7 Best Android Weather Apps in 2024 [Free & Paid]

In many people’s lives, checking the weather before leaving for work might be crucial. Additionally, it aids individuals in reaching some critical decisions. Let’s say you had planned a meeting outside with your coworkers, alert from your weather app that it will rain later that day. You can easily reschedule the meeting in this situation.

Top Weather Apps for Android

If my smartphone already comes with a third-party app loaded, why should I install another one? Android, meanwhile, is all about personalization.

Despite this, the Google Play Store offers a staggering array of weather apps. While the built-in weather software on our Android phone serves its purpose, those found in the Google Play store go a step further. You may change the theme of the weather app, add personalised widgets, and do a lot more using third-party weather apps. Here are some of the top weather apps you can find on Google Play.

Probably the finest weather app for Android was Dark Sky. Then Apple accomplished something for which they are renowned. Dark Sky was acquired, and it was fully removed from the Android app shops. In the history of Android weather apps, that was somewhat of a watershed moment.

Dark Sky might not be present, then. However, we have selected a few of the top Dark Sky substitutes that are more than deserving of the coveted title of “Best Android weather app.”

1. AccuWeather

One of the most well-known weather applications on the list is AccuWeather. The app just underwent a significant design change, along with the addition of some new functions. The app is renowned for consistently offering accurate weather forecasts. Additionally, the app provides a comprehensive weather report that includes wind speed, humidity levels, and UV indices. In order to improve the entire experience, AccuWeather now provides hourly weather forecasts and weather maps. It also contains one of the top WearOS apps. To help you organise your day a little better, the innovative MinuteCast tool forecasts rain on a minute-by-minute basis. Additionally, it offers your Android phone four choices for weather widgets. For Rs. 800 (USD 9) per year, users can upgrade to AccuWeather Pro and enjoy an experience free of advertisements.


accu weather home

Download AccuWeather

2. Windy

Do you want more from your weather app? You’re covered by Windy (formerly Windyty). The software displays the weather similarly to other applications, but it goes a step beyond. Oceanic wind variations are displayed by Windy. The software seeks to display a cyclone’s current location and inform users if one is headed toward your city. Users can also alternate between the radar and satellite views based on their preferences. When it comes to alerts for severe weather, it’s one of the greatest apps. Windy is used by a broad variety of users, including pilots, paragliders, kiters, surfers, boaters, anglers, hurricane chasers, government officials, and rescue crews. Additionally, the app has over 35,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store. The most popular weather app on the Play Store is called Windy.

windy homescreen

Download Windy

3. Overdrop- Weather Widget & Weather Radar

Overdrop is the next application on the list. This app’s support for themes is its one distinctive feature. Users can browse the app’s many themes and select the one that best suits their preferences. Recall how earlier we discussed weather widgets? You may customise your home screen using Overdrop by adding widgets of various shapes and sizes. The software also shows graphs to help users better comprehend the weather cycle. Other fundamental information is included, such as current weather information, a 24-hour prediction, a 7-day forecast, and severe weather alerts. If you utilise the app’s free edition, its sole significant drawback is that it has advertisements in the user interface. Having said that, you can avoid advertisements by spending Rs. 950 once (USD 8.99).

overdrop homescreen


Download Overdrop

4. The Weather Channel

The weather channel, as its name implies, presents the weather in a straightforward and conventional TV channel manner. In actuality, the app also shows current news on hurricanes, earthquakes, and other events. How awesome is that, now? Users can add a live widget on their home screen to constantly stay informed about the weather in addition to the customary hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts. Additionally, the app allows users to view the weather in radar view. Rainfall, weather events, and severe weather alerts can all be displayed on interactive maps using the Doppler radar data. While the free version serves most purposes well, a premium subscription that is ad-free and features 24-hour future radar is available for Rs. 2650/year.

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Download The Weather Channel

5. Geometric Weather

Geometric weather is the weather app for you if you want something straightforward, user-friendly, and free of advertisements. The weather report and a week-long overview of the weather are displayed when you first launch the app. The app also provides information on your city’s air quality and allergens. You may receive a thorough report on the current weather conditions by scrolling down further. It sends notifications about impending weather, supports dark mode, and uses Accuweather as its weather data source. It is straightforward yet effective and without flashy themes and other frills. On the Google Play store, Geometric Weather has received over 100,000 downloads and a 4.6-star review. It lacks radar, but it is entirely free and open-source, which is a big benefit. This is the greatest weather app you can use if you don’t want to pay for one.

