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While the majority of the time text messages are really helpful, there are situations when you don’t have time to type a message and calling someone is much more practical. The next best option is to leave a voicemail if they cannot be contacted or are not available to answer the phone.

Voicemail is a straightforward and extremely helpful tool, but it also has a cost. Fortunately, voicemail applications have been produced by app developers that capitalised on the popularity of smartphones. Users can download and test out these apps. There are some of them that charge a price or need a subscription from consumers, but there are others that provide this service without charge.

How do free voicemail applications operate?
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The idea behind free voice call and texting apps is the same. By employing VoIP to send and receive voicemails, they enable users to send voicemails over the Internet. Remember that these apps will use your data plan and WiFi connection, and they have a tendency to easily deplete your traffic. However, these free voicemail apps will be quite helpful if you have wireless Internet at home and you want to save some money.

Users may download a variety of free voicemail apps in the past. Today, though, fewer services need users to pay monthly subscription fees, thus that number has dropped. Users are left unsure of which free voicemail software they may use because some have been taken over by larger corporations. We’ll try to clarify the situation and assist you in locating a reliable voicemail service that will enable you to contact your pals.

Free cross platform voicemail apps

These apps will be ideal if you have many devices or if your family includes multiple platform gadgets. They are compatible with a wider range of mobile operating systems and may be used with virtually any mobile device that has an Internet connection.


Anyone can phone, text, or leave voicemails with Pinger’s global service. It’s an excellent way to stay in touch with pals online thanks to its straightforward user interface and excellent mobile operating system integration. It is also carrier-free because it uses the Internet to communicate, but users will need to have a reliable data plan and a consistent Internet connection.

Available for Android and iOS

Fusion Voicemail

Free voicemail apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia, and Symbian are available at Fusion Voicemail (2)

Fusion Voicemail’s user interface may not be as aesthetically pleasing as that of other services, but it more than makes up for it in terms of functionality.

The service needs users to download the app for their mobile device after creating a web account (take caution as there are both free and premium versions). The application is compatible with all carriers and supports the majority of popular operating systems.

Available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone

YouMail Visual Voicemail

One of the most well-known free voicemail systems in the world is YouMail Visual Voicemail. Due to the fact that its services are free to use, its user base, which numbers in the thousands, is expanding. Users don’t want to fuss with complicated menus and challenging setups, thus the app’s appealing user interface and usability are crucial elements. YouMail can also be used to stop bothersome incoming calls.

Available for Android and iOS

Libon – free calls & Voicemail

In that it has a large user base and a nice user experience, Libon is very similar to YouMail. The software was initially only accessible to iOS users, but due to its popularity, an Android version was later created. The voicemail transcript feature, which listens to voicemails and emails you a copy in text format, is one of its most popular services. This capability is available on other apps as well, although largely for communications in English.

Available for Android and iOS

HulloMail Free SmartVoicemail

A lot of excellent reviews and media attention have been given to the widely used voicemail service Hullomail. Hullomail gives you the opportunity to share or respond to voicemails in addition to letting you listen to them. Additionally, it transfers your voicemail to the Cloud so you can manage messages from a computer or other device.

Available for Android, iOS and Blackberry

Free Voicemail Apps for Android

Many people have utilised these specialised Android apps, and most of them are very happy with the outcomes. These may be what you need if you are having issues with cross-platform apps.

Google Voice GCI VVM Free Voicemail Apps for iOS, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Phone, and Free Voicemail Apps for Symbian Bada (1)

Free Voicemail Apps for iOS

free-voice-mail-apps-android-iphone-blackberry-windows-phone-nokia-symbian-bada (1)

With these specialised iOS apps, iPhone users can send and receive voicemails or manage them. Many customers choose the more well-known services over those offered in the cross-platform free voicemail apps, although other users may prefer these apps.

Via voicemail only
Voicemail Viewer (Home) Line2 for AT&T
These may be useful if you’re seeking for free voicemail applications. However, be on the lookout for any potential hidden fees. If you want to send voicemails for free, you will need to be willing to make some sacrifices. Some applications may initially be free, but they may thereafter require you to pay a monthly subscription fee or they may only offer a small number of functions. Additionally, if you use a free voicemail app that isn’t included here, let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to look it up.

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