Best Apps To Hide Apps On Android & iOS 2022

Do you want to discover the best app to hide apps? Do you fret excessively that if you ever lose your phone or if someone has illegal access to it, some private information on it might slip out? If you’re unsure of how to hide apps, Apps Hider may be able to help.

You must take the required precautions to secure your phone by installing app hiders, which are readily available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, if you don’t want your private moments compromised or want your financial information to remain discreet.

To assist you in making the best choice, we’ve provided a list of the top hide apps for Android and iOS in 2020 below.

What Android and iPhone Hide Apps Are the Best in 2022?

Use the app hiders described below to stop spying entities from looking through your personal images and documents:

1. Clock The Vault

Clock The Vault - best app to hide apps

According to the over 1 million downloads from the Play Store, this application is pretty well-liked.

Key characteristics:

Excellent user interface design that allows for clock theme change.

The app has a wall clock-like interface where you may set the time password in advance by adjusting the clock’s hands and tapping the middle button.

As a result, the app is no longer listed in the app store and changes into a clock application. Because of this, it may successfully hide your private images, movies, and other things without letting on to others that the app is actually a clock.

With the use of fingerprint enabled password protection, it may also lock your messengers, browser, contact list, email apps, and other software . This tool allows you to use your browser in private mode as well.

In the event of unauthorised use, you can also receive break-in warnings.

However, certain ad-related disruptions have been noted.


2. Hide Photos, Video – Hide it Pro

Hide Photos, Video - Hide it Pro 

This app hider, another widely used Play Store app, is actually an audio manager.

Key characteristics:

When the Audio Manager title is kept down and pressed for a sufficient amount of time, this software becomes an app hider.

It has the ability to conceal texts, audio files, pictures, videos, and more.

You can use a fingerprint lock with it. Although it is not up to par, cloud storage can also be used to backup your stuff.

This app has a private call and hidden chat function that you may use to keep conversations private.

Ad interception is a frequent problem.


3. Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures And Videos

Gallery Vault - Hide Pictures And Videos


With this app, you can do much more than merely conceal images and videos.

Key characteristics:

You can hide the album’s symbol with this app, and only you would be aware that it is there.

Images, videos, and music files can all be hidden, and the SD card can be used to hide all encrypted content.

This app supports fingerprint locks and break-in notifications.

With the use of this app, you can also display phoney stuff such as passwords.


4. Hide Pictures and Videos

Hide Pictures and Videos

Another software for hiding your photographs and movies is the vault.

Key characteristics:

You may password-protect all of your photos and videos using this app.

Using this app, you may also exchange images and movies.

Online backup services are also available to you; they are free and can start on their own.

In addition to the features mentioned above, it offers numerous phoney vaults.

The app has the ability to photograph users who make unsuccessful attempts to enter the correct password in order to access the app.


5. Calc Vault

Calc Vault - Best App Hider

Another excellent app hider software for Android smartphones is this one.

Key characteristics:

Along with the key function of hiding your priceless photos and movies, you have the option to lock your apps. There is also a fingerprint lock facility provided.

The G-scanner symbol serves as a cover for the albums icon.

Access to the private browsing feature is also available.

The app can also take a picture of anyone attempting to access any other app on your device or view your images by entering the wrong password.


6. App Hider – Hide Apps Hide Photos Multiple Accounts

App Hider - Hide Apps Hide Photos Multiple Accounts

In addition to hiding crucial communication apps, images, and videos for you, this application also functions as an app cloner. It may transform into a calculator and pass itself off as the App Hider.

Key characteristics:

This app is an app hider, yet it seems to be a calculator to outsiders.

You can erase the original app from the device after creating a copy of the apps you want to hide. The cloned app can then be launched in the App Hider so that you can use it just like your original app.


7. Applock

Applock Apps to Hide Photos and Videos

The most popular app, accessible in 50 countries and 45 languages.

Key characteristics:

performs by erasing photos from albums, which are also viewable in Applock’s vault.

Additionally, you can lock Contacts list, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and SMS.

8. Dialer Vault – AppHider

Dialer Vault - AppHider

For examining phone system settings, this app is called Calculator+, and Dialer Vault for checking recently used apps.

Key characteristics:

With this app, you may hide any form of app, image, or video.


9. Secret Photo Vault

Secret Photo Vault App For iOS

It was named the best iPhone app of 2019 and allows you to password-protect your videos and photographs.

Key characteristics:

You can use your fingerprint as the password or a passcode, PIN, or both.

The app’s encryption is of military-grade security.

The user interface of this app is attractive.


10. Vault – Hide Photos & Videos

Vault - Hide Photos & Videos

With approximately 100 million downloads across both iOS and Android, this app hider may be used to lock apps, hide images, and videos.

Key characteristics:

You may lock apps with password security activated and hide your photos and videos.

To remind you of calls, there is a tool for that.

Data backup is possible with the cloud storage option.

You also receive a private browsing option.


11. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault Apps

With this password-encrypted app hider, you have another another popular option to safeguard your photos and videos.

Key characteristics:

Your films and photographs can be secured using this app’s vault by using a PIN and password. Along with limiting app access, you can choose to secure specific apps.

In the unlikely event that someone requests to see your private photos, providing a false password enables you to open entirely different pictures. This might help to further guarantee that your privacy is protected.

Additionally, a GPS-controlled break-in report is available. By pinpointing the area where someone might have attempted to obtain unauthorised access to your images, you can figure out who might have been trying to sneak a peek at them. Such folks can likewise be captured in images by it.

Also customizable are the album covers.

android  ios

12. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher - Best App Hider Program

When compared to calculator or vault apps, these types of apps operate a little differently. Your device’s user interface can be totally altered after installing launchers.

Key characteristics:

With the aid of secure folders that can only be opened with the use of a password and fingerprint lock, you may lock a wide variety of software in addition to hiding the gallery.

The app lists no longer display the hidden apps.

The software provides fantastic customization features for modifying the UI on your phone and applying fancy transition effects.

The app lock mode and lock duration are also adjustable.


13. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher - Best App to Hide Photos and Videos

Your home screen can be changed, and sensitive apps can be hidden.

Key characteristics:

A few of the fascinating features included in this launcher app include backup and restore, night mode and dark theme, as well as a variety of programmable themes for app icons, page effects, etc.


14. Locker: Hide Photos, Hide Apps

Locker: Hide Photos, Hide Apps

Locker app comes highly recommended if you’re looking for a simple to use app to hide your private photographs and videos from others. One of the best apps to hide photos and apps has the significant features listed below.

Key characteristics:

You can relocate your home screen apps to a secure area named “Locker” using this feature.

You can use a password, fingerprint, or Face ID lock to secure your “Locker.”

You can easily write private notes in the encrypted locker application.


15. Safe Lock

Safe Lock

In order to protect the privacy of iPhone users’ personal information, Safe Lock is a quick, simple, and easy-to-use application. Safe Lock offers a private vault that is only used to store your photographs and movies away from prying eyes, in contrast to other app hiding apps featured on this list.

Key characteristics:

enables you to secure files with a variety of locks, including PIN-code, DotLock, Face ID, and fingerprint.

Support for Wi-Fi file transfer, the cloud, and dark mode

slideshows that let you view your private images and movies.


Best Apps to Hide Apps for 2022, final thoughts

Try one of the best app hiders to hide applications from the list of apps mentioned above that were covered in this article if you want to hide sensitive data kept in your Android or iPhones, or private moments of your life documented in images and videos.

Any of the aforementioned hiding software did you find useful? Please share your opinions in the space provided below.

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