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10 Best Habit Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Have you ever questioned why it’s crucial to monitor your habits? The basic solution is that some behaviours can harm your health. You can spot patterns and learn what motivates your poor behaviours by tracking your behaviour. In this manner, you can alter your habits before they become a problem.

best habit tracker apps
Apps that track your habits are a useful method to monitor and segment your everyday activities. A habit monitoring software, for instance, will send you scheduled notifications and inspirational phrases to help you stay accountable if you want to quit procrastinating. To make sure you stay on top of your game, they let you know when you have been lax or have not followed your plan.

Let’s review some fundamentals prior to looking at the top habit-tracking applications.

What are the Benefits of Habit Tracking?

The advantages of habit monitoring are numerous and can benefit you in many aspects of your life. The following are some advantages of habit tracking:

  • keeps you motivated and centred while you work for your objectives
  • helps you develop a stronger work ethic
  • Enhances your quality of life Aids in keeping you organised and aware of your progress
  • keeps you focused on your objectives

How to Choose the Best Habit Tracker App?

There are a few factors you should take into account while selecting a habit tracker app:

  • You should receive notifications from the app to be reminded of your routines.
  • The app should be portable and simple to use.
  • You should be able to customise the app to your needs.
  • You should be able to track your progress using the app’s variety of features.
  • Numerous devices should be able to use the app.
  • Apps should sync with one another.

Best Habit Tracker Apps [Free and Paid]

Tired of using paper diaries and spreadsheets to keep track of your everyday activities? Then you ought to look at our selection of the top habit tracking apps currently in circulation.

1. Fabulous Daily Routine Planner

best habit tracker app - fabulous

With the use of behavioural science insights, Fabulous is a self-care and daily habit tracking software that enables you to create routines and habits that enable you to live your best life. Your Fabulous coach teaches you how to create routines that advance your objectives and put you in competition with others who have similar interests.

To keep you calm and focused, the app offers daily affirmations, breathing techniques, and meditations. With the app’s premium version, you can access topic-specific coaching series, an unlimited number of morning and nightly routine recommendations, and fresh routes to greater fitness, mental health, and self-care.

Key characteristics:
To keep track of your progress, use a goal tracker and to-do list.
Daily motivational coaching, quick workouts, and meditation sessions.
an appreciation journal where you can write your ideas.
Keep an eye on your mental health and take part in active community challenges.

PlatformsiOS (iPhone), Android

2. HabitBull

best habit tracking apps - habitbull

You can maintain organisation and develop healthy habits with the aid of the habit tracker Habitbull. The basic premise of Habit Bull is that if you can convince someone to maintain a habit, they will do so indefinitely. By creating a “chain” of habits, the app functions. Beginning with one behaviour, you add more until you develop a streak.

Once you’ve established your streak, HabitBull keeps track of how frequently you engage in each habit and notifies you if you’re on track. You are able to add more than five habits and sync your data across devices with a premium subscription, which is free for the first week.

Key Features:

Track numerous habits, routine tasks, or statistics in their own calendar.
For each habit, a streak counter and success rate.
Multiple reminders and flexible goals every day, every week, every month, only on particular days of the week, etc.
Widgets, cloud backup, sync across many devices, and Google Fit integration.

PlatformsiOS (iPhone), Android

3. Timecap

best habit tracker apps - timecap

Timecap is a strong and free habit-tracking tool that aids in the formation of positive habits and the reduction of negative ones. You can modify your habits to suit the objective you wish to pursue thanks to the user-friendly UI.

You can track your behaviours, add notes to each one, and review your results. You can completely concentrate on forming new habits thanks to the absence of adverts and other distractions in our free habit tracking software. You have access to every feature of the app while using the premium version.

Key characteristics:
Select from a variety of personalization options, including dark mode, vibrant themes, emoticons, and font styles.
Make use of the built-in calendar, graphs, and charts to analyse your progress.
Utilize a streak counter to keep track of your success rate or your streaks.
Data synchronisation between iOS and Android smartphones.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android

4. Habit

best habit tracking apps - habit

Only available on iOS, the free Habit app assists you in forming new habits or enhancing old ones. It tracks your development, notifies you when something needs to be done, and gives you vital information about your behaviours.

By sharing your accomplishments and supporting one another, you and your pals can create habits together. Habit sends information to Habit via the API after reading information from your Apple Health app, such as step count, distance travelled, etc.

Key characteristics:
Collective tendencies to compare and compete with friends
Strong statistics with thorough data and a special annual view that combines daily results
A attention timer, location reminders, repeated reminders, and customizable reminder sounds
across iOS devices, cloud backup, and a security lock to safeguard your privacy

PlatformsiOS (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch)

5. Habitify

best habit tracker apps - habitify

You may create habits that last with the aid of Habitify, a straightforward habit monitoring application. You may share your habits with friends and family, measure your progress, and set up automatic reminders.

