Best Volume Booster Apps For Android Devices 2022

Are you considering getting a new phone since the input volume is so low? The two most important features of every smartphone are the audio and media options.

Fortunately, in this technological age, there are several Volume booster apps on the market that can provide the best sound quality.

If you are having trouble with the volume, just go to the Play Store and download a software that can greatly enhance the sound quality and increase the volume.

Here, we’ve put together a thorough list of some of the top volume booster apps for Android devices.

Now let’s get going.

The following list contains the top 9 volume booster apps for Android devices:

1. Volume Booster GOODEV 

Volume Booster GOODEV App For Android

One of the most practical and user-friendly sound booster apps for Android users is Volume Booster GOODEV. It is frequently used to increase the speaker and headphone volume and is on the list of the Play Store’s most highly recommended apps.

It is quite simple to use in addition to having amazing functionality. Simply open the application to begin using it; your smartphone’s screen will then show you a thorough list of available options. The best music quality can be experienced by selecting a different function.

2. Speaker Booster

Speaker Booster - Best Volume Booster App For Android Speaker Booster is a software that was created specifically for Android devices to increase the output volume of your gadget.

System volume, media volume, alarm volume, and notifications are just a few of the speech enhancement options that are included.

This amazing piece of software is free and available in a small software. Use the link below to download it right now.

3. Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster Pro - Best Volume Booster App

Volume Booster Pro is the next app in our list of Volume Booster free apps. This contemporary application has an intuitive user interface. There is no better option than Volume Booster Pro if you enjoy loud music.

It not only increases the volume of the sound but also makes sure that the sound quality is crystal clear and has impacts. A variety of volumes are available, including ringer, alarm, media, and many others.

It operates quite well because to its user-friendly interface. Using the link below, you can download the free Volume Booster Apps.

4. Volume Booster by LoveKara

Volume Booster by LoveKara

One of the best and most dependable sound booster apps is Volume Booster by LoveKara. Its straightforward UI makes using it really simple. It allows you to change the volume of the system sound, notifications, ringtones, and music applications.

You do not need to navigate to different sites in order to control and modify the voice of your system because it operates on a one page user interface method.

This software is perfect for you if you enjoy music.

5. Equalizer Music Player Booster 

Equalizer Music Player Booster App For Android

This can be a great option for you if you’ve been looking for the best volume booster software. It has a simple, practical design and an interface with a vintage aesthetic.

With the help of this software, you can easily raise your device’s volume. Android users may also use it as a music player.

It has straightforward functionality that is uncomplicated to use and manage. You can use the nearly ten default preset options according to your needs. The Google Play Store offers the app for no cost.


6. VLC for Android 

VLC for Android - Best Free Volume Booster App

One of the top free volume booster apps now offered on Google Play is this one. It promises to increase your device’s volume by over 200 percent and can support all popular media formats.

The fact that it is completely free and has no in-app purchases or advertisements is one of its best features. Pick this popular app right now to increase the volume and clarity of your device’s sound.

7. Precise Volume 

Precise Volume - Best Volume Booster App

Precise Volume may be your best option if you’re seeking for a multi-functional and feature-rich software to address low volume concerns.

It enters your device’s audio system and provides a variety of volume control options. For various components of your device, including Bluetooth accessories, headphones, apps, and more, it can automatically establish the best volume.

Perceive Volume is unquestionably deserving of a spot in the best Volume Booster Apps For Android list.

8. Equalizer FX 

Equalizer FX - Best Volume Booster App


One of the best volume booster apps on the Google Play Store is Equalizer FX. It supports practically all streaming services and provides a range of sound effects, including options for Loudness Enhancer and Bass Boost.


To hear your favourite song at maximum volume, download it right away.

9. Music Volume EQ – Sound Bass Booster & Equalizer

Music Volume EQ - Sound Bass Booster & Equalizer

This application can be downloaded for free. You may modify all volumes on your device thanks to a range of sophisticated volume control tools.

It is attractive because it contains a five-band graphic equalisation, EU metre, and an integrated volume control.

Exclusive EU Controller and Equalizer tabs are available to make switching between them simple for the user. You can change the volume by sliding your finger along the slider, which features a volume control feature.

Additionally, it allows you to store your own Presets on the system.


A conclusion

The best volume booster app for you can be chosen from this list. Come home to fresh encounters.

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