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Online Recruiting Software 10 Best in 2024

Finding the best personnel for your company is not an easy task. It’s a multi-step procedure that calls for quickness and effectiveness to find the best applicants before a rival recruits them.

Finding the best fit when you’re already handling a heavy workload can be difficult because there are so many different recruitment software systems to select from. I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 recruitment software alternatives to help talent acquisition teams, along with details of essential features and how they’ll enhance your hiring procedure, to save you time.

With so many factors to take into account, it really boils down to where you are most in need of assistance and where your pressure points are. In order to help talent and recruitment professionals perform more productively, strategically, and effectively, that is my purpose.

What Features Does Recruitment Software Include?

The following features may be present in recruitment software:

  • establishment of a job board or career website
  • system for tracking applicants
  • candidate evaluation
  • Search for qualified applicants using artificial intelligence-powered rating and sorting
  • Interviewing process control
  • templates and guidelines for hiring
  • Including and supporting current job boards
  • Tools for internal evaluation and review
  • Marketing recruitment for various marketing channels
  • social hiring via messaging or social media
  • Automated hiring processes
  • two-way software integrations for human resources
  • interviews in video

The features, advantages, and disadvantages of each piece of software are detailed in my list of the top recruiting platform programs below.

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Overviews of the 10 Best Recruiting Software

A brief description of each of the top 10 online hiring and recruitment tools is provided below.


Best for customizability and scalability

Users of have access to dozens of pre-built templates as well as significant platform customization options.

HR managers can create a recruiting tool on that meets the demands of their company by using the pre-built templates. Users have control over how the platform serves them because practically every component of it may be changed. HR managers may eliminate a lot of the time-consuming manual labour with no-code automations. HR managers can automate the operations of changing statuses and sending email notifications.

Numerous templates made especially for HR are available. The platform may then be tailored to your needs using the 20+ drag-and-drop columns, several third-party apps, and helpful widgets. You can maintain your comments on one platform with in-app updates, saving you time searching around email threads for information. does provide a freemium version of their application, but if you enable automations, integrations, multi-source dashboards, and guest account access, the platform truly starts to come to life.

More than 40 well-known apps, including Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, Google Calendar, OneDrive, LinkedIn, and, most recently, Adobe Creative Cloud, are integrated into this platform. Additionally, any tool without a pre-built integration has an API that is accessible.

For up to 2 people, is free. Paid plans start at $11 per user per month. There is also a 14-day free trial available.

14-day no-risk trial

$11 per user each month

Visit Website

2. Pinpoint

Best for in-house talent acquisition and people teams

The dashboard for Pinpoint provides a summary of applicants, their status, scorecards, and other information.

Instead of recruitment firms, Pinpoint is an applicant tracking solution made for internal talent acquisition and people teams.

Pinpoint has an intuitive user interface and a sophisticated yet simple to use interface. Recruiters and hiring managers may sign up fast and get started, and if they require further assistance, their customer support team is ready to assist.

Key ATS and recruiting CRM capabilities offered by Pinpoint include multiple job board posting, social media advertising, endlessly customizable workflows, automation, scheduling of interviews, and employee onboarding. Single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and tools to help manage compliance with local laws like the GDPR/CCPA are just a few of the data protection and security features available.

A personalised careers website, blind screening to lessen unconscious bias, candidate scorecards to quickly and accurately gather hiring manager input, and a suite of reporting tools with a custom report builder are just a few of the distinctive features Pinpoint offers.

In addition to a Zapier connector that permits integration with more than 3,000 additional tools, Pinpoint offers native integrations with hundreds of other platforms.

If paid yearly, Pinpoint costs as little as $600 per month. They provide customised demos in addition to an on-demand demo video.

free trial offered

from $600 per month (annual contract)

Visit Website

3. ClearCompany

Best for mobile friendly recruiting to improve the candidate experience

Teams of recruiters can easily work together on their hunt for the best potential candidates with the help of ClearCompany.

The user-friendly recruiting software from ClearCompany is made to provide hiring teams with the resources they need to quickly find and hire the best candidates. Their platform has enabled countless businesses to find, evaluate, hire, and onboard A-level talent, involve their teams, and leverage strategic insights to maintain a competitive recruiting market.

