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Is your current SIM based fleet tracking solution expensive? Do you wish to switch to a more cost-effective and inexpensive option? For effective tracking, adopt SIM based fleet tracking of your transportation and logistics fleet.

To ensure on-time package delivery, e-commerce businesses must actively monitor their product shipping fleets. Tracking also assists companies in dealing with difficulties such as vehicle theft, package theft, fuel theft, and vehicle breakdown.

However, existing SIM based fleet tracking is an expensive technology that requires extra gear and software. To solve this, various logistics technology firms have developed a more sustainable and cost-effective tracking system based on mobile SIM cards. Continue reading to learn about some of the greatest firms that provide SIM based Fleet tracking.

What Exactly Are SIM Trackers?

SIM trackers are tools or software that can determine the position of a SIM card by examining its network inputs and outputs. Depending on the intended use of tracking technology, the programme can be executed on a computer or a smartphone.

SIM trackers were originally designed to find someone’s whereabouts during an emergency or to locate a missing mobile phone. However, as SIM tracking technology has advanced, it has made its way into the shipping, logistics, and transportation industries.

Its operation is straightforward. The service provider assists you in tracking the signals of your delivery employees or vehicle drivers. If the motorist fills out the consent form given by the telecom service provider, you may follow their SIM or mobile device.

SIM based fleet tracking service providers now use a SIM tracking consent credit mechanism. You purchase tracking credit from your tracking service provider, who collaborates with telecom companies to collect tracking data.

The tracking provider will then process the tracking data and give it to you in readable and visual form via mobile or computer apps. These apps also offer tracking analytics data.

SIM trackers now not only locate the SIM’s location. These tools also provide a variety of additional services. SIM tracking, for example, may fuel your business with geofencing technology, delivering email or SMS notifications, requesting driver consent, analysing calls and messages, and optimising the delivery route.

SIM Based Fleet Tracking vs. GPS-Based Tracking

Until recently, GPS-based tracking of the vehicle fleet, transport trucks, and shipping containers has been the most sought-after service. SIM based fleet tracking is becoming more popular in the shipping, logistics, and car rental industries. Among the causes are:

#1. Setup fee

A GPS-based tracking system necessitates a one-time purchase of attachments, devices, and software. SIM based fleet tracking, on the other hand, requires no investment in software or hardware.

You only acquire tracking data by purchasing mobile tracking permission credit from the tracking provider. The vendor handles the telecom operator’s data processing.

#2. The Cost of Maintenance

GPS radio equipment requires upkeep, replacement when it fails, and repairs in addition to a one-time expenditure.

On the contrary, such operations for fleet tracking using SIM do not occur.

#3. Hardware Prerequisites

You’ll need cellphones for the drivers and GPS radios for the cars if you want to set up GPS-based fleet tracking.

SIM tracking, on the other hand, works on any mobile phone and does not require GPS radio gear. You simply need the car driver’s permission to track their whereabouts using their SIM.

Best SIM based Fleet Tracking Software Solution

You’ve learned a lot about SIM-based vehicle tracking systems so far. If you wish to switch to SIM based fleet tracking, now is the time to understand who the top service providers are. Here are some high-quality alternatives:

1. Fleetx


Due to advanced, delicate, and expensive equipment installation, vehicle tracking has long been confined to top-tier firms such as corporations and international carriers. Until recently, small, medium, and startup firms had to pay significant upfront and ongoing costs to obtain fleet tracking for their logistics and shipping operations.

With Fleetx arrival in the SIM-based asset monitoring area, the environment has shifted. It makes no difference whether you own the vehicle fleet or lease third-party cars for deliveries, as long as you subscribe to Fleetx’s credit-based system.

In addition to location, Fleetx’s technology provides trip management, delivery confirmation through OTP, delivery tracking, permission acknowledgement, and route optimization.



