Reasons Why Spotify Shuffle Not Random

Today, Spotify is undoubtedly a must-have app for music fans. Spotify is currently the largest digital music streaming service in the world, according to usage and revenue statistics from 2019. Because users may easily access the materials for free, Spotify immediately appeals to users. What if Spotify’s shuffle feature wasn’t random?

You may access your favourite songs, podcasts, videos, playlists, and videos from artists all around the world after logging in. Additionally, there is a feature called Spotify shuffle play that allows you to play all of those things at random. People have occasionally griped about this Spotify shuffle not working. I’m going to explain how to solve this Spotify shuffle problem in case it occurs to you.

Reasons Why Spotify Shuffle Not Random

The Spotify shuffle option can help you mix up and change up your listening. Reasons Why It Is Not Random When you don’t feel like following the instructions or when you have lengthy playlists, it’s incredibly excellent. You must hit the large shuffle button in the pop-up window to activate shuffle. As a result, the button’s large icon will turn green. Then, you may anticipate that your music will play one after the other in a predetermined interval in a random arrangement.

When Spotify shuffle malfunctions, it is a problem. When a song or performer plays twice in a succession, you know there is a problem. Usually, Spotify shuffle not random owing to a flaw that fails the system. There will be an unexpected outcome when the system fails, which could cause a problem.

Another explanation is that Spotify’s most recent version already includes an upgrade to the shuffle algorithm. Therefore, the algorithm is no longer functional when you continue to utilise the earlier version. Furthermore, resist the need to uninstall the app because of these two typical causes of the shuffle’s malfunction. Thankfully, you still have time to remedy it.

Suggestions for Spotify Shuffle Fixes When It Is Not Random

You have to manually switch between the tunes you want to hear all the time if your Spotify shuffle isn’t working. Of course, it wastes a lot of time and is bothersome and frustrating. Therefore, the following advice on what to do in this situation is provided:

1. Log out of Spotify and restart it

When your Spotify shuffle isn’t functioning properly, you should log out of the app first. The next step is to restart Spotify, not your device. Resetting or restarting the application is done to fix a bug. To achieve this, you must:

  • Go to “Your Library” and then click “Settings” (the gear icon is in the top right corner). then select “Log Out” by clicking the white icon.
  • Spotify should be closed after logging out. Next, make sure it’s gone from any background apps that are currently operating. Additionally, clean out the garbage in your phone’s “Settings” and app caches.
  • After that, return to Spotify and log back in.
  • Play a playlist to check if it functions. Make sure the shuffle mode is activated as well.

2. Upgrade to the most recent version of Spotify

You’ve been utilising the older shuffle play algorithm, which is another reason why Spotify’s shuffle is not random. The app is currently being updated to the most recent version. Therefore, all you have to do is update Spotify’s version. All you have to do if you use iOS (iPad, iPod, Mac, iPhone) is:

  • Access the “App Store” app.
  • Check if your Spotify needs to be updated by going to “Updates” on the right side.
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On the other hand, if you use Android, you can perform the following actions:

Spotify on Google Play Store

  • Spotify through Google Play
  • Visit the “Google Play Store” app.
  • Select “My applications & games” by tapping the “Menu” button (the white icon with three horizontal lines) on the left side.
  • So, scroll down to the list to find the Spotify app. Check to see if “Update” is next to it, then choose “Update.”

3. Sort All Your Tracks by Title

You can attempt this approach if the first two methods didn’t work and your Spotify shuffle is still not working. Actually, the Spotify community has discussed this strategy quite a bit in their posts. With this approach, the majority of them were able to resolve their Spotify shuffle dilemma. How to do it is as follows:

  • Access your “Spotify” app and choose a playlist to listen to.
  • Next, swipe the screen downward. A “Filter” search bar will then appear at the top. Additionally, to its right is a white icon with three horizontal lines.
  • Select the icon with the three horizontal lines. Once there, select “Title” from the “Sort By” menu.
  • Go back and click the “Shuffle Play” button as a result. Now check to see if the playlist randomly plays your tunes.

4. Use Spotify Shuffler Site

You can utilise the Spotify Shuffler app if you’ve tried the techniques listed above but your Spotify shuffle is still not functioning. As a third party to address the shuffling issue, this app is free and secure. The Spotify Shuffler app, according to some, shuffles the tunes more randomly than Spotify ever will. Additionally, this website functions great on desktop and mobile. To make use of this app, you must:

  • From your device, visit
  • The next step is to sign in using your Spotify account (click on big green button). However, make sure that Spotify isn’t in shuffle mode (so that Spotify Shuffle doesn’t interfere with your already-random playlist).
  • After logging in, you can select any playlist you want to listen to and let it play at random.
  • Right now, your playlist has been randomly shuffled by Spotify.
  • Simply return to the website to listen to your fresh randomised playlists whenever you like.

Apart from holding the title of largest digital music streaming service, Spotify is still susceptible to several issues that may affect its millions of customers. The shuffle issue on Spotify is among the most prevalent issues. Now, if the shuffle isn’t working for you, try one of the four options described above. Continue with a different approach if the first one doesn’t work.

In order to avoid issues like Spotify shuffle not random occur due to a bug or junks, users should regularly update their Spotify app to the current version. As we all know, an outdated version of a app with a bug or other trash can result in unpleasant surprises. You can find out more about your ongoing shuffle function issue by visiting the Spotify community site.

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