Despite a First-Ever ‘Right-to-Repair’ Law, There’s No Easy Fix for Wheelchair Users : gadgets


Diabetic neuropathy.

I’ve told this story before, but I worked in home care during nursing school. Usually just went to the persons home and helped clean/cook/supervise/run little errands/ take out the dog that kinda thing.

One of my patients was… A mess is the only way to say it, had diabetes, morbidly obese, cancer somewhere I think around the spine and doctors wouldn’t operate cause of the weight… And she was wheelchair bound sooooo yeah, that weight wasn’t going anywhere.

Well, one day I went to her apartment and there was this red streak across the floor looked like someone dipped a brush in paint and made one continuous line from bathroom to living room.

Well, she got her toe stuck under the wheel and didn’t realize it apparently cause of the Diabetic neuropathy she couldn’t feel it well she ground down her big toe toe to the bone… I dialed 911 pretty fast lol


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