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10 Best Countdown Apps for Android and iOS

You might not be able to remember everything on the large list of impending activities in your thoughts. You run the risk of forgetting crucial events like meetings, seminars, or even birthdays if you do this. Thankfully, there are now top countdown apps for mobile devices that can assist in reminding you of those occasions.

Apps that count down timers are created to alert you of the number of days left in a task. Given that, you won’t ever miss the day or forget about it. You might want to check this out since there are various countdown applications available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Best Countdown applications for iOS and Android

The majority of countdown applications have a countdown timer that you can use to count down the days till a significant event. Some of them also provide extra functions like tasks and reminders, enabling you to receive reminder notifications ahead of schedule. Here are the top countdown apps to download if you need one for Android or iOS.

1. Countdown


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Countdown is a fantastic software for keeping track of the passing of time, whether you are anticipating a wedding, graduation, or other significant event. In order to ensure that every user can take advantage of its convenience, it is built with a straightforward yet appealing interface. All you need to do to utilise the app is enter the event’s location and date, and it will work.

Features like entertaining themes and countdown warnings are available in Countdown. Additionally, it covers over 5000 cities across all time zones, taking into account all clock adjustments. This means that you can modify the time according to your location, making this software practically universal. This programme will automatically remove the schedule once your big day has passed.

Only one of the two types of widgets included in this practical countdown tool is offered in the free version. The upgraded edition boasts ad-free and limitless widgets, so you can make the most of the features.

2. Big Days

Big Days

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You may rely on this event countdown to ensure that you won’t forget to do a crucial task. The thin, fashionable app makes it easy to count down and keep track of the days till your big day. It works great for meetings, appointments, and many other occasions in addition to birthdays and anniversaries. It would be fun to check your countdown board since you may personalise it with your images.

In addition to personalised graphics, Big Days provides a number of features, including notice for each event and double-click colour change. Simply access the list to see all upcoming events, where you can also enter new events. This application supports an infinite number of events in addition to event lists.

What else? It displays both days that have passed since an agenda and days that are still ahead of it. Having the option to select your preferred font makes Everything About Big Days better. Simply download it from the App Store or Google Play Store if you want to use it as your countdown app.

3. Dreamdays Countdown

Dreamdays Countdown

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Dreamdays Countdown makes the process of counting down the days till your special day more enjoyable. This chic and functional software may clock down to an important event as well as serve as a reminder. This app uses audio memos as your reminder rather than other countdown apps that use text notifications. So fascinating!

The key features that Dreamdays Countdown offers are numerous. There are five predefined categories available to you, including birthday, anniversary, holiday, school, and life. But if your event doesn’t fall under one of those headings, just alter the list. You may also use it to put your favourite agenda as the app’s cover image and change the background of each event.

This app’s colour coding system allows users to distinguish between events not only based on category but also based on expiration date. Dreamdays Countdown includes passcode security to safeguard your privacy. Not to mention, it offers widgets that let you manage essential schedules directly from the home screen.

4. TheDayBefore


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Similar to Big Days, this countdown software shows you both the days that have passed and the number of days left. This straightforward programme covers a wide range of occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, and many more. You may glance at the countdown from the home screen thanks to a widget.

TheDayBefore contains a tonne of functionality, such as different icons to display events on the status bar. Even your own photographs can be added to these icons. Additionally, it provides three widget alternatives in various sizes, letting you select the one that best matches your screen. Not to mention that it has motion stickers and D-day reminders.

And if you enjoy writing, the Story function will be your favourite feature. You can use this tool to create a story, whether it be about yesterday or your plans for the future. In other words, you may use it as a personal, always-accessible smartphone diary. This app can be integrated with the Apple Watch for iOS users.

Exam Countdown Lite

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The ideal student countdown app is this one! Exam Countdown Lite is a fantastic programme that counts down the days until your exam so you can maximise your study time. This tool performs the functions of a countdown timer, a reminder, and an exam schedule. This app is undoubtedly for you if you’re seeking for a fully equipped one.

Exam Countdown Lite is appropriate for all levels of learners. It produces limitless countdowns and keeps all of your test schedules in one location. There is no danger of skipping the exam because the countdown is displayed in years, days, and even seconds. This software has color-coded sections that you can use to arrange your exam schedule.

