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Most Popular Bluetooth Hacking Software to Hack Mobile Phones

We are all familiar with the word  hacking  and the drawbacks that anyone might experience when it is utilised improperly. Before, hacking was only possible on computers or computer networks, but as technology advanced, this field expanded, and now mobile phones, particularly multimedia phones, are more vulnerable to hacking. On the internet, there are many hacks and pieces of software that may be used to access any multimedia phone. I’ve only covered Bluetooth hacking software in this post. These programs are incredibly effective and can break into any Bluetooth-enabled gadget without the user’s awareness.

7 Most Popular Bluetooth Hacking Software to Hack Mobile Phones - mobilehack

The Top 7 Bluetooth Hacking Applications for Cell Phones

So here comes the list of useful Bluetooth hacking software.

1. Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08

This app allows you to control and read data from a distant phone using Bluetooth or infrared. SMS and phone book data can be saved in HTML format. It will also show information on the battery, network, and SIM card.

2. Blue Scanner

One can use Blue Scanner to spy on people who are close by as it looks for Bluetooth-enabled devices and tries to gather as much information as it can from each one as it is found.

3. Blue Sniff

BlueSniff is a straightforward tool for locating Bluetooth-enabled devices that are both discoverable and concealed. It uses Linux to run.

4. BlueBugger

This merely takes advantage of the Bluetooth-enabled devices’ BlueBug vulnerability (the name of a collection of security flaws in Bluetooth). One can access the device’s phone book, call logs, and other data by taking advantage of these vulnerabilities.

5. BTBrowser

A J2ME program called BT Browser allows users to browse and investigate the technical details of nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices. The details of each device, including all supported profiles and service records, can be browsed.

6. BTCrawler

A scanner for Windows Mobile-based smartphones is called BT Crawler. It searches for nearby devices and runs service checks. Attacks like Bluejacking and BlueSnarfing are used.

7. BlueSnarfing

With the aid of the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone hacking technique known as “bluesnarfing,” you can copy all of the phone’s data, including the contact book, etc. By using this programme, you offer hackers complete access to your phone and the ability to send you a “corruption code” that will render your phone useless.

Disclaimer: I’ve merely described these programs here for your information and knowledge. All users of multimedia phones are advised to turn off their Bluetooth, and we disclaim any liability if damage is caused.

Please share your opinions about Bluetooth hacking in the space provided below.

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