Albany passes ‘right to repair’ law for electronics to confront ‘monopoly’ on repair market : gadgets


What a ridiculous circus… these measures are completely pointless and will achieve absolutely nothing. Sure, it will force the smartphone makers to sell you parts and equipment- at prices they will profit from. It won’t make repairs of consumer electronic cheaper or more accessible. But most importantly, it does nothing for the markets where repairability truly matters: home appliances, medical equipment, specialized machinery (eg aricultural equipment).

Not to mention that pursuing repairability in highly integrated devices like smartphones is a dead end anyway. Only a handful of users seek repairs, and those are usually trivial cases like battery or screen replacements. It would make much more sense to implement stricter recycling regulations and force the manufactures to improve component reuse. But most RTR advocates in the USA throw around terms like “planned obsolescence” while somehow believing like the ability to buy a proprietary screw would make phones last longer while completely ignoring anti-consumer practices of android manufacturers to drop software updates after a year or two. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if this form of RTR will result the market to be flooded by cheap phones that break easily just to sell the consumers parts.

Want better quality devices? Advocate for longer warranty, manufacturer responsibilities as well as responsible advertising. Want cheap repairs? Advocate for widespread, affordable device insurance. Want better environment? Advocate for strict recycling rules component reuse for new devices.


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