Best Lyrics Apps (Android & iOS) to Learn The Lyrics of Your Favorite Song

You can now dance along to that song even if it’s not your style or preference. No, I’m not amazed! Yes, you can read the lyrics to any song very easy with the finest lyrics app. You can become a musical ace in your circle by doing this.

There is no denying that music has miraculous healing power. Any discomfort can be relieved by simply listening to some enjoyable music and singing along. With the greatest lyrics app, you can find out the exact wordings of your music.

Everything is now at our fingertips thanks to smartphones. We now have practically everything at our fingertips, from placing food orders to purchasing online, and from watching movies to listening to music.

Several fundamental aspects of our lives, including outdated music players and radios, have been supplanted by digitization. These days, you can listen to your favourite music while also reading the lyrics.

On your smartphone, some apps may provide music lyrics. Here is our selection of the top 13 lyrics apps for Android and iPhone.

With these lyrics applications, it’s really simple to hum your favourite song while listening to the lyrics. Find the app that is the best fit for you, then launch it.

The Top Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android

An thorough list of some of the top lyrics apps that are renowned for their outstanding lyrics services can be seen below. Let’s dive right in and discover these amazing lyrics applications for artists and vocalists, along with their features and advantages.

1. Lyrics Mania – Music Player


Cost: Free

All versions of Android, iOS 10.0 for the iPhone/iPad, and WatchOS 2.2 and later are compatible.

Lyrics Mania is ideal for you if you want to instantly connect with your song. One of the greatest apps for finding lyrics, it is very similar to Musixmatch.

Everything you could possibly want in an app available in Lyrics Mania. Two of its standout features are automated word capturing and music ID recognition.

Additionally, it has a Postcard function that enables users to annotate their photos with lyrics from songs.

Key characteristics:

It is simple to integrate with outside devices.

It offers a big database of lyrics.

It can support Music ID with ease.

Real-time lyrics are supported by Lyrics Mania.

Download App: Android and iOS

2. Shazam

Shazam - Best Lyrics Apps

Cost: Free

All versions of Android, iOS 12.0, and WatchOS 5.0 and later are compatible.

Shazam is the next app on our list of the best free lyrics apps for Android in 2019. Millions of vocalists and music fans utilise it worldwide.

You can search for your song using its title and artist name, and you can receive the complete lyrics of your song with just one tap.

Main Advantages:

It provides lyrics apps offline and can instantly detect music.

Shazam can easily be synchronised with a variety of devices.

Additionally, you can utilise it to add music to your Spotify library.

Download App: Android and iOS

3. MusixMatch Lyrics

MusixMatch Lyrics

Price: Free, with in-app purchases available

Compatible with iOS 12.0 and later and Android 5.0.

The easiest approach to locate your music’s lyrics is using Musixmatch. It includes a sizable database that contains the lyrics to millions of songs.

Smooth functionality and compatibility with numerous music streaming services, including Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and others, are both features of Musixmatch.

Its user-friendly interface enables floating lyrics for the convenience of users.

Use this amazing lyrics app to translate the lyrics in real time and make your own custom phrases.

Important Offerings

It can swiftly translate music lyrics from one language to another.

Simply integrate it with your music services, such as Spotify, YouTube, etc.

It can also deliver notifications in real-time.

Download App: Android and iOS

4. Camena – Song Lyrics

Camena - Song Lyrics

Price:- $1.99

Compatible with iPad and iPhone

Camena is another top lyrics app that can allow you to view the lyrics of various songs. Using a swiping mechanism, it operates. It offers a left swipe to access another song, and a right swipe to view the calendar of events, the bios of the artists, and other helpful information.

Utilize this versatile tool to view your favourite musical compositions and share them via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

5. Genius – Song Lyrics & More

Genius - Song Lyrics & More

Cost: Free

Compatible with all versions of Android and iOS 13.0 and higher


Music lovers are blessed by genius. It merits a guaranteed spot on the list of top lyrics apps due to its exceptional features.

It contains a huge range of features and is compatible with the majority of music players, including:

a lengthy collection of about 1.7 million songs.