Candidate sourcing, talent pools, automated screening, grading, and interview scheduling are among the platform’s key features. It also offers EEO/OFCCP compliance data to make sure your hiring methods comply with regulatory requirements. Additionally, their text- and mobile-friendly technologies provide great candidate experiences for job searchers.

For background checks, calendars, job postings, payroll and benefits, SSO, and skill assessment tests, ClearCompany interacts with more than 100 different software programs.

On request, ClearCompany pricing information is provided. Also available is a free demo request.

free trial offered

On demand pricing

Visit Website

4. hireEZ

Best for outbound recruiting with access to 800+ million candidates

Using hireEZ’s all-in-one search feature, you can easily narrow down your candidate search criteria.

With access to 800M+ prospects from 45+ open web platforms, market analytics to develop smart recruiting campaigns, and candidate engagement features to facilitate outbound recruiting, hireEZ (previously Hiretual) is an AI-powered outbound recruiting platform. You may implement a strategically scalable approach with hireEZ to create your future workforce.

Additionally, hireEZ has tools like email templates and sequences, email delegations, tracking, and scheduling that help improve candidate engagement and response rates. With features that help you invite team members, monitor team activity, interact in-app, evaluate team effectiveness, and prevent duplicative efforts, hireEZ also makes it simple for your recruitment team to work together.

HireEZ interacts with numerous different technology applications as well as widely used ATS/CRM systems. They also have an API Suite and a Chrome Extension.

HireEZ offers a 7-day free trial and monthly prices starting at $149.

seven days of no cost

Pro Plan: $149 per month

Visit Website

5. Manatal

Best AI tools and social media recruitment

Promote paid job openings via recruitment networks or directly on social media.

With features like intelligent candidate sourcing, AI-powered suggestions, configurable career landing pages with application forms, and project management capabilities like task monitoring and communication, Manatal is an award-winning applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruitment solution. Manatal may connect to tens of thousands of well-known or specialised job advertising websites from both paid and free sources.

Manatal provides sophisticated social media recruiting tools, such as a Chrome plugin for importing LinkedIn profiles and straightforward job post social sharing right from your career page to websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Wechat, and Line. In the event that you receive identical applications from two separate sources, they also offer a duplicate monitoring system and a combine profiles option.

Outlook, Office 365, G Suite, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line are all integrated with Manatal. On their custom plan subscription, access to the API and connection with Zapier are both available.

Manatal offers a 14-day free trial, a free demo, and prices starting at $15/user/month.

14-day free trial plus a sample period

$15 per user each month

Visit Website

6. TestGorilla

Best for recruiting tests and assessments

Create exams of the highest calibre quickly and add a personal touch with your own unique questions.

For online hiring, there is HR software called TestGorilla. You may screen applicants with TestGorilla so that you can make better recruiting decisions more quickly and without being influenced by unconscious prejudice.

With their library of 150+ scientifically proven tests, TestGorilla enables your team to begin anticipating real-world job performance. They have an expanding test library that includes cognitive ability tests, programming tests, software skill tests, personality tests, culture fit tests, language tests, and more since using several test types in an assessment improves its predictive value.

TestGorilla offers a free trial and monthly prices starting at $25.

Unlimited candidates, five assessments, and one unique question each.

from $25 per month

Visit Website

7. Zoho Recruit

Best recruitment software for staffing agencies

Zoho Recruit offers analyses and statistics on the number of open positions and job openings by sector.

Over 60 million people worldwide utilise the Zoho suite of tools, including groups from Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, KPMG, and HP. Their solution for hiring software for businesses, staffing firms, and temporary workers is Zoho Recruit. They feature a tonne of tools for organising resumes, such as a text parser and uniform formatting.

A superb recruiting agency application, Zoho Recruit offers a range of modifications and integrations that can significantly increase the services you can provide to your clients. They also include staffing tools designed exclusively for temporary workers, such as a jobs-vs.-temps report, flexible timesheet approvals, and thorough scheduling calendars.

While Zoho Recruit tests are excellent for evaluating a candidate’s skills, it would be helpful if tests could be easily reproduced so that users don’t have to waste time copying and pasting each time they require something similar. It would also be helpful to be able to time how long it takes applicants to complete an exam.

