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Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android Without Computer

Despite its rarity, text messages are still a common way to communicate numerous kinds of crucial information. What transpires, then, if the crucial SMS message is deleted from your Android phone? You may recover deleted Android text messages using a number of different techniques without a computer.

Without a computer, lost text messages can be recovered. This is because occasionally you waste time trying to link your phone and PC.

How To Recover Deleted Android Text Messages Without A Computer

Here are 5 ways to get your Android’s text messages back without a computer:

1. Using dr. Fone

dr. Fone

Using Dr. Fone, you can attempt to recover deleted Android text messages without a computer. The Play Store can be used as usual to download this app. On your Android phone, you can start by downloading the dr. Fone application.

Once the application has been successfully installed, you can open it. The application will provide a notification for root access after you log in. Accept using the access in order to continue. The next action is to select “Massages Recovery.”

Continue with “Continue Trying” if this is your first time using the application. Choose or click the “Scan” option if you wish to recover deleted text messages from an Android device without a computer. Afterward, a list of the texts you’ve removed will show up.

You can choose “Recovery” and then click on “Your Text Message” to retrieve it. You may easily recover deleted Android text messages using this method without a computer. This is so that you can easily use it, find it in the Play Store for no cost, and download it.

2. Using SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore

When you misplace your messages, you shouldn’t become anxious. This is due to the ability to recover deleted messages. Installing this application is your first option. This application is straightforward but serves a useful purpose.

This software is available for download and installation from the Play Store. Additionally, you can open this app and select “Prepare Backup.” Next, you can decide which data you want to have a backup of.

You have a variety of alternatives, including calls, SMS, or both. Additionally, you get to pick where the backup gets sent. Google Drive, Dropbox, or internal storage are the available options. Once you’ve made a decision, select Next.

Select what you want from the menu that opens, then click “Ok.” For instance, you need to be signed into your Google account if you choose to upload it to Google Drive. After creating a Google Drive account, you may select the backup schedule.

Only when using WiFi or while charging are there options on when to make a backup. You have the option of choosing whether to back up daily, monthly, or hourly. As a result, you can customise every aspect in this application.

3. Using X-Plore File Manager

X-Plore File Manager

The file manager X-Plore

The X-Plore File Manager is the second option you have. On the Play Store, you may get this software for no cost. However, you must keep in mind that your mobile phone must be rooted in order to install this application.

You must first download and install the X-Plore File Manager app. After installation, you can access the application’s Mail folder. Sometimes the folder is not visible, perhaps because the system folder is usually hidden.

You can choose the menu tab, go to Tools, and then click Configuration to make it display on your cellphone. You can also simply tap the 0 buttons. If you do, you can select the text message you want to retrieve by opening the Mail folder.

You can pick Menu and press File after choosing the messages you want to retrieve. The deleted text messages may automatically resurface if you followed the right procedure.

4. Using GT SMS Recovery

GT SMS Recovery

GT SMS Restoration

Without a computer, deleted Android text messages can be recovered using an app called GT SMS Recovery. There are two versions of this application: an Android version and a Windows version. The purpose is the same for both variations.

Its capability is the ability to retrieve text messages, call logs, and WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger chat data. However, your cell phone needs to be rooted in order to run GT SMS Recovery. Installing this application is the next step after rooting your Android device.

Wait for the installation process to be finished. The following action is to launch this application and select Start a fresh scan. The application will keep requesting that your phone be rooted first if it hasn’t been done already.

The app has to be a Super Administrator in order to be able to restore deleted data. The application will process the deleted text message data after you click the Start fresh scan button.

Wait till the percentage reaches 100% before moving on. After selecting the text message you want to recover, click Recover Selected SMS. You can now access the application and retrieve the deleted messages.

5. Using Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Installing this app is the final option you have. This app helps Android users restore deleted data. Additionally, this app is frequently updated and is only 7.3 MB in size.

This app can restore data that has been deleted, formatted, or corrupted in the memory. Additionally, this app has the ability to return data from many kinds of volumes. This app not only recovers text messages but also all kinds of data (images, music, documents, and binaries).

Most significantly, this application is available for free download. Installing and downloading this application must come first. You then launch the application and select Allow when a request for root access is made.

The Restore File/Restore Data button should be chosen. Next, determine whether the file is on internal or external storage and where it is. Journal Scan and Deep Scan are the two scan options that will be available.

Once you’ve decided, click the bottom-mounted scan button. As soon as the file begins to appear, wait. Select the text, image, video, or file that you want to recover. Once you’ve located it, save it by clicking the symbol in the upper right corner.

So, you have five options to attempt when trying to retrieve deleted Android text messages without a computer. You can try each one one at a time and select the one that is the simplest for you to use. Hopefully, all of your deleted texts will come back.

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