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Employee Management Systems Best 10 in 2023

One essential component of HR is an employee management system. The best tools for managing employee records, job histories, and other significant employee data are covered in this article.

You’re most likely looking at HR technology for one of two reasons. 1) You want to replace your present system with one that is superior and are searching for an employee management app with more (or better) capabilities. 2) Your company is expanding, and you want to use personnel management software for the first time. In both cases, we can assist.

This article will help you rapidly assess and analyse the finest employee management system as well as other HR software, whether you’re looking for a new tool or perhaps introducing an employee management system for the first time. So let’s get started!

HR Management Tools Comparison Criteria

What do we look for when searching for online HR tools and systems? Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

User Interface (UI): Is the user interface (UI) neat and appealing?
Usability: Is it simple to use and learn? Does the business provide effective user support, technical help, training, and tutorials?
Specifications & Usability:
Engagement and Productivity – Are there tools to boost employee engagement and keep tabs on their happiness and other emotions? Are there any implementable productivity tools?
Employee Record Keeping – Is there a working employee database that can be used to keep records? Can you quickly search the employee records? Can you perform a filter and keyword search?
Surveys & Feedback – Are staff members allowed or encouraged to offer any kind of feedback? Workplace mood, conflict, and satisfaction indicators—are they tracked in any way?
Real-Time Reporting and Analysis –  Are the reporting tools practical and understandable? Exist a variety of alternatives for export and visualisation? Can you quickly access data about top performers?
Integrations: Can you easily connect to other tools with this one? Exist any built-in integrations? Although not absolutely necessary, this is a significant benefit for staff management software.
Value for $: How in line with the features, capabilities, and use case is the price? Is the pricing transparent, clear, and flexible?
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Overviews Of Top 10 HR Management Software

Each of the employee information systems that are highlighted on this top 10 list is briefly described here.


Best for employee time & task tracking

The schedules, timelines, dashboards, and reports on provide you a bird’s eye perspective of how your employees are doing so you can identify possible problems or recognise daily accomplishments.
Although primarily markets itself as a workflow tool for growing businesses, it also includes a number of HR tools, many of which are useful for managing employees. The software provides tools for creating cooperative workflows and timetables, allocating tasks and projects to your team, tracking time, reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs), getting employee feedback, and sending automatic reminders for crucial due dates.

The customised reports and dashboards that may present useful information for personnel management, such as capacity restrictions, progress monitoring, time management, budget totals, and missed deadline notifications, would be appreciated by managers.

Making ensuring your staff isn’t spending their time on administrative tasks and data entry when they may be better utilised elsewhere is a crucial part of managing your workforce. provides automations that can complete routine, everyday operations without the need for live assistance, freeing up your staff to focus on more inventive and difficult jobs.

Project management tools like Slack, Google Workspace, Gmail, Google Calendar, Jira, GitHub, Trello, Dropbox, Typeform, and many more are integrated with and are available through a paid Zapier subscription. offers a free trial and prices start at $8 per user every month.

14-day no-risk trial

$8 per user each month

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2. Deel

Best for managing global teams of international employees and contractors

Users can access strong administration functions on Deel’s self-service platform without switching tools.
Deel is a global platform for managing employees that facilitates hiring in more than 150 nations. From a single platform, you can hire full-time workers from anywhere in the world and handle their administration, compliance, and payment.

Deel provides you with management tools for both workers and contractors. You do not need to establish a foreign corporation because Deel serves as the official employer of record for employees, managing payroll and benefits. They also provide capabilities for contract administration, expense reimbursements, and off-cycle payroll adjustments in their fully featured user interface.

Deel differentiates apart from other workforce management systems because to a number of recent additions, such as global payroll, support for global mobility, integrated Slack capabilities, and sophisticated connectors. By assisting with visa sponsorship, the global mobility service enables businesses to hire candidates from overseas. An accessible organisational chart, self-service PTO administration, and even applicant referral tracking are all possible with the help of Slack plugins.

