Top Free Phone Number Apps For Android

The 7 top free phone number apps for Android will teach you how to make free phone calls anywhere in the globe.

We’ve all seen the age of using genuine landline phones come to an end, but it’s not going to last forever. It’s simple to cut the cord once and for all, thanks to the Internet and lower-cost cellphones. While you’ll still need a data connection, such as WiFi or a carrier plan, there are certain web-based programmes that allow you to make free phone calls.

Using cellular data or WiFi, free calling tools allow you to make and receive free international and domestic calls. Transferring, call recording, call forwarding, and personalised voicemail greetings are all included in phone number apps. Such apps provide you with a second phone number (usually in the United States) that you can use to text or call any other American number, and it will, thankfully, reflect that you are solely in the United States.

This article includes a comprehensive selection of the best free phone number apps for Android that will assist you in making the best choice.

Top Free Phone Number Apps For Android

Some of the most popular phone number apps are mentioned below, and you may use them to make free international calls. Let’s get started without further delay.

1. Dingtone



On the Google Play Store, Dingtone is one of the best phone number apps. According to your local area code, the application can provide you with a phone number. It also has the ability to make phone calls in over 200 countries. Users may make an infinite number of calls through mobile data with this free number app as long as their related friends and family also utilise it. Through in-app purchases, you may make phone calls to actual phone numbers. You may later add or receive extra free credits through various advertisements and promotions.

Dingtone’s Main Characteristics:

Make unrestricted phone calls to anybody.

It has the ability to call internationally.

In over 200 countries, you may make video and phone calls as well as send messages.

Conferencing is possible.

Calls may be recorded using the built-in recorder.

It’s available for download on Google Play.

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2. Hushed



Hushed is yet another free Android phone number app. It allows you to call and send photos, videos, and texts to any number on the planet. This appsallows you to keep your real phone number safe and secure by providing you with a secondary number to use while making phone calls. Furthermore, you may add and manage several phone numbers using it. It also allows you to redirect a call to a different phone number. Users may record and personalise their voicemails with this tool.

Hushed’s Characteristics:

It is possible to utilise it for free.

Maintain the secrecy of your talk.

Allows you to connect Slack or DropBox to the app.

You may use WiFi or a data connection to get to your phone number.

Multiple number numbers can be managed by users.

It can chat, text (SMS), send pictures, and receive MMS messages.

It’s available for download on Google Play.

3. Grasshopper



Grasshopper is a no-cost phone number apps that provides exceptional communication options for small enterprises and groups. The application creates a single phone number that can be used on existing mobile devices or landlines without any complications. Furthermore, by routing calls to another team member or phone, you can accept many calls at the same time. Its WiFi calling capability identifies spam calls quickly. Call forwarding settings can also be changed by users.

 Grasshopper Characteristics:

A mobile or desktop application can be used to place and receive phone calls.

This appstransforms voicemail messages into text, allowing you to read them without having to listen to them.

It provides a comprehensive picture of your company’s interactions across all channels.

Allows you to create professional greeting messages for clients or customers.

You may use the appsto send/share fax papers as PDF attachments from your favourite email.

It’s available for download on Google Play.

4. Ring4



Ring4 is the greatest free phone number apps to consider if you need a second phone number for business or personal reasons. Ring4 enables high-definition (HD) video conferencing, call recording, voicemails, robot call blocking, and international calls in addition to providing a second phone line or eSim. Ring4 is a great option for your virtual office since it offers limitless calls, texts, and video meetings.

Ring4’s Highlights include:

Multiple phone lines are significantly easier to set up and manage.

Allows you to select a local area code phone number.

It has a dial-pad and a contact list.

It has built-in recorders that make it simple to capture any phone call.

Unwanted calls can be blocked using its smart block function.

You may personalise voicemail messages and greetings using this feature.

Text messages, emoticons, and photo messaging are all possible.

It’s available for download on Google Play.

5. MightyCall


MightyCall is one of the top virtual phone systems for small businesses on the market today. This free phone number apps allows you to make and receive calls on any device. You may also reject, accept, or send the call to voicemail using this feature. With a conversational and straightforward chart, the application assists you in developing your flow. It also gives you access to your whole conversation history. Calls may be forwarded to any number or device with ease.

MightyCall’s Best Features:

Calling is unlimited.

You don’t have to pay anything to call a toll-free or local number.

You may record your calls using this application.

You may listen to voicemails and get notifications using this app.

Even your voicemail may be visualised.

Keeping all of your business connections in one location is a good idea.

It’s available for download on Google Play.

6. GrooVeIP


GrooVeIP is another apps for Android that deserves to be free. You can acquire a legitimate US phone number with this application, which you can then distribute to others. Both messages and calls are supported by this service. In-app purchases are also available in this app. It’s a little dubious when it comes to the free portion. Credits can also be earned for free. You will, however, be forced to view adverts and complete the appropriate offers in order to achieve this. We recognise that it may appear intimidating at first, but it truly works. Credits can also be bought. The technology isn’t for endless calls, but it’s ideal for free calls with a time restriction.

GrooVeIP’s Highlights include:

Tool is small and simple to use.

To make phone calls, it features its own dialer.

Every month, this Android free phone number app will supply you with free credits.

Call any landline or cell phone in Canada or the United States without difficulty.

Friends and relatives can get SMS messages.

It’s available for download on Google Play.

7. ConXhub


Last but not least, ConXhub is a free Android phone number app. It’s a simple and easy-to-use application that lets you create several numbers and profiles. You can even receive calls from several numbers with this smart business phone number apps. It is not just accessible for Android smartphones, but also for iOS.

ConXhub’s main characteristics are:

Calls are clear and of decent quality.

Calls can be forwarded to any phone or mobile device worldwide.

It may provide you a local, international, or toll-free number in any country.

Navigation is simple and fast.

It’s available for download on Google Play.

That’s all there is to it!

So, those were some of the top free phone number apps for Android, as described above. We hope you found the information in this article to be beneficial.

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