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Download Geometric weather

6. Weather Underground

Another well-liked weather app with a reputation for precise forecasts is Weather Underground. I have no doubt that you will enjoy this program if you enjoy graphics in your apps. Weather Underground offers a wealth of information, such as current conditions, weather radar, future forecasts, etc. This makes selecting on an outing during the weekend rather simple. Like AccuWeather, the app also offers hourly forecasts. It also shows the local Air Quality Index, sunrise and sunset times, hurricane tracking, and weather headlines. The “smart forecast” for outdoor activities like running, hiking, and other sports is a helpful feature of this program. Ads are present in the free edition, but you may upgrade to a premium subscription for Rs. 1700 ($19.99) each year, which is expensive compared to the alternatives.

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Download Weather Underground

7. Carrot Weather

Until the end of 2021, Carrot Weather will continue to obtain its weather data from Data Sky, but what makes Carrot Weather unique is its style and mentality. Carrot Weather said, “Apple was too terrified to purchase me,” after Apple bought Dark Sky. It blends very well with the other terminology used in the app. As it is installing, it will address you as “meatbag” and provide meteorological information for the day and the coming week, including the temperature, precipitation, wind, visibility pressure, humidity, dew point, and other factors. You may access more information about it by just swiping over different days or tapping on a specific time. It also has a very good, simple, and clean layout. Although it may be downloaded for free, there are commercials that can be removed with an in-app payment.

7 Best Android Weather Apps You Must Try in 2022 [Free & Paid] - carrot 1


Download Carrot Weather

Honorable Mentions

While the apps we’ve included above are among the finest weather apps for Android, there are a few others that are deserving of inclusion in this post despite not being on the list.

Appy Weather: offers flexible alerting options.

1Weather has the best ratings on the Play Store and a clean design.

For quick checks with Google Assistant, use Google feed.

Hurricane tracker and precise radar maps are provided by MyRadar Weather Radar.

NOAA weather: National Weather Service and NOAA in the US are the data’s sources.

Today Weather is a stylish, straightforward weather app.

One of the first Android weather apps was called WeatherBug.

What The Forecast? : jokes that make fun of the current weather.

Yahoo Weather displays stunning pictures from Flickr.

Forecasting weather patterns with Flowx.

FAQs about Android apps for weather

1. Which is the best weather app Android 2022?

There isn’t a single app that would appeal to all consumers. Some would have fantastic design, while others would be proud of added features. But if we had to pick just one as the greatest weather app for Android, we would prefer AccuWeather due to its higher accuracy and attractive design.

2. What is the best free weather app for Android 2022?

Every program we’ve listed above has a free version, but the majority of them are actually “freemium,” which means they offer extra features or remove advertisements in exchange for a price. But Geometric Weather, which is totally free and open-source, is the greatest free weather app for Android.

3. What is the best most accurate weather app?

Accuweather is unquestionably the most precise weather app for Android. In reality, a lot of weather apps use Accuweather API as their main data source. Furthermore, even for nations other than the US, their data is reliable. When it comes to the United States, Dark Sky API is still incredibly accurate.

4. Does Google have a weather app?

Yes, Google has a weather app of its own. It is quite basic, but adequate for rapidly checking the hourly and weekly forecasts. However, depending on where you are, they may use data from other weather applications like AccuWeather.

5. What is the simplest weather app?

The most basic weather app for Android is arguably the one provided by Google. Other than that, Geometric weather, with its simple user interface, is our favourite simple weather app for Android.

6. Which is the best Android weather widget?

The best Android weather widget options at the moment may be found in 1Weather. You can select from a variety of circular and square widgets that come in various sizes, and you can even change the widget’s colour, transparency, and opacity.

7. What are the Best Weather Apps Free?

There are both free and paid versions of the most of the weather apps on our list above. Of course, it’s simple to recommend tools like the Google Weather widget and OEM-specific weather widgets (like OnePlus Weather, Samsung Weather, etc.). The greatest free weather applications for Android, however, include programs like Geometric Weather and Overdrop.

Apps for the weather may be entertaining, right? We hope you liked reading about the best weather applications for Android. Please leave a comment below if you have any more queries or suggestions regarding our list.

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