its non-technical user interface, 40,000 programs and 1,500,000 people trust it. The application is quite simple to set up on your own, and you can start using it right away.

Create your own workflows, set up email and text reminders, gather data, and always choose the finest prospects to hire. The major goal of SmarterSelect is to make life simple and straightforward for organisations, and they do this by providing individualised pricing.

More than 750 applications are compatible with SmarterSelect. Salesforce, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are all integrated.

For 500 users, SmarterSelect starts at $1,000/year. Ten users and ten programs are included in the free trial. Their most complete Enterprise plan comes with 10,000 users and costs $5,000 per year.

10 users and 10 programs are given a free trial.

1,000 dollars per year for 500 users

Visit Website

Need Expert Help Selecting The Right Staffing Software?

For your convenience, People Managing People has partnered with the software comparison website to help you select the product that best suits your requirements. The staffing software advisers at Crozdesk may compile a customised shortlist of software options with objective suggestions to assist you in choosing the options that best meet your company’s requirements. You have free access to their personalised software selection assistance as a result of our agreement, saving you time and trouble when doing your search.


You can submit your requests in just a few minutes, and they will call you right away with no cost or obligation. You will receive personalised software shortlists from their staff of software advisers that are based on your demands and list the top solutions (via phone or email). Additionally, they can offer you savings negotiated by the local community and connect you with the vendors you choose.

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