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Best Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10/8/7

Our lives are completely reliant on computers, which we use for practically everything. The Windows Registry is crucial to the overall performance of your device. These low-level OS options are used to control the operating system as well as other hardware and resource parameters.

However, if they are not correctly handled, they can have an adverse effect on the general wellbeing and functionality of your Windows device. Our blog will offer you a brief introduction to the Windows registry, explaining what it is, why it is necessary, and which software is the best for cleaning the registry in Windows 10 and earlier versions.

What function does the Windows Registry serve?

A database of many Microsoft Windows OS configuration parameters is called Windows Registry. In other words, it is a repository for data and settings pertaining to different hardware parts, OS configurations, and user preferences. Any software or application you run begins functioning with the aid of the settings kept in the registry entries.

It is ideal to remove all associated registry entries once we uninstall a software . If not, it builds up as redundant and unused registry entries, taking up terabytes of space on your hard drive and slowing it down.

The best free registry cleanup software should be used to resolve such issues. These utilities perform effectively as RAM cleansers, startup managers, and drive cleaners in addition to their ability to fine-tune.

Registry Cleaner: What is it?

A dedicated software created just to clean the Windows Registry is known as a registry cleaner. Your device is kept clean and optimised by having unnecessary and leftover objects removed from it.

What is the Process of Windows Registry Cleaners?

By automatically deleting and erasing unnecessary and invalid registries from your device, a registry cleaner tool operates. It searches for and removes any harmful, orphaned, flawed, or broken entries that can impair the functionality of your device.

What Benefits Can You Get from Cleaning Your Windows Registry?

The following are some advantages of clearing registry entries.

All incorrect and damaged entries should be fixed.

eliminates all leftover entries from old applications.

Boosts the efficiency of the system.

Its response time is enhanced.

It prevents difficulties with screen freezing and crashing.

Let’s check out our list of the top registry cleaner softwares for Windows 10, 8, and 7 in 2022 right away so you can quickly correct any broken or invalid registry entries.

Top 14 Free Registry Cleaners For Windows 10, 8, 7 in 2022

We have chosen the top 14 Windows registry cleaner applications available right now based on user ratings and feature comparisons. Let’s look at them below!

1. Advanced SystemCare

iObit Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is the first item in our list of the top free registry cleaners for Windows 10. The software is produced by the renowned global software manufacturer Iobit. This tool truly excels at what it does. Your Windows PC’s registry may be readily managed by the software, maximising the performance of your system. Here are some details on the software’s features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Features of iObit Advanced SystemCare


On your Windows PC, the software can find and fix every registry issue.

A special Deep Clean tool in Advanced SystemCare eliminates unused files from your system.

Additionally, the performance of your RAM can be enhanced by this product.

You can also totally uninstall any software from your system.

With a single click, the software may remove the leftover software files for you.

The best method for fixing driver problems on your system is to use Advanced SystemCare.

Additionally, for convenience, the software speeds up your browser.





protected privacy against trespassers

Enhances the system’s performance

Additionally guards against viruses on your system.

With the tool, there are no chances of internet tracking.

There are regular updates available.

Any procedure on the system for scheduling

enhances the internet’s speed.

Additionally offers software updates


Limited features are available in the free edition.

The free edition has no technical assistance.

several adverts for upgrades

2. CleanMyPC


Because of its many appealing features and simplicity of use, MacPaw’s CleanMyPC has been able to claim the second spot on our list of the top registry repair software for Windows 10 & earlier versions. When it comes to updating corrupt Windows registry entries, the software is incredibly effective. The software can be used as a junk cleaner, application uninstaller, file shredder, and other things in addition to cleaning up the registry clutter.


Effective tools for the cleanup procedure are provided by the software.

It may also turn to PC registry problems that you might not even be aware of.

It provides an inbuilt uninstaller to assist you clean the computer; it gets rid of any unnecessary programmes and the files they use to run.

In contrast to other software, it respects users’ privacy and doesn’t collect any data.


It is incredibly simple to use and does not require any training or prior software.

The software produces findings quickly and precisely.

With this software, you can receive a registry solution and a hibernation solution.

The software provides everyone with free diagnostics and scans.

Customers can contact customer service at any time for help.


Users may find it annoying as the software continually warning them about the problem.

The software’s free edition can only purge 500 MB of trash.

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3. CCleaner

CCleaner - Best Registry Cleaner Software

Well, without this show-stopping application, which is deserving of third place for various reasons, our list of the best registry cleaners for Windows 10 & earlier versions would be lacking.

Because of the wide range of features it provides, this software is more than just a Windows registry cleaner; it is a complete solution for system cleaning.


