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OKR Software 10 Best in 2024

Organizations all across the world utilise OKRs to guide strategic direction and concentrate efforts on accomplishing business objectives.

The process of establishing and monitoring OKRs at the organisational, team, and individual levels is made easier with the use of OKR software. Adoption of the software and the OKR framework typically go hand in hand.

We’ve developed a list of our favourite OKR software packages to save you time and assist you in making the best decision for your needs.

OKRs Software Comparison Criteria

What characteristics do we consider while choosing an OKR platform to review? Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

User Interface (UI): You can plan and define goals using a range of visualisations, such as Gantt and Kanban charts, spreadsheets, and OKR goals progress reports and analytical drill-downs, according to the user interface (UI).

Usability: Is it simple to onboard new users? Does the business provide effective user support, technical help, training, and tutorials? Exists a website community or forum for the product?

Integrations: Is it simple to connect to other tools, like performance management software, talent management software, or employee management systems? Exist any built-in integrations? Can you import goals and objectives created i other software?

Value for $ What proportion of the price is reasonable given the features, abilities, and use case? Is the pricing transparent, clear, and flexible?

OKR Solution: Key Features

Here are a few of the crucial attributes and capabilities I consider while choosing OKR software for this list.

Feedback & review tools: Is it simple for team leaders to speak with employees and assess their performance? Does it support peer-to-peer encouragement and communication with ongoing feedback cycles? Is high performance gamified or made in any other way more approachable?
Goal Maps: Does the tool make it simple to see the more important goals and how the important results relate to them? Does the tool effectively link each person’s tasks to the overall objectives of the business? Is it simple to monitor the advancement of both team and personal OKRs?
Employee Voice: Are there tools for surveys, comments, and insights from employees? Does the tool effectively raise these voices?
Reporting and Insights: Does the product provide real-time data and insights that are simple to share and analyse? Does it monitor goals? Can OKR tracking reports be customised? Exist any readily usable templates?

Overviews Of The Top 10 OKR Tools

A quick software comparison of each of the top 10 OKR tools can be found below.


Best customizable OKR template with built-in data visualization tools

The built-in templates of make it simple and clear to track team and individual OKRs.
Users can easily organise and track any process through their personalised data dashboards with built-in visualisation capabilities thanks to’s adaptable Work OS system. Their system has more than 200 templates, one of which is an OKR template, which may be customised to meet your company’s demands.

You may set a deadline and priority level, tag individuals or teams in charge of each item, track and update the status when tasks are finished, and more with 30 different column types to select from. With a single click, all of their data dashboards may also be viewed in a number of different formats, such as a Gantt chart or a calendar view. In addition, they offer a useful “deadline mode” view that shows any tasks that are behind schedule.

Other widely used productivity and communication applications, including as Excel, Google Calendar, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Zapier, and others, are integrated with’s starting price per user per month is $8. Along with a free forever plan with restricted functionality for a maximum of two users, they also provide a 14-day free trial.

14-day no-risk trial

$8 per user each month

Visit Website


Fully customisable interface that is bright and tidy
The ability to drag and drop makes it simple to move OKRs around.
Many available templates, columns, and visualisation choices CONS

From the Basic service level, automations are excluded.
To use the collaborative tagging features, every employee needs to be seated.
There is a cap on the number of dashboards for the Basic and Standard service tiers (their Pro level is best)


Best user-friendly interface and UX

The dashboard on is feature-rich and includes options for monitoring KPIs, OKRs, and job progress. is an OKR tool for carrying out strategies with an OKR-centric mindset. Additionally, work management, staff engagement, and professional development are available on Users can utilise OKRs to segment their 1–5 year strategic projects into a prioritised list that is then carried out on a quarterly basis.

Utilizing’s Plan-Execute-Engage-Learn cycle every quarter, you can iterate more quickly. Users can use a highly organised reflect and reset process, plan OKRs at the start of each quarter, and encourage high levels of staff participation using collaborative features. You may immediately start using OKRs with’s easy customization capabilities and later add other modules as your business expands.

Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Salesforce, HubSpot, and a number of other well-known business software programs are all integrated with Additionally, you can use the Profit Integration Engine to create your own unique integrations. offers a free plan for up to 5 users and charges only $7 per user per month for their standard plan.

Free trial period of 30 days for paid programmes

$7 per user each month

Visit Website


provides step-by-step instructions and templates
assists in leading one-on-one and departmental review sessions.
Contains coaching and certification for OKR


only 15 languages are supported
There may be too many feature choices.
has only 30 integrations, while having a lengthy list on their plans.

3. Leapsome

Best OKR software for performance-oriented companies

Leapsome is an OKR platform that assists businesses in concentrating on their strategic goals and improving people management procedures. The technology, which enjoys the trust of organisations like Spotify, Northvolt, and Babbel, provides an ongoing cycle of goal- and OKR-setting, tracking, and reporting at the corporate, team, and individual levels.

By sharing and soliciting feedback on OKRs at each stage, Leapsome assists you in moving beyond mere tracking. Stakeholders and actors can post comments to discuss the status of individual tasks or full projects and provide context.

You can also create an OKR tree to quickly monitor progress, ownership, and the dependencies along the way to success and tie individual, team, and company goals to one another.

Leapsome also has tools that improve accountability throughout the company, such as goal dashboards and progress timelines that you can filter by team, owner, and contributor in real-time.

Personio, BambooHR, HiBob, GSuite, OneLogin, Okta, Active Directory, Slack, Jira Software, Microsoft Teams, and Calendar Apps are among the services that Leapsome interacts with.

Leapsome offers a free sample and prices start at $8 per user per month.

free trial offered

$8 per user each month

Visit Website


ease of providing peers with feedback
powerful self-evaluation resources
User-friendly interface


Setting “lower than” goals is challenging (cost or time reduction, etc.)
A price inquiry is required.

4. PerformYard

Best for goal-setting + performance management

It’s simple to set excellent goals and track progress using PerformYard.

The goal-setting and performance management software from PerformYard offers versatile HR tools and an easy employee experience. With PerformYard, HR teams will have the resources they need to develop any goal-setting strategy, and your employees will benefit from a streamlined experience that will enable them to concentrate on providing useful feedback and having productive performance talks.

The main goal of PerformYard is to offer a configurable OKR solution. Utilizing cascade, tagging, check-ins, goal categories, and/or scoring, PerformYard’s software can be tailored to meet the plan that is best for your company.

PerformYard offers a straightforward employee experience that makes establishing goals easier. Every customer of PerformYard receives a personal customer success manager. You will have assistance with onboarding, personnel trainings, and continuing support.

The majority of significant HRIS/Payroll systems, including ADP, BambooHR, Gusto, Rippling, UKG, Paycom, Workday, and Paylocity, are integrated with PerformYard.

PerformYard starts at $5 per user per month.

$5 to $10 per employee every month

Visit Website

5. Peoplebox

Best and easiest OKR software to implement for large companies

Utilize automatic OKR tracking and pre-populated review dashboards to move quickly.
The next-generation OKR & performance management software, called Peoplebox, was created for hyper-growth firms to assist them in aligning and achieving moonshot targets more quickly. Through native integration with all work tools, Peoplebox offers a single location where all strategic priorities, goals, and activities are constantly aligned and updated.

To make your review meetings more productive and actionable, it also generates automatically filled review dashboards with the option to add narratives, action items, and RCA (root cause analysis) details.

Additionally, Peoplebox synchronises objective data with 1:1s, check-ins, and reviews so that you can continuously manage team performance.

Razorpay, SocialBee, Mirriad, Exotel, Dunzo, Khatabook, Plum, and Nova Benefits are just a few of the 500+ startups that Peoplebox works with. Asana, Google Sheets, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Salesforce, and other programs are just a few of the ones they now link with.

Peoplebox offers a 14-day free trial and prices start at $7 per user each month.

