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Watch UEFA Euro Online for Free

The opening match of the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament, which is likely the greatest event of the year and will be played in France, will feature the host nation vs Romania. The 15th UEFA Euro will take place from June 10 to July 10, 2016, and will include 24 teams in total, an increase from the previous year’s 16 teams.



While some of you may be occupied watching the Copa America games, everyone else should enjoy some of the highest calibre football at Euro 2016. The UEFA Euro 2016 will be live streamed in more than 200 nations, so there’s a good chance that your preferred sports TV station will show the matches. What about cord-cutters who wish to watch the 2016 Euros live online? You’re not completely out of luck, though. To learn more, keep reading.

Watch EURO 2016 Live Online for Free in US

All 51 games will be televised in the US on ESPN and ESPN 2. They also obtained the US live streaming rights for the 2016 European Championship. Sadly, in order to watch the EURO 2016 live stream, you must have a current ESPN cable subscription.

SlingTV is a good choice if all else fails. Your monthly subscription to SlingTV would only cost you $20 and include both ESPN and ESPN2. If you’ve never tried it before, you can even obtain a seven-day free trial. Check out the offers SlingTV is now doing with T-Mobile and other carriers. Android and iOS users can download the SlingTV app.

Continue reading to learn about yet another way to watch Euro 2016 live from the US.

Watch EURO 2016 Live Online for free in UK

It is interesting to note that in the UK, the longtime rivals BBC and ITV have decided to split the 51 games between them, from the group stages to the knockout rounds, with both broadcasters airing the Euro 2016 final. However, BBC and ITV are both FTA (Free to air) channels in the UK, unlike ESPN in the US. This makes them the ideal choice for practically everyone around the world to watch Euro 2016 live online for free.

You can thus visit ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer / BBC website to download the corresponding apps and watch the Euro 2016 live stream on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

If you’re not from the UK, keep reading to learn how you can still watch the Euro 2016 live stream on BBC and ITV.

How to Watch Euro 2016 Live Stream for Free from anywhere?

BBC One and ITV are two of the terrestrial channels that are included in the Filmon library. Just tested on Filmon, BBC One and ITV perform admirably in SD (yes, without paying a penny). There may be a little cost if you wish to live stream in HD.

If Filmon doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, there are some other options, although they’re not quite as simple. It entails utilising a  free VPN services . However, unstable and/or limited bandwidth free VPN services are known to exist. Therefore, we advise using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN or a specialised provider like Unlocator.

You can download BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub to stream free Euro 2016 matches once you have a VPN or Unlocator. Otherwise, you can watch the Euro 2016 matches live on these websites of European TV broadcasters by using the IP address of the appropriate nation.

RTE Ireland
NOS Netherlands
DR and TV2 Denmark

Sony Six and Sony ESPN have secured the exclusive rights in India. On your smartphones or tablets, you can download the Sony LIV app (for iOS or Android) and watch the Euro 2016 matches in real time.

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