Best iPhone Live Wallpaper Apps in 2022 (Free and Paid)

There’s no denying that live wallpaper on your iPhone screen adds beauty to the screen. With the help of this function, your iPhone comes to life in the form of animated photos and movies. The majority of iPhones used to come with this function pre-installed, but now days you have to download one of the top live wallpaper applications for iPhone to use it.

iPhone live wallpaper apps

2015 saw the debut of live wallpapers with the release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. These live wallpapers primarily serve to make use of the 3D Touch technology present in iPhone models from the iPhone 6s to the XS Max.

Additionally, because an AMOLED panel shows colours clearly and vividly, live wallpapers perform best on them. Furthermore, because this style of display has no additional lighting, Live Wallpaper doesn’t use a lot of battery.

Evolution of live wallpaper for iPhone

As was already noted, live wallpapers were formerly connected with the iPhone’s 3D Touch capability to animate images/wallpapers. But in 2018, Apple stopped supporting this function in favour of Haptic Touch or the so-called Long Press gesture.

This new feature, which permits the usage of live wallpaper apps for the iPhone, is supported by the majority of the current iPhone models. There are tens of thousands of live wallpaper apps accessible, however the ones we are mentioning differ from one another in terms of features and price.

The best live wallpaper apps for iPhones will be discussed in this article.

What are the best live wallpaper apps for iPhone?

1. Live Wallpaper Now

Live Wallpapers Now is currently one of the best live wallpaper apps for the iPhone when it comes to selecting a lovely live wallpaper. To make your screen look stunning and colourful, the software includes a selection of backdrops and features that may be customised. You can modify your wallpaper’s colour and effect using this app.

Best live wallpaper apps for iPhone

Best iPhone live wallpaper applications
Only 3D Touch smartphones are compatible with Live Wallpaper Now. You’ll have to settle for a static wallpaper if your iPhone doesn’t support it. Depending on how deeply you want to investigate this application, there is also a free and a paid edition. A colour customising tool, over 500 live wallpapers, a live wallpaper builder, fantastic widgets, and exclusive 4K quality are all provided by Live Wallpaper.

2. Everpix Cool Live Wallpaper 4K

Best live wallpaper apps for iPhone

With a sizable and outstanding selection of live wallpapers, Everpix is one of the best iPhone live wallpaper apps. With the help of this app, you can design a live wallpaper specifically for your iPhone so that you may choose what appears on the screen. Since the live wallpaper is free, you are not need to pay anything for these fundamental capabilities, but upgrading to the premium package will grant you access to other amazing backdrops and features.

A live wallpaper app called Everpix has collections for cars, the outdoors, sports, animals, and more. Additionally, there are always wonderful new live wallpapers to select from. You’ll need up to 4 GB of free space on your device to use this programme without any issues—not for downloading, but for easier accessibility.

3. Zedge

Live Wallpaper apps for iPhone

With over 30 million users, this live wallpaper iPhone app has been giving its users high-quality backgrounds for a while. You can choose from a variety of live wallpapers there, from conceptual to fantastical.

However, the majority of these live wallpapers must be purchased with Zedge credits and are not entirely free. Prior to purchasing credits with your money, you receive ten free credits that can be used to purchase wallpaper. However, the cost of these credits is not high, and you get value for your money. The app includes well-organized app icons and ringtones and supports NFTs.

Price: $0.99 for 500 credits.

4. Live Wallpaper for Me

Live Wallpaper app for iPhone

If you want a well-organized wallpaper library with a range of genres like abstract, realistic, and even textured wallpapers, Live Wallpaper for Me is the best option. This app allows you to customise Live Wallpaper using images and videos from a variety of sources, including Google, the app, and your personal video library.

Though some live wallpapers are of lower quality, the majority of them feature 4K resolution. This app works flawlessly on the iPhone and takes up very little space in your app store. The only issue with this software is the 5-second advertisements that practically always appear when you launch it. This can be avoided if you subscribe to a premium service.

5. Black Lite – Live wallpaper

Best live wallpaper apps for iPhone

To improve the appearance of your iPhone, this live wallpaper app for iPhone offers a selection of distinctive wallpaper themes. Although there is a commercial edition of the software, it also has a lot of amazing wallpapers in the free version. As the name suggests, it offers wallpapers with a dark tone.

The programme comes with more than 30 live wallpapers, and each iPhone model has its own collection. The lack of animation in this app unless you press the screen is a drawback.

6. WOW pixel

Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

If you enjoy vintage images, WOW might be the best live wallpaper iPhone app for you. The 4D Wallpaper software offers a huge selection of wallpapers that are categorised into many groups, including abstracts, animals, trends, and more.

High-resolution images from your phone can be easily uploaded to the app. The free version is adequate, but if you like, you can upgrade to the paid version. Additionally, there is always a chance to choose a WOW Pixel Wallpaper collection that matches your mood. The best part is the aesthetic that this wallpaper software produces.

7. Live Wallpaper Maker

Live wallpaper apps for iPhone

With this function, this app offers premium live wallpapers for iPhones. You may make live wallpapers using this simple-to-use software and your photos. Additionally, Live Wallpaper Maker will let you use inspiring quotes and sayings as live wallpapers for motivational displays.

This iPhone live wallpaper app comes with gorgeous app icons, themes, and widgets to enhance the awesomeness of your screen. You can edit or modify your live wallpapers using the free video editor that is included with the program. The wallpaper collection offers a wide variety of free HD and 4K wallpapers.

8. Intolife

Best live wallpaper apps for iPhone

For those who prefer to have total control over the appearance of their screen, this is another fantastic wallpaper programme. The live wallpaper can be created using videos and GIFs. You may easily explore this feature in a matter of seconds.

Only iPhone devices, starting with the iPhone 6s and going up to the iPhone 13 series, are compatible with this live wallpaper. There is also a premium edition, which is only $4.99, and a free version.

How to use native live wallpaper on iPhone

Live wallpapers can be used on your iPhone without the need to download and set up third-party applications. The iPhone comes with this capability pre-installed, and it functions well. Learn how to enable it on your iPhone here:

  • Access Settings.
  • Choose a new wallpaper by clicking Wallpaper.Live Wallpaper apps for iPhone
  • IPhone live wallpaper applications
  • Next, tap Live and choose your preferred wallpaper.IPhone live wallpaper apps
  • Apps for iPhone live wallpaper
  • To enable the live wallpaper of your choice, click Set on the resulting page and then adhere to the other offers.
  • IPhone live wallpaper setting
  • With no need to download any apps, this will enable your choice live wallpaper on your iPhone home screen.set live wallpaper on iphone

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