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How To Connect Fitbit To Apple Health

One of the most precise and trustworthy smartwatches for tracking fitness and health is Apple Watch. The Apple Watch appears to be a little more expensive when compared to other smartwatches on the market. Additionally, because it’s a smartwatch, many people who only want a fitness tracking device don’t like its form factor.

sync fitbit with apple health
Fitness trackers (or fitness bands), like those from Fitbit, are a better option for these people. They are less expensive and offer the majority of the necessary capabilities for tracking one’s health and fitness in a thin and portable package.

But once more, there is a drawback to this strategy: Fitbit and Apple Health are not natively integrated by Apple, thus you are unable to sync your Fitbit data (steps, workouts, weight, etc.) with the Apple Health app on your iPhone.

Fortunately, there is a technique to accomplish this. To assist you sync your Fitbit data to the Apple Health app, we’ll go through how to link Fitbit to Apple Health on the iPhone in this guide.

Using the PowerSync App to Sync Fitbit With Apple Health

You may connect Fitbit with Apple Health using a variety of third-party apps available on the App Store. We’ll show you how to sync using the Power Sync app for Fitbit in this post. This app is free to use and lets you sync the following data:

  • Steps
  • Weight Heart Rate Calories Analysis of Burned Sleep
  • Flights climbed a distance while running and walking

Here’s how to connect your Fitbit to the Apple Health app using Power Sync:

  • On your iPhone, Download Power Sync for Fitbit
  • Destroy Power Sync.
  • You’ll be brought to a login screen if you click the Sync Now button.sync fitbit data with apple health
  • Apple Health can sync fitbit data with it.
  • login to fitbit account to sync data to health
  • Click Login after entering your Fitbit account information.
  • to sync data to health, sign into your Fitbit account.
  • Press Continue to continue when prompted for reading and writing permissions.grant power sync access to various permissions
  • Toggle the choices next to the metrics you want to sync to Apple Health on the next screen.
  • access to multiple permissions for power sync
  • Hit Allow the Apple Health app to begin syncing data from your Fitbit account and preserve your choices.
    You’ll see the success message when your data has been synchronised. Open the Health app on your iPhone now, and the synchronised data related to fitness and health indicators should begin to appear there.

When you want to sync your data again in the future, launch Power Sync and click the Sync Now button. As an alternative, you can utilise auto-sync, a premium function that will repeatedly sync data from your Fitbit device with the iOS Health app in the background without requiring your input. Additionally, it removes the app’s internal advertisements.

Prevent Data Duplication in Apple Health

Data duplication is one issue with utilising third-party apps to connect Fitbit to Apple Health. Basically, the Health app displays data from many sources when you sync your Fitbit data to it using Power Sync or any other app.

As a result, you might see steps from your Fitbit in addition to those from your iPhone’s counter. There is a way to avoid this data duplication and limit access to the Health app for your Fitbit data. Here’s how to accomplish it: Setting Power Sync as the primary source of data in Health

  • Get your iPhone’s Health app open.
  • On the Browse tab, click.
  • Toggle on the Power Sync button under APPS ALLOWED TO READ DATA by tapping on Steps.
  • avoid duplicate data in Apple Health
  • prevent data duplication in apple health
  • Click on Data Sources & Access at the bottom of the page as you scroll.
    avoid duplicate data in Apple Health
  • prevent data duplication in apple health
  • Long-press the dragger in the DATA SOURCES section while selecting the Edit button at the top of the page to move it to the top of the list.


For all other metrics in the Health app, use the same procedures. After that, all of those indicators will mostly come from your Fitbit, so you won’t see redundant data in Apple Health going forward.

Other Third-Party Apps To Sync Fitbit With Apple Health

There are a few additional third-party apps on the App Store that you may use in addition to Power Sync for Fitbit to sync Fitbit data to Apple Health. All of these apps, both free and premium, are listed below:

Apple Health to Fitbit Sync
Fitiv Sync for Activity Sync with Fitbit Organize all of your health and fitness information in one place.

All Your Health and Fitness Data in One Place

On the iPhone, keeping track of all your different health and fitness measurements is quite simple thanks to the Health app. Therefore, if you have a Fitbit gadget, you can effortlessly sync your data from it to Apple Health with a few simple clicks and have all your vital metrics in one place when you need them due to the apps provided in this article. As a result, you won’t have to go between several apps to find out what metrics you’ve recorded on them when you require access to health information.

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