All external devices can be readily integrated with it.

It features authenticated content from a range of creators and performers.

Every song’s lyrics are positioned correctly.

Download App: Android and iOS

6. Lyrics Grabber

Lyrics Grabber

Cost: Free

Available on: Android

Lyrics Grabber is renowned for its high-end features and ease of use. It is regarded as one of the most committed and focused apps because it stays away from tripping over many capabilities.

Unlike other lyrics apps, it solely concentrates on doing its intended app efficiently and effectively, resulting in simple navigation.

a compact tool

The lyrics are supported offline.

Interface that is clear and simple to use.

You can have it automatically download the lyrics to a variety of songs.

7. Quick Lyrics

Quick Lyrics

Price: Free, with in-app purchases available

Android 4.2 and later is compatible.

This app’s overall functionality fully matches its name. This is due to the fact that Quick Lyrics works well in an offline environment and displays the lyrics as soon as any song is played.

It allows you to look for lyrics in 12 different languages, which are then shown in a floating window. Those who prefer split-window displays might choose this option if they dislike floating displays.

Enjoy your favourite song with the top Android lyrics app.

Download App: Android

8. Lyrics Library

Lyrics Library

Cost: Free

Supports Android 4.1 and later.

With this one-stop shop, you may look up and download the lyrics to your favourite song. Additionally, it allows you to write, modify, store, read, and share song lyrics.

The song lyrics can be easily overlaid with musical chords using Lyrics Library.

Additionally, it provides the music break for you.

Depending on the kind of lyrics, you can arrange the songs in several folders.

Download App: Android

9. Lyricsmint – Hindi Songs Lyrics

Lyricsmint - Hindi Songs Lyrics

Hindi Song Lyrics at LyricsMint

Cost: Free

Available on: Android

Use this top lyrics app to browse the lyrics of various songs. In addition to the most recent Bollywood songs, you may utilise it for obscure album tracks.

Lyricsmint supports fuzzy search, so it may ignore any spelling errors when looking for the lyrics to your song. It is a simple software to use.

Download App: Android

10. ALSong – Music Player & Lyrics

ALSong - Music Player & Lyrics

Cost: Free

Android 6.0 and later is compatible.

ALSong is the next app in our list of lyrics applications. You can sync lyrics that are displayed even on a locked screen using this amazing app.

It supports numerous files, and its vast song dictionary is continually updated. Floating lyrics and notification window controls are also supported by AlSongs.

Download App: Android

11. My Lyric Book

My Lyric Book

Cost: Rs 249

Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later

My Lyric Book is the best lyrics app for the iPhone, so stop searching further. It was created with you in mind. It allows you to submit, edit, and store lyrics for a variety of music. The one limitation of this fantastic app is that since it lacks any words, it can only display the lyrics of songs that you have previously submitted.

The ideal lyrics app for musicians and singers is this one.

Download App: iOS


Cost: Free

Android 5.0 or later is required.

Lyric Wikia, which is The UI of Lyrically is simple to use and easy to read. Every time you play a song from the external media, it operates on a simple mechanism and displays the song’s title. The lyrics button is highlighted on the main screen when the lyrics are accessible.

You can access the entire song text for this button with only one click.

Download App: Android

13. Karaoke


IOS 10.0 or later and Android 5.0 or later are required.

The Best Free Karaoke Software for Windows and Mac, Continue Reading

Karaoke is the last item on our list of the top apps for lyrics. This app’s main goal is to make it easier for singers to follow along with the music. Additionally, it has outstanding audio and video effects.

It allows users to share live performances and to listen to song translations in other languages. French, Latin, Pop, Hip-Hop, and other musical genres are supported through karaoke.

Download App: Android and iOS

Recognize Your Favorite Song’s Lyrics With the Best Lyrics App

There are some of the most amazing and unbeatable lyrics applications available for iPhones and Android devices. We have provided a selection of the top lyrics apps in this article so that you may quickly learn the lyrics to your favourite songs. Look over our list and choose one carefully for yourself.

For a far better musical experience, use lyrics applications to get the lyrics and comprehend the songs.

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