Deel adheres to SOC2 and ISO 27001 security standards, which means it follows global norms for protecting your data. It also connects with popular HR and accounting platforms.

Deel provides a free demo and flat rate pricing upon request.

free trial offered

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3. Eddy

Best all-in-one HR software for small, local businesses

Access to corporate directories and storage of crucial staff papers is simple for both employees and management.
Eddy is a complete HR suite designed specifically for small, regional organisations. Businesses can use Eddy’s user-friendly software to hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees.

Travis Hansen, a former professional basketball player turned entrepreneur, founded Eddy in 2017. Since then, the company has expanded quickly thanks to its straightforward but effective product, stellar customer support, and emphasis on small, deskless businesses in the area.

A comprehensive application tracking system, candidate tracking, and job posting management are important elements (ATS). The onboarding system enables HR managers to effortlessly collect digital signatures, assign assignments, and build personalised onboarding packages.

People management is a key feature of Eddy; users have access to company directories and can store crucial employee files, performance notes, and training and certifications in employee profiles. Additionally, you can use their time tracking tool to easily clock in and out of employees’ shifts, create custom PTO policies, approve or deny requests, and manage payroll procedures using Eddy’s full-service payroll system, which supports multiple pay periods and handles end-of-year W-2 preparation, filing, and distribution.

Eddy offers a free demo and prices start at $8 per employee each month plus a $49 base cost.

Free trial

$8 per employee each month

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4. SAP SuccessFactors

Best EMS for enterprises

Advanced HR solutions, like the payroll management centre pictured above, are available in SAP SuccessFactor.
A configurable employee survey tool, role-based dashboards and reporting, custom impact reports, event-based triggers, and employee rewards programmes are all features of SAP SuccessFactor, an HR technology with an engagement focus.

The Value for Cost criterion gave SAP SuccessFactor an excellent rating. In addition to having a relatively low entrance price, the programme also offers a free trial, ensuring that potential consumers only pay for a tool they are familiar with.

The various modules they provide, which were formerly independent “add on” goods and which frequently still feel that way, have a little bit of a coherence problem. There may be additional menuing or log-ins as a result of the awkward meshing from one module item to the next.

With a free trial, SAP SuccessFactors has a starting price of $8 per user each month.

Free test

$8 per user each month

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5. Workday

Best for business & professional services companies

Track mobility, turnover, and other information.
Workday provides tools to attract and develop team members with features including head-count visualisation, financial trend analysis, and support for rules like probation and notice periods. Workday has employee management systems for medium- and large-sized organisations.

Workday has a sophisticated, simple UI design and is also very user-friendly. This resulted in their receiving favourable ratings in the evaluation criteria’s usability and UX categories.

Comparatively to other products in the industry, reporting capabilities are a little lacking. The tool also does a poor job of digesting equity data, particularly data related to vesting.

Pricing is available from Workday upon request.

Upon demand

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6. Leapsome

Best for people enablement & learning

Leapsome connects performance management, learning & development, and goal alignment with employee engagement.
Through a complete set of solutions centred on employee engagement, performance, and learning & development, Leapsome’s all-in-one platform assists businesses in enhancing their employee happiness. To give employees a voice during the feedback process, their performance review system contains contemporary components like 360 degree feedback, agile project evaluations, and anonymous leadership reviews. Additionally, goal-setting is effectively integrated into the system, ensuring that staff members constantly understand what is expected of them and how their goals fit into the overall scheme.

Their learning and development module can design learning routes using personalised curricula or carefully chosen external content from their own learning library to aid in employee upskilling. Short tests with a range of question types are another way to gauge the acquisition of knowledge. Additionally, its learning path dashboard makes it simple to keep track of internal enrollment figures, development status, and completion rates for specific employees or across the entire organisation.

Leapsome connects with more than 15 popular HR software programmes, such as Personio, BambooHR, Bob, Workday, Rippling, PayFit, ADP, Active Directory, SFTP, Okta, OneLogin, GSuite, Slack, Jira Software, Microsoft Teams, and popular calendar apps.

