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How To View Instagram Stories Without An Account

Nowadays, hearing that someone doesn’t have an Instagram account is startling. Whoever doesn’t use this social network is aware of what Instagram stories are. If you’ve heard about a story you shouldn’t miss, you undoubtedly want to know if there are any alternatives to setting up an Instagram account so you can view it.

How to View Stories on Instagram Without an Account

Everything you need to know about viewing Instagram stories is covered in this post, along with recommendations for software that will make it easier for you to do so without creating an account.

Without an account, view Instagram Stories using third-party software.

You want to read the tale as soon as possible after learning that someone significant to you shared it. But you don’t have an account on Instagram website. You shouldn’t ask your pals for assistance because the person who posted the story can see who opened it. There is no workaround to see the feed on the Instagram website; all you will see is the option to register.

Fortunately, it is possible to view Instagram stories without having an account, but to do so, you must utilise the appropriate third-party software. We’ve compiled a list of the top ones available along with usage instructions.

1. Insta-Stories Online

You can view stories without creating an account using the free and simple software Insta-Stories Online. Since it’s a website, you don’t need to download any software or apps to use it. Additionally, you can use it without creating an account.

  1. Go to the  Insta-Stories Online websiteby opening your browser.
  2. Type the person’s “username” into the “search bar” and hit “Enter,” or click the “magnifying glass” symbol to the right. Remember to include any underscores, dots, dashes, or other punctuation that can be found in their username.

3. To view their stories, click the “circled profile icon” when the profile first displays. Additionally, you may scroll down to see all of that user’s most recent stories and choose the one you wish to view.

4. Press the left or right arrow to view further stories that the user has published.

You can download stories from Insta-Stories Online to your device by selecting the “Download” option in the top-right corner. Additionally, by clicking the love icon to the right of the username, you can save your favourite profiles. You may view and download postings with this software.

2. Instadp

You may view and download Instagram profile images, Reels, Posts, Highlights, and Videos with Instadp in addition to viewing and downloading Instagram stories.

Here’s how to use this software to view Instagram stories:

  1. Launch a browser and go to the Instadp page.

2. Enter the person’s “username” in the username search bar and hit “Enter” or use the “magnifying glass” symbol.

3. When it does, click “Continue.”

4. If the user has posted any stories in the previous 24 hours, scroll down to see them all. Click the “Download” button next to any of them if you wish to save them.

You can easily access any profile you search for later because it will always be there in “History.”

All platforms are compatible with Instadp, which is also totally free.

3. StoriesIG

Another straightforward and cost-free service for viewing and downloading Instagram stories is StoriesIG. No matter what operating system you have, you may use it on a PC and a mobile device. To utilise it, adhere to the directions below:

  1. Visit the StoriesIG website in your browser.

2. Type the “username” of the profile in the search field and hit “Enter” or click the double arrowhead icon to the right to find it. Any special characters in the username should be taken note of.

3. Under the username, you can check how many stories are currently live. To see them, if any, scroll below. Pick “Download” to save them to your device.

You may also view and save Instagram Highlights using this tool. Simply choose “Highlights” after entering a username.

4. Mystalk

Compared to other independent Instagram profile viewers, Mystalk is a little different. There is a tiny possibility that you will receive the incorrect results on other websites because they load profiles based on your search parameters automatically, especially if there are many accounts with the same username.

Mystalk lets you enter your login just like other services, but it also helps you select the appropriate profile. You are therefore not required to know the precise username. Additionally, you can locate the individual by using their actual name (if they added it to Instagram).

  1. Visit the Mystalk website by launching your browser.

2. Enter the “username” or “person’s first and last name” into the search field, then hit “Enter” or click the “magnifying glass” to the right.

3. Select the profile that you want to view.

4. The stories in the profile are displayed beneath the username. View all of them or quickly scan through them to locate the one you want. Click “Download” in the bottom-right corner of the tale to save them to your device.

5. Dumpor

Dumpor lets you search for and download stories, posts, and videos without revealing your identity. You can also search using hashtags or places, which is an amazing option.

  1. Launch a browser and go to the Dumpor page.

2. In the search box, type the “username.”

3. The results will show a number of profiles. Select the one that interests you.

4. Click “Show Stories” after scrolling down.

5. Decide the one you wish to see. Click the “green download icon” in the top-right corner to save it to your device.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you cannot access other users’ stories. This isn’t a problem though because to the many Instagram story viewers. No matter the platform or operating system, a variety of tools are accessible online and usable. Additionally, they are absolutely free and user-friendly.

We hope this information on how to view Instagram stories without an account was useful to you.

FAQs for viewing anonymous profiles on Instagram

Are Instagram profile watchers from third parties secure?

Utilizing Instagram story viewers is generally secure. These websites can still monitor your activities and data, though. People who are concerned about their internet safety should definitely avoid using these tools or do further study before choosing one.

Some websites lead you to other, frequently fraudulent, pages while making the pretence that they let you view stories made by private profiles. Even malware that can harm your device are sometimes found on these websites. Other third-party software may occasionally link to dangerous websites while displaying advertisements to support the developer.

You might be required to provide your phone number, email address, or other confidential information on other websites. Although you are free to do this, we strongly advise against it. There are several Instagram story viewers who don’t require any personal information from you.

Can you view everyone’s tale without creating an account?

You can’t get access to everyone’s stories. You can only see postings from public profiles, to start. Users of Instagram have two choices: public and private. When an account is set to “public,” anyone can see its posts and stories. However, only the followers of a private account can view content that it posts or publishes.

Instagram also offers a “Close Friends” option. Users can limit who they share their stories with by turning this feature on. These stories cannot be accessed unless you have an account and are added as a close friend.

Finally, keep in mind that each story is limited to 24 hours. Unless someone saved an expired story to their “Highlights” area, you cannot access an expired story.

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