10 Best DNS Servers for Gaming in 2022


Looking for some of the “Best DNS Servers for Gaming” to enhance your gaming experience? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place because in this article, we’ll be talking about the 10 best DNS servers for gaming.

The distance between your machine and the server affects your in-game ping when playing online games.
DNS servers, on the other hand, can have an impact on the upload and download rates of your game, which has direct effect on your gaming experience.

But first, let’s take a look at what DNS servers actually are.

What exactly is a DNS Server?

DNS is an abbreviation of “Domain Name System”. People must remember domain names like and in order to access internet content because IP addresses are not accessible to humans.

Instead, web browsers use IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to communicate, and the DNS system converts domain names into IP addresses so that web pages may be loaded.

How does a DNS Work?

Domain names (like are translated into equivalent IP addresses by a DNS server (such as

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are comparable to our residential addresses. For example, if someone wishes to come see us, they must use the exact address. In the same way, if someone wants to access a specific website, they must use the right IP address of the server that hosts the page.

Top 10 Best DNS Servers for Gaming

These are some of the Best DNS Servers for Gaming to upgrade your game.

1. Google’s DNS server
googledns; Best DNS Servers for Gaming

Our first pick is Google’s DNS server. There are many DNS servers, but this is the largest and most popular of them all.

With billions of people worldwide relying on it as the best DNS for gaming, “Google DNS Server” has risen to the top of the list. Moreover, with its improved security and lag-free performance, Google DNS Server is a great addition to any browsing or gaming experience.

As a result, in order to make use of it, network administrators must use these IP addresses when configuring DNS on their systems.

  • Recommended DNS Server:
  • Substitutive DNS Server:

2. Cloudflare DNS

cloudfare; Best DNS Servers for Gaming

Cloudflare DNS comes second on the list, with a global coverage of 250 locations, in terms of gaming-friendly DNS servers.

Along with that, It is used by 10% of websites as a reverse proxy to protect servers from attacks and increase load-bearing power.

Also, if you’re a heavy gamer, this is a great option for your DNS server having following features.

  • Users are protected against DNS spoofing thanks to the built-in DNSSEC.
  • One of the world’s fastest DNS lookup speeds of 11megabits per second.
  • Additional security through an optional WARP app that creates a secure connection for your standard network

In addition, they offer round-the-clock help for any issue with their servers or troubleshooting of any kind.

  • Recommended DNS Server:
  • Substitutive DNS Server

3. OpenDNS

opendns; Best DNS Servers for Gaming

Open DNS is the third option on our list that we think is worth mentioning. Primarily, network devices are protected from harmful attacks by this cloud-based security system that is free to use.

Individuals can also avail two of the free solutions:

  • OpenDNS family shield
  • OpenDNS home

While, the major goal of this is to provide customers with a faster, more secure connection that is almost unaffected by outages or other problems. Lastly, gaming experience is really enjoyable and smooth as well.

To use this OpenDNS server, adjust your DNS settings to the IP addresses shown below.

  • Recommended DNS Server:
  • Substitutive DNS Server:

4. Comodo Secure DNScomodo

Most reliable DNS service is offered by Comodo Secure DNS, which is fourth on the list.  In general, It is the fastest and most dependable way to browse the internet. Speeding up your DNS is a certain way to improve your online gaming experience, and its very helpful.

So, for Comodo secure DNS, it requires that DNS settings be configured with the following IP addresses.

  • Recommended DNS Server:
  • Substitutive DNS Server:

5. Level3


We’ve ranked Level3 as the next most popular DNS service on this list.  After Google and OpenDNS, it is recognised as the best DNS service.

The following IP addresses must be entered into the Domain Name System settings in order to use this level3 DNS server.

  • Preferred DNS Server:
  • Alternative DNS server

6. Quad9 DNS

Quad9 provides a DNS with a built-in filter and monitor to keep an eye out for any malicious behaviour on the network.

Additionally, malware of any type can’t enter your device through the network tunnel using this DNS. In order to take action, it looks for malicious names from a centralised database and compares them to incoming packets.

This Swiss-based Quad9 foundation has over 150 DNS resolve clusters across 90 different countries, which reduces latency and maximises speed.

  • Recommended DNS Server:
  • Substitutive DNS Server:

7. OpenNic

opennic; Best DNS Servers for Gaming

There are a lot of DNS servers out there, but OpenNic could be the best alternative to your default DNS server.

Alongside, the nicest thing about it is that it will protect your laptop or computer from hackers and even from the government. It is safe to say that your personal information is protected to a very high level.

