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10 Best Skype Alternatives For Windows PC


Although Skype comes up with some of the most helpful features to improve user experience, one can look for the best alternative to Skype for PC. Skype, being the most used communication tool for making video and audio calls, is quite famous. So, One always gets more options as the technology proceeds in making personalized apps and platforms for users.

Though it is one of the best in sharing screen on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices, if you have decided on permanently deleting your Skype account, go ahead and have a look at these Skype alternatives for PC. 

The Best Alternative Of Skype For Computer

This is the list of the Skype Alternatives for PC 2020. Now, Remember these tips for being in video conferencing calls.



The Zoom is an excellent Skype alternative as it provides you with more of the support, which is required in a video conferencing call. It is a cross-platform video and audio calling service. One can join the market as a phone call too, with excellent audio and video quality.

So, All the participants are visible at the same time for the group calls. Must feature like hand raising, which is helpful while discussions and let it be a professional tool. Well, screen sharing is also available for improved understanding during the meetings. 

Tox Chat


This Tox chat is an option to go for making the conversation in your group safer. So, As digital surveillance is prevalent with many big names, you can turn to Tox Chat as an alternative for Skype. Now, Use it for instant messaging, making calls, or sharing documents; it can do it all for you.

This simple interface makes it relatively easy for users of any field. Here, One can connect with family, friends, and co-workers over this chatting and video calling app from the desktops. Well, Screen sharing option is also available to provide help or to share something from your PC without having to send it. 

Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts is an attractive messaging app from Google, which came to life in 2013. This is a cross-platform chat app, which makes the experience very interesting and serves as the best Skype alternative for PC. Now, One can text, make voice and video calls, integrate the contacts from the phone number, or the Gmail account.

So, With the app constituting the inbuilt stickers, media support, and combined with many features become a favorite for Google users. This is also one of the encrypted chatting apps, which does not require any backup as all of the conversations are saved in the Google account.

Well, To use it, all one needs to have is a Gmail account, and you can get the app on your Android, iOS devices quickly. This is also quite famous as a Chrome extension for PC support, as well as available exclusively as an app for Windows PC.



The line is a Skype alternative for PC when you need a good audio video and texting option. This is again a cross-platform chatting app, which is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. This is more of personal use for keeping in touch with your friends.

Well, One can create groups and use these features to enjoy texting app. So, There are multiple colorful screensavers available for Windows/ Mac app. Now, You can send and receive screenshots, view pictures on a large screen. Besides, View numerous images at once; the complete list of photos posted can also be checked. 

Cisco Webex Meetings


This Cisco Webex meeting is a fantastic Skype alternative for PC. This comes with your personalized meeting room, where you can add your employees. Now, With the screen sharing option, one can easily continue to explain while in the call. Well, Different enterprises have been using it for a long time now, as it delivers good quality audio and video calls.

So, One can also find out other features such as integration with Outlook and Google Calendar. Further, features such as remote control, recording the market, sending notifications for meetings are beneficial. Here, Extensive support for the platform is always available for bettering service.

Google Hangouts Meet


Google Hangouts Meet is the best alternatives to Skype for PC. It is because it is primarily focused on enterprises. This comes as a part of the GSuite, which is used by the organizations. It has to be the best to date as you can keep all your group members meeting at the same place for video conferencing. This supports voice and video calls.

So, One can schedule meetings and send emails to all the participants individually. It is an excellent platform for making professional life easier while connecting with the people of your company in one place. This is available as an app for Android, iOS as well as Windows PC.



It is a simple Messenger app, which is why it can be another best Skype alternative for PC. ICQ has encryption for all the calls along with the group chats. The messaging app supports file transfer of up to 4GB of files and hence is very helpful.

Here, Live chat is another feature to look for if you have a specific theme like travel on your mind. Well, Voice transcript is available for the voice messages you receive on this app. Now, Enjoy the free app without any disruption right from your PC. 



Discord is the best Skype alternative for PC as it gives you multiple useful features. This Famous among the gaming community Discord has made its name for a while. Well, there are several features of Discord which make it fun to use. This app can be available on your devices – Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.

This is even known to be used on any web browser. So, Communication is made easy with texting, voice, and video calling. Now, Used by the school communities, art fans, or gamers, this is a fun app to connect with fellow members. 



This Talky– is the best alternative to Skype for PC as it has been a great competition to the former communications platform over the years. Well, Talky- comes as a desktop application for Windows users, and it works on the website too. This does require you to create any account plus it is a free video calling app.

Now, One can add up to 15 users in the group for making voice and video calls. Here, go to the website and create a nickname, and then a web link will be available. So, You can share the link with participating users, and this will be your chat room for the time being. This is one of the best online video calling app websites.



As well, Jami, previously known as GNU Ring, is one of the best Skype alternatives for PCs. The app is again, cross-platform, which makes it easier to communicate. Now, The user can get an app on their Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux devices.

This is excellent for creating audio and video calls, which is why it can be used for video conferencing. It can be used as a simple texting app too for smart devices. Well, One can use the screen share option to make others on the call view their desktop screen. 

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Final Words:

Though, We think these alternatives to Skype for PC are going to be of great help. So, This list includes something for everyone as it covers the video calling apps for your computer for personal and professional both usage. 

As well, we conclude the post, and we would like to know your views. Now, Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Here, Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.



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