SIMON IoT provides Internet of Things (IoT) tracking services for a variety of businesses, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Fleet administration
  • Retail
  • Agriculture
  • Public transit is available.
  • manufacturing
  • Cities that are smart
  • construction

As a result, if you work in any of the businesses listed above, you should consider SIMON IoT for effective asset tracking. They provide SIM cards for tracking devices in addition to GPS-based tracking. Its SIM cards are IoT-enabled, making machine-to-machine communication more versatile and quick.

The fundamental limitation of IoT-based fleet tracking is a lack of data connectivity. If there is insufficient data coverage on the road, the tracking system may fail. SIMON IoT addresses this issue by collaborating with several tier-one telecom service providers to ensure that your fleet is always near you via intelligent monitoring.

3. VamoSys


VamoSys has operational, technology, communications, and data analytics capabilities. It will use its expertise in trucking and logistics to create a more sustainable, economical, and better fleet tracking system than today’s GPS-based solutions.

Vehicle tracking based on the SIM of the vehicle attendant or driver is one of its revolutionary tracking methods. The service contributes to business development by reducing various additional expenditures associated with GPS tracking.

Vehicle tracking may be used by any size logistics company using VamoSys’ SIM-based solution. It assists small and medium-sized enterprises in reducing the costs of package theft, vehicle theft, fuel theft, delivery delay fines, and so on.

The days of establishing contracts with outsourced drivers for GPS tracking are long gone. Furthermore, there is no need to compensate third-party drivers or car owners for GPS installation. Simply share the target mobile phone’s information with VamoSys to obtain superb, actionable tracking data.

It offers an in-house SIM tracking tool that works on the majority of feature phones and smartphones. VamoSys features FleetOS software for tracking shipments on the client side, which logistics owners may access via browsers, mobile devices, or desktops.

4. Aditi tracking

Aditi tracking

Aditi Tracking provides effective and unique SIM-based tracking to follow fleet activity in various places. It takes advantage of the geocoded location data flow from the car attendant’s or driver’s cellular network.

The technology was created by the corporation to monitor, locate, and track the everyday activities of your vehicle fleet. It accomplishes this without the need for a traditional GPS signal. To obtain monitoring data, the driver or delivery person must provide SIM tracking consent, which you may share with Aditi Tracking.

The SIM-based monitoring solution from Aditi Tracking is adaptable. It can readily adapt to the needs of diverse businesses such as public transportation, vehicle rental, logistics, healthcare, construction vehicle suppliers, and e-commerce.

It may be your best option for transportation monitoring because it offers pay-per-usage options, supports all types of mobile phones, requires no yearly commitments, has no installation fees, and is appropriate for outsourced cars.

5. FleetRobo


If you are seeking economical and effective fleet tracking, FleetRobo is another trusted and dependable source. Because its tracking method is based on SIM card activity, there are no additional upfront or ongoing charges.

The business has expanded on the existing SIM tracking technology to obtain more data from the target SIM. Because the target personnel will go through a permission approval procedure, the method will not infringe on anyone’s data privacy.

FleetRobo provides real-time tracking data, live alerts, and actionable insights by tracking vehicle attendants’ or truck drivers’ SIM signals. Its SIM-based tracking solution includes extra services such as shipment schedule management, delivery route management, trip management, and permission acknowledgement.

FleetRobo also has its own phone application, which is compatible with the majority of mobile phones. As a result, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the driver has a smartphone. Simply give the driver’s mobile phone information, such as the SIM number or IMEI, so that the seller can assist you with tracking data.

If your logistics business model employs third-party cars and drivers, you may still use FleetRobo’s tracking services because no software or hardware is required to be installed in the third-party vehicle. Simply request that the driver confirm tracking consent.

Final Thoughts

SIM-based vehicle or delivery driver tracking is becoming increasingly popular as it requires minimal financial investment. We’ve compiled a list of the finest ones to help you with your shipping, logistics, or automobile rental needs.

If you want to automate your shipping, logistics, and supply chain business, you should also consider these fine shipping APIs.

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