You may track goals for each task and divide your work into manageable segments. When it’s time to finish your daily activities, the app notifies you and gives you streaks as a reward. Infinite reminders, habits, check-ins, timers, skips, reflection notes, and privacy restrictions are available in Habitify’s premium version.

Key Features:

Organize, manage, skip, and collect statistics on behaviours are the main features.
Personalized habit and habit area displays, as well as a daily schedule planner.
A thorough progress monitor that includes trends, completion rates, a calendar, etc.
Make preparations for creating new habits by analysing your current good behaviours and taking note of them.

PlatformsiOS (iPhone/iPad/Mac/Apple Watch), Android

6. Loop Habit Tracker

habit trackers - loop

Using the free programme Loop, you may create and uphold lifelong healthy behaviours. You may monitor your development and observe how your routines change over time. You may use Loop to set goals and reminders, as well as to get alerts when you break a habit or achieve a goal.

Loop is open source, free of advertisements, and offers a simple user interface. You don’t need a premium subscription because the free app comes with all the functionality.

Key characteristics:
Don’t lose progress if you break a streak; instead, get a habit score based on successful streaks.
You can add widgets, make customizable schedules, and analyse in-depth graphs and data.
Any habit can be reviewed, rejected, or snoozed right in the notice.
Does not require registration, operates offline, and does not sell your info.


7. Habit Hunter

habit tracking apps - habit hunter

Having problems using a typical app to track your habits? Any habit or objective can be transformed into an authentic RPG game with Habit Hunter. You are encouraged to maintain your routines throughout the day without getting bored thanks to its innovative gamification technique.

Ads are present in the app’s free edition. Through in-app purchases, you can get rid of them and obtain extra coins.

Key characteristics:
Divide more ambitious goals into more manageable milestones or to-do lists.
View the to-do list and daily agenda, and set intelligent reminders for each item.
By taking on monsters and receiving prizes together, you can develop habits with friends and family.
To get rewards, complete activities and level up your hero.

PlatformsiOS (iPhone/iPad), Android

8. Quitzilla

best habit tracker app - quitzilla

Using the straightforward app Quitzilla, you may stop undesirable habits and make great changes in your life. Quitzilla can assist you if you’re having trouble quitting drinking, smoking, or any other addiction.

More personalization choices and addictions to track are unlocked by purchasing a premium subscription to Quitzilla.

Key characteristics:
Track your struggles with addiction and obtain informative statistics.
Track your days of sobriety with a sobriety counter.
To track behaviours and maintain focus, there is an inspiration tab with daily quotes.
Rewards for money saved, such as a weekly $100 prize if you bet $100 every week but refrain from gambling for a week.

PlatformsiOS (iPhone), Android

9. Avocation

habit tracker app - avocation

An offline habit tracking app with no registration is called Avocation. Avocation enables you to schedule your day, establish routines, and organise your everyday activities. To show how far you’ve come, tap the habit circle after finishing a task or habit.

You have access to limitless courses, up to five habits, personalised reminders, etc. in the app’s free version. Custom habit colours, an infinite number of habits and reminders, and more karma points are all included with the premium membership.

Key characteristics:
Establish routines, then watch your plant baby develop.
Get notifications that are specific to you when you finish a habit or attain a goal.
With multiple habit colours, icons, and routines, you may personalise your experience.
You can assess your goals with Avocoach, learn about the science of habit building, and more.

PlatformsiOS (iPhone), Android

10. HabitShare

You can share your habits with friends using the social habit tracking software HabitShare to increase motivation and accountability. You can disclose some or all of your habits to a chosen circle of loved ones.

You can use HabitShare alone or with others by sending out invitations. They are able to follow your development and cheer you on. They can also send you amusing GIFs and inspirational texts to keep you motivated.

HabitShare does not require a premium subscription and is totally free.

Key characteristics:
Set daily and weekly objectives.
Create charts, add notes, and let relatives and friends know about your behaviours.
Organize reminders and monitor your development over time.
Monitor your behaviour across many devices
Platforms: Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad)

What are some common mistakes people make when tracking their habits?

When tracking their habits, people frequently make the following errors:

lacking a particular app that works for them
without comprehending what drives them
relying on external responsibility
omitting to uninstall the apps
Not everyone will find a habit tracker app useful. Finding an app that fits your requirements and personality is crucial.

For instance, some people require greater motivation than others in order to maintain their goals. The “The Four Tendencies” author Gretchen Rubin suggests keeping track of habits by noting three good deeds and one bad deed each day. This keeps you accountable and raises your awareness of your development.

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