45+ other Zoho solutions for CRM, finance, marketing, IT, and other areas are integrated with Zoho Recruit. Slack, G-Suite, Outlook, Checkr, Mailchimp,, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Twilio, Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, DropBox, and a plethora of additional third-party applications are just a few of the third-party apps that Zoho interacts with. Additionally, you may automate hundreds more with Zapier’s subscription plans.

Zoho Recruit is available for a 15-day free trial and costs $25 per person each month. Additionally, they provide a fundamental free plan that includes emailing, job board connections, candidate management, and scheduling of interviews.

15-day no-risk trial

$25 per user each month

Visit Website

8. Workable

Best recruiting software for small businesses

To conserve internal resources, SMBs can use Workable’s simple AI-powered sourcing capabilities.

Since its 2021 launch, Workable has accumulated over 20,000 clients who use the recruiting platform for applicant screening, candidate sourcing, and automated HR operations. Forbes, Soho House, Sephora, and Joey Restaurants are currently using Workable. Additionally, Workable provides thousands of hiring templates, a practical mobile app, and built-in video interview functionality.

Workable is an excellent recruiting tool for startups and small enterprises because you just pay when a position is posted, not when a user or a month is used. This means that even if it takes you two or three months to discover the ideal applicant, you will only be charged once. They also give you access to over 200 job boards and one free job posting, which may be all you need.

Workable requires location field data for job requisition forms, therefore if you define your business as entirely remote, you can encounter problems (AKA no physical location). The requisition forms may actually use some general customization improvements to better accommodate various recruiting requirements.

In addition to hundreds of other platforms, Workable integrates with BambooHR, Namely, ADP Marketplace, Sapling, HRCloud, LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook, Monster, Stack Overflow Talent, Nexxt, ZipRecruiter, PreferHired, GreatPeople, G Suite, Microsoft platforms, myInterview, VidCruiting, Checkr, Ref App, Tableau, Workday, Oracle HCM, and many more. Additionally, they provide extra connections with a premium Zapier subscription.

Workable gives one job posting for free to try it out and charges $129 per job each month.

Free initial job posting

$129 per job/month

Visit Website

9. Jobvite Talemetry

Best recruiting workflow automation

You can use Jobvite to refine application search results to find candidates that match the qualifications for open positions at your business.

A recruitment marketing tool for businesses, Jobvite Talemetry includes integrated CRM, job posting, and career site features. It contains an analytics function that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to assist you in sorting through vast volumes of data pertaining to candidate sourcing, relationship nurturing, and conversions. You can also enhance your career website with Jobvite Talemetry to give job seekers personalised content and job recommendations.

Jobvite is the finest option for you if you’re seeking for recruiting software that can help you save time due to its hiring workflow automations. The workload associated with repetitive operations like keyword/skill searching, resume sorting, experience quantification/qualification, and candidate re-engagement can be lessened with the aid of AI-powered automations.

Numerous productivity tools, such as Codility, Canvas, ADP Workforce Now, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others, are integrated with Jobvite Talemetry.

The cost of Jobvite Talemetry is available upon request.

On demand pricing

Visit Website

10. Lever

Best for streamlined recruitment CRM and ATS capabilities

LeverTRM groups applicants based on their ratings, the stage of the hiring process, the time since their most recent engagement, and/or the hiring agent (owner) that introduced them to the pipeline.

LeverTRM is a piece of software that combines applicant tracking with customer relationship management (CRM) features (ATS). This makes it easier for hiring managers to find applicants and keep in touch with them throughout the whole recruitment process—from initial contact through continued networking to, hopefully, an interview and an offer letter. Recruiting software called LeverTRM is presently utilised by companies including Netflix, Atlassian, and KPMG.

LeverTRM gives you the ability to find candidates from a variety of web sources to create a pool of interesting experts for consideration now or in the future. Following that, relationship-building is initiated using customised email, LinkedIn, or social media outreach templates, and conversion analysis data monitors the success or failure of each effort.

Since LeverTRM is designed for high-volume hiring, it is a wonderful recruitment tool if you frequently hire a lot of candidates at once. You can send introductory emails without leaving the window and view and evaluate every candidate in one view. It provides scalable automated features for emailing, archiving, and tagging candidates.

LeverTRM connects with a number of business and productivity technologies, including Zoom, ADP, Google Meet, and DocuSign.

On demand, LeverTRM offers personalised pricing.

On demand pricing

Visit Website

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