You can use it by setting your desired and substitutive DNS servers as given below:

  • Desired DNS Server:
  • Substitutive DNS Server:

8. DYN

In terms of providind speed and security to its users, DYN is no different from the other options mentioned on the list.

Moreover, while boosting your browsing experience, it also protects you from most phishing attacks and hackers.

Configure your preferred and alternative DNS servers as follow to benefit from it:

  • Recommended DNS Server:
  • Substitutive DNS Server:

9. SafeDNS

Individuals concerned about the security of their laptop or computer should use SafeDNS, a well-known DNS provider.

In order to benefit from this server, set up your preferred and backup DNS servers as follow:

  • Recommended DNS Serverr:
  • Substitutive DNS Server:


dns watch; Best DNS Servers for Gaming

In the end, but by no means least, we have, a free DNS server. It offers unrestricted, fast, and stable web browsing and that too, for free.

Hence,to get the most out of it, you’ll need to set up your DNS servers to as instructed below:

  • Preferred DNS Server:
  • Alternative DNS Server:

How to Change the DNS Server on Windows 10?

You don’t have to be a computer expert to change the DNS server on a Windows 10. If all the procedures are followed correctly, changing the DNS should take less than two minutes.


  1.  Go directly to the taskbar where Internet network icon can be found.
  2. A right-click on the Network icon brings up the option of Open Network and Internet Settings, select that option.
  3. Look for the Advanced network options section towards the bottom. Then click on the Network and Sharing Center icon. Network Settings window of Control Panel will open up.
  4. Select the Ethernet option in the section titled as View your Active Networks. For users which are connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network, WiFi (WiFiNetworkName) will be displayed.
  5. Afterwards, the Ethernet/Wi-Fi Status window will pop up. Access the properties listed in the lower Activity section by clicking on them directly.
  6. The Ethernet/Wi-Fi properties wizard is now ready and it will open up. Select internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IP) which is denoted by A. The properties button becomes available, as soon as you select that option. When you click on it, its properties will be displayed.
  7. Once you’re inside of IPv4 properties, direct your attention to the second section of the IPv4 properties and tick the check-box Use the following DNS addresses, as denoted by A there.

After that, you’ll be able to make changes to the Primary and Alternate DNS settings.
Both the primary and secondary DNS addresses for Google DNS were included.

After you’ve filled the DNS server addresses, be sure tick the box labelled as “Validate settings” when you’re exiting, as denoted by B.

Click the OK button, which is represented as C, to complete the process.

When you will close the settings, a troubleshooter will launch automatically to make sure your modifications haven’t caused any new problems.

How to Modify the DNS on a Router

Changing the DNS on each device is unnecessary if you have a large number of gaming devices requiring DNS. Because changing the router’s DNS settings is all that is required.

DNS settings are often accessible under Network > WAN, regardless of router or modem model.

How to Change the DNS Server on a Smartphone

To get the most out of your mobile gaming experience, you must have a connection that has a low ping and good upload/download speeds.

On your iOS and Android mobile devices, go to the DNS settings and make the necessary adjustments.

A. Modifying Android’s DNS Settings

Changing the DNS server on a smartphone is easier than on Windows. Connected Wi-Fi network settings need to be adjusted.

  1. Go to the settings bar, simply press and hold on the Wi-Fi icon to open the settings.
  2. Tap the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to, or the arrow next to it (depending on the Android phone). The network settings will open-up.
  3. Select Static by tapping on IP Settings menu, opposing to the default DHCP option.
  4. You’ll be able to see the DNS dialogue boxes now. DNS 1 is the primary server, and DNS 2 is the secondary server, as indicated by the letter A.
  5. To save the DNS changes, click on the OK button, represented as B.

On your Android device, you’ve successfully updated the server.

B. Change your iPhone’s DNS Settings

Similar to Android, the DNS server on the iPhone can be changed as well. The number of steps is about the same, but the procedure is perceived as being more simpler here.

  1. Go to the settings, and then click on the Wi-Fi option by scrolling down.
  2. Connected Wi-Fi network will be displayed, along with a list of available networks in second section at the top. The Wi-Fi settings for the current network can be accessed by pressing the blue i button.
  3. Then tap on the Configure DNS button by scrolling down through DNS section.
  4. After that, tap on the Manual to configure your iPhone with a custom DNS server.
  5. The current DNS will be deleted by pressing the red button with a minus sign, before the addition of new server.
  6. Now that the old DNS has been erased, we will install a new one. Click on the green plus-shaped button to add a secondary DNS address.
  7. By clicking on the Save button at the top, you may save your new DNS settings.

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There you have the top ten Best DNS Servers for Gaming! Please let us know if you find it useful in the comments sectiobelow.

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