14-day no-risk trial

$7 per user each month

Visit Website


very user-friendly single-page application robust integrations with numerous office tools
Integration with Slack, notifications, and check-in functionality
Review of Business Dashboard makes it simple to quickly review item status.
It’s useful to have the ability to launch regular staff engagement and pulse surveys and automate reports.
Features for giving feedback that are helpful include 1:1s, performance reviews, and Coffee Connect


No anonymous reviews available
Longer task lists mean longer load times

6. Huminos

Best OKR software for user experience with outcome-based pricing

You can set up weekly check-ins, schedule OKRs, and track your team’s progress with the aid of Huminos.
A comprehensive OKR and performance tool called Huminos enables your staff to produce significant results even while they are working remotely.

With Huminos, you can set OKRs for growth, align your workforce, and consistently motivate employees through an engaging culture of discussions, coaching, and celebrations. You may regularly assess, evaluate, and calibrate the performance of your workforce.

To help your teams stay laser-focused on achieving growth, Huminos integrates with a number of tools to automate progress tracking, data administration, scheduling, and collaboration on a single platform.

Slack, Microsoft Teams, Atlassian JIRA, Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Google Workspace, HubSpot, Freshdesk, and many other well-known applications are just a few of the technologies that are integrated with Huminos.

For SMBs and small teams, Huminos offers a forever-free plan, but for expanding businesses, it offers a usage-based pricing structure. Paid plans ensure that you only pay for what you actually use with starting prices of $1/objective set + $3/objective achieved. It has a 14-day free trial period.

14-day no-risk trial

$1 per goal established plus $3 for every goal attained

Visit Website


Free for small businesses and teams
Usage- and result-based pricing
Works directly in Slack and Microsoft Teams
Free instruction materials (OKR Coach)
Super simple to launch, set up, and use


a different kind of subscription-based pricing

7. Unlock:OKR

Best OKR Software with OKR Coaching and OKR Adoption Guarantee

The OKR software Unlock:OKR has capabilities for reporting, feedback, and goal mapping for people. The tool intends to assist firms in fostering an outcomes-first culture and guarantee that the adoption of OKRs is a mutually agreed-upon goal with a coordinated pursuit strategy.

Unlock:OKR includes an easy-to-use dashboard and user experience (UX). Users may quickly define targets, key results, and check-in on them using the tool. Users can conduct one-on-one meetings and provide and request feedback within teams, including teams that are cross-functional.

For teams that are new to OKRs, Unlock:OKR simplifies everything. Simple dropdown choices make it clear which OKRs are assigned to which employees, and objective and people maps aid in visualising team and project structure. Team members may see how far forward (or behind) they are in achieving their goals thanks to percentage completion bars.

Unlock:OKR has a 14-day free trial and demo period and charges $6 per user every month. The tool also provides free 1-hour OKR coaching and advice.

Free 14-day trial and demo, as well as a free 1-hour OKR coaching session

$6 per user per month

Visit Website


Easy to use and simple UI
Implementation of the OKR framework is ensured Coaching for OKR champions is offered


No built-in email integration
There isn’t a way to copy an existing OKR

8. Gtmhub

Best for implementing OKRs at scale

Employees can see how their particular goals fit with the company’s larger level strategies using Gtmhub’s alignment view.
The OKR software from Gtmhub enables businesses to adopt and use OKRs widely. Their system makes it simple for senior leaders to generate ideas based on their organization’s goal and vision and connect them with established tactics. Then, workers can develop their own individual goals that complement the main business ambitions. Their solution contains Whiteboards, Sessions, KPIs (key performance indicators), Insightboards, and an OKR Design Score to make this process easy for the user. Their Gtmhub Marketplace also offers 200+ ready-to-use OKR templates, in addition to other tools, to hasten adoption.

Their solution has sophisticated capabilities like in-depth analytics, progress monitoring, and OKR auditing to support an adaptive organisational model. To keep track of the interaction between people, processes, and outcomes, leadership staff can simply get a bird’s-eye view of activities. The configuration of OKR transparency allows senior executives to choose whether goals are made public or private to the workforce.

