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Best Screenshot Apps for Mac You Should Use in 2022

Screenshots are a convenient way to record steps for troubleshooting someone else, capture error messages, and save a portion of what is displayed on the screen when there isn’t a download option.

best Mac apps for taking pictures
There are various methods for taking screenshots, depending on the computer platform you’re using. There are several ways to accomplish this on a Mac, all made possible by Apple’s integrated screenshot tool.  best screenshot apps for Mac

There is only so much you can do with these tactics, despite the fact that they perform effectively and get the job done. On the other hand, a specialised third-party screenshot app for tool comes with a number of extra capabilities and can therefore assist you in taking better screenshots.

Here is a list of the top Mac apps for taking screenshots right now.

1. Skitch

skitch Mac screenshot app

The creators of Evernote also created Skitch, a popular screenshot application for Mac. It functions as a kind of all-in-one application that lets you snap screenshots and add notes to them. Speaking of screenshotting, Skitch allows you to take full-screen screenshots, choose areas of the screen to capture, and even take delayed screenshots.

Regarding annotation, the application provides a few markup choices to assist you in adding notes to screenshots, cropping them to keep the main subject in the frame in focus, or pixelating private information from the picture, such as your name, address, or phone number. Additionally, you have the choice to share the result through AirDrop and save it in a variety of various file formats.

All of your Skitch screenshots are automatically saved to the local storage of your Mac. However, if you upgrade to an Evernote Premium account, you can store them to Evernote for cross-platform access.

2. Snagit

snagit Mac screenshot app

Powerful snipping software for Mac and Windows is called Snagit. It differs from typical screenshot apps in that you can use it to record the contents of the screen as movies in addition to taking screenshots, which can help someone fix a problem or carry out an operation more effectively.

You can use Snagit to take screenshots of a single window, the desktop as a whole, or a specific area of the desktop. Not only that, but you can also easily copy and paste content from a screen into another app as well as screenshot content that scrolls both horizontally and vertically.

Similar to Snagit, which also lets you record the camera feed in addition to the screen, you may video yourself performing the tasks. After taking a screenshot, you can use the built-in tools to annotate it, turn it into a GIF for sharing on social media, and trim it to remove extraneous parts.

Last but not least, Snagit offers a wide range of sharing tools that make it easy to post and distribute screenshots or video clips directly to platforms like YouTube, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Drive, and others.

3. LightShot

lightshot Mac screenshot app

The quickest and easiest screen capture application for Mac on this list is called LightShot. It is cost-free and extremely user-friendly because to its straightforward UI. You may use it to either screen capture the entire screen or just a specific section of the screen.

Captured screenshots are saved to your Mac’s local storage, and you may use the share feature to post them to Twitter or Facebook. Similar to other snipping applications, LightShot has a basic editor that you can use to emphasise key details and improve the communication of your message by adding lines, arrows, and text to your screenshots.

In terms of extra capabilities, LightShot has a (kind of) reverse image search function that enables you to look up online images that are aesthetically comparable to the screenshots you have taken. Additionally, you have the choice to use LightShot’s printscr feature to create a shareable link for the screenshot you just took.

4. Droplr

droplr Mac screenshot app

Droplr is another another combination app that enables you to record your Mac’s screen while taking screenshots. Although it is primarily a paid product, you can try it out for three days without paying anything. It is also quite simple to use, and you have the choice of taking a screenshot of the full screen or just a portion of it.

You can record the screen in full-screen or partial-screen capture mode using GIF or HD video recording, respectively. Additionally, if necessary, you can add your camera stream for a more unique touch.

After they have been captured or recorded, Droplr allows you to edit your screen captures and recordings using its built-in editor, which has the standard selection of annotation and screenshot editing options. Once finished, your screen captures or screen recordings are instantly stored to your own Droplr cloud account, where you may share them with others via email or Slack or save them locally to your device.

5. CleanShot X

cleanshot x Mac screenshot app

Mac screenshot app cleanshot x
The built-in macOS screenshot application can be successfully replaced by the robust snapshot tool CleanShot X. It has a tonne of options that you definitely wouldn’t find on other screenshot apps, and using it requires a subscription.

CleanShot X allows you to take full-screen, windowed, timed, and scrolling screen screenshots in addition to standard screenshots. Additionally, there are options for changing padding and shadow as well as the backdrop type. You may also use the crosshair and magnifier tools to capture screenshots more precisely if you want more control.

