Best Shareit Alternative for PC in 2021 – Instant Transfer Files

When it comes to sharing files from one PC to another, SHAREit is a free and reliable solution. Since the software is compatible with the majority of operating systems, anyone can quickly download and use it. Other than just sticking with the slow, basic, and default selections. The software is a fantastic option for sharing, but if you want to explore more features than just file sharing, you can check for SHAREit-like PC applications.

We have taken note of your feedback and have provided the finest alternative for you to use for a variety of other purposes outside file sharing. So without further ado, let’s look at the list of software and what they have to offer.

In 2021, the Top SHAREit Alternatives for PC

Check out the full features and offerings the SHAREit for PC alternatives listed below.

1. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is the first option on our list of SHAREit alternatives for Windows. As one of the most popular downloads for easily sharing files and folders, the software is a fierce software. The software makes it simple to exchange all kinds of important items, including music, documents, pictures, and movies. It offers you a function that you can use to software-protect all of your files, unlike other file-sharing softwares. Only the sender and receiver can open the files because they can only be accessed after the passcode has been correctly entered.


The software makes advantage of Wi-Fi direct to facilitate quick and simple transfers.

It has a protected protocol for file transfers.

An integrated audio and video player is provided for previewing files prior to sharing.

The software provides a URL that can be shared and is good for 48 hours.

This software enables file sharing between mobile devices and personal computers.


Numerous permission requests from the software can be irksome.

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2. SuperBeam


This software is extremely quick when it comes to sharing files, as the name would imply. Its speed has enabled it to move up to the second spot on our list of SHAREit-like PC softwares. In contrast to other software, which requires pairing devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct, this software works incredibly smoothly and makes it simple to connect devices using QR codes or NFC. The fact that you don’t need to download the software makes this SHAREit for PC alternative the finest. You can continue using the web interface to transfer files and free up disc space on your PC.

All transfers are tracked, and you can review them all in the history. Aside from this, it supports all file types, including documents, APKs, music, and video. SuperBeam makes file sharing quick and simple, regardless of file size.


The usual transmission speed is 20–40 Mbps, however depending on the equipment, it can reach 75 Mbps.

The software is compatible with all Windows and Android versions.

The theme can easily be chosen based on comfort.

The free version also allows for file transfers.


There are many commercials in the free version, which can be annoying.

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3. ShareAll


ShareAll comes next on our list of SHAREit PC alternatives. It is excellent software because it makes it simple to share all of your stuff, including documents, APKs, music, and photos. You may share all of your files within minutes thanks to the software’s 300 times faster speed than the typical Bluetooth transmission.

The nicest aspect is that you can share files even if you are not online. The software offers password protection in addition to keeping your files secure. There are numerous other factors besides this that could aid in your comprehension of value. For details, see the pros section.


The software offers a very user-friendly interface that anyone may customise.

You can quickly and conveniently share files.

It supports multiple languages.

Using ShareAll, you may update software and remove garbage.


The software includes potentially intrusive advertising.

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4. Xender


One of the most popular SHAREit alternatives for PC is Xender. The software doesn’t need much from your PC because it works with the majority of PC and mobile versions. With Xender, you can quickly transfer files including photos, music, movies, and documents. The software operates incredibly quickly, allowing you to share files right away. Since its 2015 release, the software has received several updates to aid users in having a better user experience.


A quick and simple method for sharing files

Software that can be used without paying anything extra is available.

You have no restrictions on sharing.

Additionally, the software allows for cross-platform transfer.


For the first time, getting used to the application’s interface can be challenging.

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5. Zapya


Another softwarelike SHAREit for PCs is Zapya. The software may not be as well-known as some others, but it excels in file sharing in large quantities. Instead of only sharing file sharing, the software provides the unique ability to quickly share large numbers of files. Regardless of the file size, sharing them with any device is simple. Most mobile and PC versions are compatible with Zapya.

When using a mobile phone, the software connects to other devices via shaking movements, after which you may choose which files to share. Transferring files involves just two easy actions.