Leapsome starts at $8 per user per month. There is also a free demo and a 14-day trial available.

14-day no-risk trial

$8 per user each month

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7. Zenefits

Best for paperless employee onboarding

Zenefits’ self-onboarding function makes it simple for new hires to get started by instantly syncing their personal information with other system modules.
By combining essential HR tasks like payroll, benefits administration, and time-off tracking into a one platform, Zenefits’ HRIS platform eliminates common HR hassles. Additionally, modules for performance management, pay management, and several in-depth employee engagement tools are offered in their higher subscription tiers.

Their automated, entirely digital onboarding procedure supports employee self-onboarding, background checks, offer letters, and e-signatures. When new employees submit their personal information, benefits and payroll are instantly updated without the need for extra HR admin assistance. Mobile access to the platform makes it simple for new hires to come up to speed even before their first day on the job.

The 45+ programmes that Zenefits interfaces with include Google Suite, Office 365, Slack, Salesforce, Expensify, Bonusly, BetterWorks, and many more.

Zenefits starts at $8 per user per month. There is also a free demo and a 14-day trial available.

14-day no-risk trial

$8 per user each month

Visit Website.

8. Gusto

Best payroll service for international contractor-based teams

Gusto snapshot of the Top 10 HR Software For 2022
No matter where your staff is located, processing payroll is simple with Gusto’s full-service payroll service.
Gusto is a comprehensive HR solution with flexible pricing and features that can be used by teams of any size, from small enterprises with straightforward wage systems to sophisticated, international organisations. Their Core level primarily serves as a payroll system with features for hiring and onboarding, plus added assistance for benefits administration. At the Complete level, which includes team management tools, performance reviews, time-off management, and employee engagement elements, their platform really comes to life.

Gusto’s full-service payroll integrates an efficient AutoPilot feature to submit payroll even more quickly than most other systems, and it automatically files your company taxes with each payroll run. Instead of all employees living in the same location, a global workforce is becoming widespread in the age of work-from-anywhere. Gusto also has you covered because it facilitates payments to foreign contractors in more than 80 nations. Additionally, it includes a built-in device management tracking system that aids in inventory management, network access, and maintaining the security of your company’s data.

With more than 135 options, the list of integrations for Gusto is fairly extensive. Asana, Bonusly, ChartHop, DropBox, GitHub, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Sage Accounting, Salesforce, Shopify, Slack, Webex, Zipbooks, and Zoom are examples of options that are often utilised.

Gusto charges $39 per month in addition to $6 per employee every month. There is also a free trial period of 30 days.

thirty days of no cost

Starting at $6 per employee each month + a $39 base cost

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9. Saba

Best targeted employee development plans

Saba is an HR solution that has amassed over 33 million users to date and focuses on ways to lower attrition, optimise workforce organisation, set up succession planning, and develop the employer brand in a way that attracts top-notch talent

Saba performed well in the evaluation’s Usability area solely because of the abundance of training and learning tools they provide. They offer case studies, eBooks, templates, checklists, webinars, product tours, and How-Tos.

The navigating of software is not always simple. For instance, it may be perplexing that user data is divided between the User Center and the Appraisal Process in the backend.

Saba has a free demo and provides pricing upon request.

Free trial

Visit Website

10. Kissflow

Best project & task management for HR

Kissflow is a project management solution with a tonne of HR-focused features, including time tracking capabilities, a task activity stream, applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, leave requests, and attendance management.

The software excels in that sense, scoring well in terms of integration choices. There are numerous services that can be connected, including Quickbooks, Google Suite, Dropbox, DocuSign, WebMerge, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and others.

A few points were deducted because of the software’s price, which is quite excessive in comparison and can deter small-to-midsize businesses from trying it.

With a 14-day free trial, Kissflow has a monthly starting price of $360 for up to 30 customers.

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