In a similar vein, CleanShot X’s screen recording feature provides a number of capture settings and gives you control over a number of parameters of your video recordings, including the frame rate, quality, and output format. Of course, you can also record the screen while using your webcam if necessary.

CleanShot X’s editing features include a sizable selection of tools (crop, highlight, pixelate, countdown, etc.) that let you annotate and modify screenshots and screen recordings as you see fit.

Speaking of advanced capabilities, the app enables you to quickly merge several photos into a single file, extract non-selectable text from any media using OCR, and save screenshots of material so they are always visible on top of other windows.

6. Markup Hero

markup hero Mac screenshot app

Another screenshot and annotation tool for Mac is Markup Hero. Most of its features are free to use, and it provides a wide range of sophisticated capabilities that are typically only found in premium applications. It allows you to quickly and easily record, modify, and share ideas with anyone. Additionally, you can utilise its Chrome extension to quickly take screenshots of any open tabs that are scrolling.

The use of annotations can help you communicate your views more effectively. Markup Hero provides you with all the tools you need, including text, arrows, lines, shapes, blurs, pens, and highlighters, to aid you with the same. In addition, you can rotate or flip an image as well as change the colour of your annotation. Additionally, you may always include more pages or edit the information as necessary.

Finally, Markup Hero offers integration support for the majority of the widely used tools, taking things to the next level. So that you don’t have to go between different browser tabs or apps, you can combine it with your Google Drive (or other Google tools like Docs, Sheets, etc.) and annotate them on it.

Along with Google’s app ecosystem, Markup Hero may be integrated with Slack for rapid access to annotations inside conversations or into your own web application using the annotation API to provide markup and annotation functionality.

7. ScreenToLayers

screentolayers mac screenshot app

screenshot software for the Mac
In comparison to some of the other snapshot tools on this list, ScreenToLayers is a Mac screenshot utility. Its purpose is to enable you to take screenshots in the PSD format, where each component is a separate layer, allowing for more precise editing in Photoshop.

In a similar vein, ScreenToLayers also provides a menu bar icon that enables you to carry out the majority of activities fast and effectively. The tool’s screenshotting features include the ability to take screenshots of the full screen, a specific section or element, and even after a delay. Additionally, options exist to enable framing and shadowing for enhanced display.

In terms of post-processing, ScreenToLayers is compatible with every significant editing app , including Pixelmator, GIMP, Photoshop, and Acorn. This makes it simple for you to import them into any of these and modify your screenshots more efficiently.

8. Shottr


For Mac, Shottr is a relatively new screenshot application made with the demands of creative professionals in mind. It is quick and light, and it makes use of many hotkeys to make screen capture simple.

Like most screenshot apps, Shottr allows you to snap full-screen screenshots and capture a specific area. Additionally, you have the option to take delayed screenshots, scrolling screenshots, and active window captures, all of which might be useful at times. And when necessary, edit your screenshots directly inside the app using its robust editing feature.

Additionally, Shottr has an integrated OCR feature that enables you to copy text from photographs. You have the option to select your own capture hotkeys, snapshot backgrounds, and capture formats, among others, allowing you to personalise its many settings to your taste.

Honorable Mentions

1. Xnip

For Mac, Xnip is a useful and simple screenshot application that enables you to take screenshots in full-screen, windowed, multi-app, and scrolling modes. It has a stylish menu bar icon that makes it simple to access various app functions and provides quick access. Additionally, you have the option of pinning photographs to your screen as a floating window that is always at the top.

2. Airsketch

One of the quickest screenshot capture experiences on the Mac is provided by Airsketch. It includes a straightforward user interface with a menu icon. Both of which facilitate rapid and simple screenshotting. In addition, Airsketch provides a variety of annotation choices and the capability to share them with others via a variety of media. A paid subscription might be required to access certain features of the app.

3. Screenie

A Mac screenshot manager with a tonne of capabilities is called Screenie. You can easily manage your recorded screenshots with it in addition to taking screenshots. In a similar vein, you may decide where to save screenshots, examine snapshot previews directly from the menu bar, and use OCR to search text inside of screenshots that have been taken.

Taking Screenshots on Mac Simplified

You can take screenshots or screen recordings of the display of your Mac with more precision and control with the screen capture apps on this list than you can with the built-in screenshot tool. Similar to this, you can use these tools to better annotate and modify your screenshots so that your ideas are communicated more effectively.

Although there are other alternative screenshot and screen capturing apps for Mac, we believe the ones on our list do the job quite well and should therefore meet your needs.

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