It is fully free and compatible with practically every version of Windows.

Additionally, its straightforward design and simple operation increase its usefulness.

Its portable format distinguishes it from other tools of a similar nature. You could choose the installable version instead.

Your system is made more stable and performs better when it removes trash files, cleans and fixes registry entries, and cleans up garbage files.

With its clean feature set, it may remove erroneous registry entries related to file extensions, application paths, DLL files, installers, and many other things.

The extensive backup choices feature that CCleaner offers is one of its strongest features.


Simple and quick installation. Both portable and installable versions are available.

brimming with remarkable and astounding qualities.

A compact and convenient application with a 1MB download size.

Before restoring or deleting files, it makes a backup of them.

Along with macOS 10.8 and 10.11 versions, it is compatible with many Windows versions. There is also an Android app available.


Its download pages are rather ambiguous. Although it appears to be a paid application, this is untrue.

Even so, the most basic version is totally free. You must pay for its Professional Edition in order to use its additional features and receive personalised support.

If the permission is not granted, a few other apps might be installed.

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4. JetClean

JetClean - Best Windows Registry Cleaner

JetClean is yet another highly regarded and finest free registry cleaner software for Windows computers. It searches your system for invalid and damaged system registry and fixes them using its extensive functionalities. One of its most cherished advantages, besides this, is its capacity for system restoration and backup file creation.


JetClean has a straightforward appearance and a one-click user interface.

Another essential function that aids in improving the PC’s overall speed is the Registry Defrag option.

German, Russian, and many other languages are available for this small utility.

It can work smoothly on a variety of Windows platforms, including 10/8/7/XP/Vista and 2000, and is available in 32- and 64-bit versions.


Easy-to-use, practical, and intuitive user interface.

a single-click system.

Carries out routine and scheduled system upkeep and cleaning. Creates a registry backup.


No portable version is offered.

During the installation process, various undesirable toolbars could be installed.

The only edition that offers advanced features is the Professional Edition.v

5. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is the next item in our list of the top Windows registry cleaner tools. Along with cutting-edge PC optimization features, it has a clean and practical user interface. To determine which regions require more attention, it scans and displays every issue location along with a severity rating.


You can reload registry configurations from a specific point using its system backup and restore features, preventing any data losses.

Additionally, it allows users to create a “Ignore list” of particular regions to skip scanning.

The 32-bit versions of XP and Vista, Windows 7/8/10, and the application are all perfectly compatible with one another.


Options for automatic registry backup and restoration.

You can stop it from working and then resume it.

PC repair and cleaning utility with just one tap.

The Best Free Registry Cleaner Programs


Along with it, other apps might be installed.

A higher price is required for advanced functionality.

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6. Glarysoft Registry Repair

Glarysoft Registry Repair

The Glarysoft registry repair tool is an excellent option to take into consideration if you’re specifically seeking for Windows registry cleaning softwares that can scan your system and optimise registry solely. Here are a few of this tool’s most important features that will help you decide if it’s worthwhile to get it or not.


It is a free tool with comparable functionality to those of its rivals in the market.

It is a clean, secure software to use, and it generates backup files automatically as needed.

Its standout feature is the Export option, which enables you to save registry entries in a designated folder.


It is an automatic tool that operates with ease.

Easy functioning is supported by the UI’s simplicity.

The most recent version is regularly updated.

powerful capabilities for backup and restoration.


This registry utility has a potential of downloading a few undesirable things into your system.

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 7. Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner will undoubtedly be very helpful to you if you are still hunting for a registry cleaner software that can resolve DLL issues and repair registry entries. Over time, obsolete objects build up in the registry, slowing down your system’s speed and performance. To all such problems, Wise Registry cleaner is the ideal solution.


It quickly analyses your computer, finds all erroneous registry entries, and corrects them to make your system stable and quick.

In addition, it tunes up your slow PC to improve speed and performance.

Overall, it provides all the information needed to resolve any DLL error and Windows registry issues.


It is a no-cost tool.

Automatic and effective operation.

Effective three-level registry scan technique.


During setup, it might put several unwanted softwares on your device.

You can choose its pro edition if you want to take use of sophisticated features.

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8. WinUtilities Free

WinUtilities Free - Registry Cleaner Tool

WinUtilities is a Windows 10 registry cleaner software that is entirely free and has practically identical features to every other product on our list. The fact that it can execute selection-based cleaning and restoration, however, distinguishes it from its rivals.


Prior to making any changes, it has the ability to automatically backup registry entries.

You have the choice to export the registry entry list in HTML format.