160+ software programs, including Asana, Basecamp, Google Analytics, Hubspot, JIRA, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Smartsheet, and many others, are integrated with Gtmhub. Their REST API and Zapier can also be used to provide further data integrations.

Gtmhub offers a free trial and prices start at $7 per employee per month.

Free test

$7 per employee each month

Visit Website


helpful starting materials, such as free e-books
Multiview interface with rich visuals
capable of supporting teams of any size


with their Start service level, they have limited data exporting capabilities.
Advanced support is exclusively offered at the Enterprise service level.
The integration of software varies according to service level.

9. Engagedly

Best OKR cloud software available on PC, Android, and Apple devices

On every device, visualise your OKRs, competencies, and profile health.
Using the Engagedly platform, businesses can energise and align their staff. Goal Setting, Manager Feedback, Peer Praise, Idea Generation, Knowledge Sharing/eLearning, Rewards, Objectives Alignment (OKR), and Social Performance are some of the features of this programme.

One of Engagedly’s best features is its user interface, which is vibrant, well-maintained, contemporary, logically segmented, and attractive. As a result, they received high marks in the evaluation criteria’s UX category.

ADP, Namely, Bamboo HR, iSolved, Paylocity, Google Suite, Microsoft, OneLogin, Okta, Oracle, HR Cloud, Slack, and Compport are just a few of the integrations.

One drawback is that smaller businesses would have trouble utilising the “anonymous feedback” system because it appears to rely on large data sets to mask who said what. No built-in feature can be used to conceal when something was stated or to change the linguistic makeup of conversational tells.

Engagedly offers a demo and has a starting price of $6/user/month.

Free trial

$6 per user per month

Visit Website


Possibility to suggest users to provide feedback
Customizable progress indicators and check-ins
Excellent social engagement/incentives module
Tools to repeat goal setting automatically


There is no mechanism to provide reports on blocked or discontinued users.
Not as easily searchable as they could be are old entries and reviews.

10. Workboard

Best for objectives alignment across a company

Teams from Microsoft, Walmart, Cisco, Verizon, T-Mobile, GE, IBM, and Zendesk, among others, presently use WorkBoard as an OKR platform for aligning corporate goals. On their website, they also provide results coaching, OKR training, and certification, as well as a tonne of other resources for lifelong learning like a blog and podcast. They are a distinctive platform for managing people that strikes a balance between being a fantastic tool and a wonderful training resource.

A full analytics suite, monthly business review reports, templates and tools for weeklies, and objective and key result monitoring are among Workboard’s core capabilities for OKRs. They aid in the visualisation of how each initiative, from the smallest team member to the CEO, fits together by helping you plot individual vs. corporate goals. Instead of individual-centric goals, this technology focused in team-oriented ones.

Slack, Jira, Office 365, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Azure DevOps, Hubspot, Marketo, Pipedrive, Redshift, MS SQL, Snowflake, Anaplan, and a tonne of other applications are all integrated with WorkBoard.

WorkBoard has a free 14-day trial and monthly prices starting at $20 per user.

14-day no-risk trial

starting at $20 per user per month

Visit Website


Numerous integrations
There are several available OKR resources and training.
Fantastic mobile application Excellent tools for businesses


Pricing tiers are opaque
a strict preference for teams over individual learning curves

Need Expert Help Selecting The Right OKR Software?

For your convenience, People Managing People has partnered with the software comparison website to help you select the product that best suits your requirements. The OKR Software advisers at Crozdesk may compile a customised shortlist of software options with objective suggestions to assist you in finding the options that best meet your company’s requirements. You have free access to their personalised software selection assistance as a result of our agreement, saving you time and trouble when doing your search.

You can submit your requests in just a few minutes, and they will call you right away with no cost or obligation. You will receive personalised software shortlists from their staff of software advisers that are based on your demands and list the top solutions (via phone or email). Additionally, they can offer you savings negotiated by the local community and connect you with the vendors you choose.

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