Sharing is carried out 128 times faster than with Bluetooth.

It works with compatible Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac versions.

All of your data can be readily shared at once.

You receive a number of motions that can be utilised as pairing shortcuts.


Superior transfer speeds are provided by rivals.

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6. AirDroid


A wonderful SHAREit substitute for the PC is AirDroid, which provides options for remote, personal, and business access. With the help of the software, you can quickly access your mobile device and carry out a number of operations from just your PC. Since the software is compatible with all operating systems, sharing files is also on the task list. From one device to another, you can quickly and effortlessly transfer files. You can use AirDroid Web to distribute files without having to install any additional software.


It provides answers to all of your issues.

Sharing files of all extensions is simple.

You may manage your mobile device from a computer.


The free version’s features are limited.

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7. Feem


Feem is the following SHAREit substitute for Windows. Without a network, server, or any restrictions, the software makes file sharing simple. Even while the software’s performance isn’t as quick as that of its rivals, it can nevertheless be faster than Bluetooth. Compared to Bluetooth, the transmission speed is 50X faster, and sharing requires no additional connections or servers. The best aspect is that you may stop and start the transfer whenever you like, from any location. That is not restricted by the software.


All devices and operating systems are compatible with the software.

Since Feem encrypts all of your shared files before sharing, they are all secure.

You are permitted to send as many files as you like.

There is a built-in chat feature in the software that lets you converse and share links and other information.


Speed is slower compared to other SHAREit-like PC applications.

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8. Instashare


Whether you’re new to file sharing or have been doing it for a while, Instashare is a terrific software for all users. The software offers a very user-friendly interface that is simple to comprehend and utilise. Regardless matter the type, sharing files is simple. Music, audio, PDF documents, and other media kinds can all be shared with ease.


This SHAREit for PC alternative is open source and doesn’t call for registration.

Any file extension with any restriction can be shared

The software provides a safe transmission across devices without making a cloud copy.

It is also compatible with earlier PC versions.


You must pay for and purchase this software in order to use it.

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9. Windows Nearby Sharing

Windows Nearby Sharing

Windows Nearby Sharing comes in last on our list of the top SHAREit alternatives for PC. All new Windows users automatically receive this tool. You can easily exchange files with other Windows PCs by using the software. It functions similarly to all the other SHAREit for PC alternatives. Nevertheless, since this is a Windows software, I doubt you’d find it on a smartphone. Both of the devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi sharing in order to share using this tool.


Without without using any software, you can share all of your files.

More effectively than Bluetooth are the sharing technologies.

Windows and sharing Nearby The act of sharing is really simple, and everyone can do it.


To utilise this software, Windows 10 is required.

You are unable to share files with other devices using this tool.

10. File By Google (Mobile)

File By Google (Mobile)

The most reputable and well-known brand when it comes to software and applications for PCs and mobile devices is Google. We have an entry from Google in the list of software similar to SHAREit for PC. A wonderful software for sharing and receiving files is called Google File. You may quickly transfer data from different domains, such as videos, music, applications, and documents, by using the software. You don’t need to have a sharing internet connection to share files; it functions just fine without it as well.

The absence of advertisements and other distractions makes this SHAREit alternative for PC the best. It keeps all of your files and folders organised so you can quickly find them when you need them.


Without the internet, the software runs without a hitch.

The maximum transfer speed is 480 Mbps, which is really quick.

For security, all shared files are encrypted.

You learn the estimated cost, the remaining time, and the magnitude of the transfer.


Mobile devices are the only ones that can use the software.

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The top alternatives for SHAREit in 2021

After sharing the list of the top SHAREit alternatives for PC, you should be able to quickly identify the finest alternative and start using it to share all of your data. Each piece of software on our list has a unique set of features and services that may be of interest to you. The final piece of software on our list is only accessible via mobile devices, although PC compatibility is anticipated soon. Please leave your comments if you have any ideas for improving the article. We’d be thrilled to hear from you.

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