In addition, you can use it to restore earlier registers.


It has a user-friendly UI.

It is completely free.

It offers a vast selection of cutting-edge features.

Unmatched ability to clean and repair.


SSD defragmentation is not supported by this free registry cleaner.

It doesn’t only support clearing your web browser.

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9. Registry Tuner

Best Registry Cleaner Software - Registry Tuner

Registry Tuner is the next tool in our list of the top Windows registry cleaner softwares . It offers a variety of choices to suit users’ needs and its primary goal is to fix and repair all faulty registry entries. The key characteristics that make this tool the top registry fixer for Windows 10 to use in 2022 are highlighted below.


It is simple to clean up and get rid of invalid registry entries.

You can easily manage your application and eliminate unwanted files with this robust registry cleaner for Windows.

If you want to roll back changes, you can also choose to set restore points.


It has quick registry cleaning tools.

simple to work. Simply configure it and let it get to work.

It is a very adaptable tool with several registries-fixing capabilities.

You can specify the locations you want to include in the scan.


The application costs money.

You aren’t given the choice to export reports.

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10. Comodo System Utilities

Comodo System Utilities

The next item on our list of the best registry cleaners for Windows 10 is an amazing software with top-notch capabilities. One of the features, in addition to the backup option, is its ability to tailor system scans, which makes it everyone’s favourite.


Use this practical and easy-to-use application to handle damaged registry entries with ease.

It is a one-click system clean-up system that greatly improves the functionality of your software.


Cleaner and optimization utility for the registry in one place.

Real-time cleaning powers the instant scan.

efficient and automatic tool

You can choose it as one of the top free registry cleaners for your Windows 10 device.


It offers no unique features and performs on par with other Windows Registry Cleaners in terms of functionality.

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The Most Common Issues With Windows Registry Cleaners:

Q1. A registry cleaner tool: What is it?

A registry cleaner is a third-party tool made to find and fix any corrupt registry entries and get rid of unnecessary things to maintain system speed.

Q2. Why is deleting registry entries so important?

Deleting unwanted and corrupted entries from time to time is crucial for quick and seamless system performance because they might harm the health of your system.

Q3. Does Cleaning the Registry Improve System Performance?

Without a doubt, yes. Our system gradually fills up with a number of unnecessary and corrupt items, which raises system load and causes instability and crashing.

Regular cleaning will resolve any underlying problems.

Q4. Registry cleaners: Are They Safe?

The software for registry cleaners is very secure. Through the restoration of any corrupted and out-of-date system entries, these tools are specifically created to enhance the health of your system.

Q5. Which Registry Cleaner Software Is the Best?

Two of the best and most popular tools you can use to improve your division performance are Advanced SystemCare and CleanMyPC. The other tools described before in this article can also be used as references.

Q6. What characteristics should the best registry cleaner software have?

Before choosing registry cleaners for Windows 10, you should look for the following features and qualities:

Strong scanning.

Possibilities for quick and automatic registry cleansing.

simple to work.

Automatic system restoration and backup.

Capabilities for routine system maintenance and cleaning.

Q7. How do I use the registry cleaner on Windows 10?

Depending on your Windows device, you can either choose the best registry cleaner tool and enjoy automatic operation or do it manually. Follow these easy procedures to manually erase the registry entries.

Use the keyboard’s Windows + R key combination.

Now press the enter key after typing “regedit”.

Keep an eye out for any trouble spots and remove them.

Q8. How can I use the Windows 7 Registry Cleaner?

However, you can also manually complete the task using the above approach. Experts advise using an effective and robust registry cleaner software.

By pressing Windows + R, the Registry Editor will be opened.

Next, insert the word “Regedit”

Click the Yes button in the newly promoted window.

Now scan the “HKEY LOCAL MACHINE” and “SOFTWARE” folders for erroneous registry entries and look for any unneeded files.

Right-click, choose Delete from the drop-down menu, and then click Yes to finish.

Q9. Is there a registry cleaner from Microsoft?

No, there isn’t a Registry cleaner from Microsoft.

Q10. Does Registry Cleaning Speed Up The Computer?

Without a doubt, registry cleaner software improves your device’s overall performance and speed by deleting bad entries in addition to fixing them.

The Best Free Registry Cleaner Software for Easily clean Windows Registry 2022

The list of the top registry cleaners for Windows 10 and earlier versions in 2022 is provided above. The efficiency of a system depends heavily on clean and correct registry entries, making it even more necessary to use a good software that can handle all of your registry-related issues.

Each of the aforementioned Windows registry cleaner softwares has a different set of functions. Select the software that will provide your system the most stability and speed.

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