Select your favourite icon and include any important remarks to personalise each exam. When looking at the schedule, it is impossible to make a mistake. Do you intend to use this app? Exam Countdown Lite features in-app purchases and is free to download. Upgrade to the premium edition if you want access to additional features like detailed notifications and device syncing.

6. Time Until

Time Until

Download On Google Play

Do you desire a stylish countdown? The ideal tool to design attractive countdowns for any significant events is Time Until. Thanks to the conveniently accessible web gallery, this software offers hundreds of photographs that may be utilised for free. Your countdowns will be more interesting thanks to the live backgrounds that are included.

It is improved by a countdown editor and reminder that you may customise to make sure you don’t miss any events. The countdown units supported by this app range from seconds to years. This programme will automatically repeat countdowns for regular events like birthdays or anniversaries.

Time Until has a small and full-sized widget to show on your home screen, similar to other countdown apps. Simply pick one that fits your screen and use the widget to keep track of your event. For a fashionable appearance, it also supports dark mode and full-screen mode.

7. Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget

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This countdown timer tool was created by Sevenlogics to assist users in keeping track of the days till D-day. This app is appropriate for a variety of occasions, including appointments, birthdays, and anniversaries. It includes a wide variety of units, from years to seconds. You can easily keep track of numerous events with the support of different countdowns.

There are two widget choices available in the Countdown Widget: 41 and 51. Select the one that best matches your screen and modify it with a variety of stock photos. Additionally, if you want to customise the tool, pick the greatest photo you have and use it as the background.

Do you anticipate more out of this countdown clock? You achieve your goals. With this programme, you may listen to your favourite music as the seconds pass. For a better view, you can also use full landscape support. If you like what it has to offer, download it for free or buy the premium version, which has more dynamic widget possibilities and is ad-free.

8. Countdown Time

Countdown Time

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Countdown Time is useful if you have an impending major event and want to keep track of the passing of time. On your preferred social networking sites, you can share the excitement with friends and family while taking in the fun. It enhances your awaited moment by allowing you to add lovely backgrounds.

The customisable widget in Countdown Time has a classy appearance. To enhance your countdown timer, it also supports a variety of themes and comes with HD backdrops by default. However, this programme allows you to utilise your own photographs if you choose. Not to mention that you may customise events by adding headings and changing the display options.

Have you have two or more events coming up? Not to worry. With the ability to track numerous events, this software ensures that you never miss anything crucial. You can share moments with friends, family, or the community using the built-in event sharing feature.

9. Days Matter Air

Days Matter Air

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Users of Android and iOS can use Days Matter to countdown significant dates. This software provides you with accurate calculating information whether you want to know how many days are left till your birthday or your next paycheck. In addition to calculating days left, counting days passed also works well.

You can keep track of days without launching Days Matter thanks to a variety of widgets that are included. This programme provides three default categories for categorising your event, including anniversary, life, job, as well as custom categories. Make the event background more appealing by adding your favourite photos to the countdown timer.

Passcode protection is one of Days Matter’s greatest features. You are the only person with access to the schedule thanks to this feature.

10. Baby Countdown

Baby Countdown 2020

Download On The App Store

Do you have a baby on the way? To keep track of the remaining days till labour, use this app. Pregnant women can benefit from a variety of features, including weekly changes in foetus weight and growth and pregnancy development.

Take inspiration from pregnant quotes. With daily quotes, this app brightens your day and, intriguingly, it can be shared with others. The baby countdown tool can be tailored to your preferences.

Select from one of 20 pre-set backdrop themes or your own text colour. Additionally, you can select the countdown manner that you prefer. You can choose from a variety of counting units, including weeks, days, and even minutes. Baby Countdown is totally cost-free. However, the developer offers a subscription that starts at $4.99 a month if you need to take advantage of more services.

Can’t wait to plan for your special day? With the finest countdown apps, you can make the wait more memorable. These apps not only provide aesthetic features like customizable backgrounds, but they also manage time so you won’t miss any significant events. Choose a favourite of yours!

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