Best Proxy Servers For Windows in 2022

One of the simplest and safest ways to protect your privacy online is through a proxy or proxy server. Therefore, having the best proxy server for Windows is crucial since it may not only assist you in getting around censorship to access prohibited websites, but it also offers a secure browsing environment that enables you to watch your preferred online material in an anonymous fashion.

How does a proxy server operate and what exactly is it?

By routing your connection through a server and concealing your online actions, a proxy server serves as a middleman between you and the internet, enabling you to surf the web safely and privately.

Proxy servers may therefore be the solution you need if you wish to keep your surfing behaviour private and your online identity secure.

However, if you are unsure of the finest free proxy servers, you no longer need to worry since we have you covered.

Which Windows 10, 8, and 7 Safe Proxy Servers Are the Best?

Proxy servers, especially free ones, have made it much simpler to access geo-restricted content while maintaining your privacy. Let’s get right to the list now:


1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield - Best Proxy Server For Windows


For your Windows PC, Hotspot Shield is a great choice if you want to surf restricted apps and websites anonymously and safely. You may create a safe and private connection using the military-grade encryption technology that is included with it. Hotspot Shield guarantees that all of your sensitive data is protected from hackers and nosy internet service providers in addition to security (ISPs).

Additionally, the native apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad devices in this freemium offering are exquisitely built.

2. KProxy

KProxy - Best Proxy Servers for Windows 10

KProxy ought to be your first stop if you’re looking for a free proxy site. One of the top web-based proxy systems, KProxy provides free Firefox and Chrome browser extensions.

Making it impossible for anyone to steal your sensitive data, it encrypts the connection between your computer and the target server and establishes a secure channel for your internet traffic. The finest feature of KProxy is that no intrusive pop-up ads, banners, or notification alerts are shown.

3. Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass - Best Free Proxy Server For 2020

One of the top proxy websites for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices is HMA VPN, formerly known as HideMyAss.

It has more than 1000 servers deployed over more than 290 sites throughout the globe. By concealing your IP address, browsing history, online identity, and location, Hide My Ass can assist you in avoiding detection. It enables users to establish connections with the servers of their choice, enabling anonymous web browsing.

4. FilterBypass

FilterBypass - Free Online Proxy Website

Another top proxy server for Windows is FilterBypass, which offers limitless bandwidth, superfast streaming, and access to social media apps and websites that are prohibited in some regions. In addition to privacy, it offers a free SSL-encrypted web proxy service to support your online anonymity.

5. MyIPHide

MyIPHide - Best Proxy Server

MyIPHide, one of the top free proxy servers for 2020, enables users to easily get around internet filters from any location in the world.

According to the test analysis report, MyIPHide is a 13 times quicker proxy website than VPN service, making it the clear victor in the VPN vs. Proxy competition. MyIPHide offers services for numerous devices and web browsers in addition to being secure and simple to set up.

It is the perfect choice for unblocking websites and encrypting traffic due to its beautiful, clutter-free interface and top-notch security features.

6. 4everproxy 

4everproxy - Windows 10 Proxy Tool

Having trouble getting on your preferred websites, such as Facebook or YouTube? Concerned about someone watching your internet activity? So stop worrying now! The free proxy tool 4everproxy includes pretty much everything you need to browse the web safely, including an SSL encrypted connection, an intuitive user interface, and blazing-fast anonymous service.

7. Hide Me

Hide Me - Best Proxy Servers For Windows

Having trouble hiding your online identity on a Windows 10 computer? However, would you like to browse the web completely anonymously and keep your surfing activity private? One of the top proxy servers for Windows 10 is all you need to safeguard your online privacy.

And one such well-known proxy server that can assist you in browsing the web without jeopardising your privacy is Hide Me.

This Windows 10 proxy tool’s one drawback is that it frequently shows obtrusive pop-up ads to advertise its premium VPN service.

8. Tor Project

Tor Project - Best Free Proxy Servers

The list of the top free proxy software for Windows features the Tor project prominently. It includes a wide range of security features that let you conceal your browser history and stop unauthorised parties from listening in on your online activities.

So, the Tor project is a great choice if you want to avoid censorship and maintain the privacy of your online activity.

9. Proxy Site

Proxy Site - Free Proxy Websites

No matter where you are located in the world, Proxy Site #1, one of the greatest proxy server websites, provides top-notch security features to let you access the restricted websites (Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).

Additionally, it hides your IP address and browsing history so you can browse the web secretly at work, home, or school.

 10. Ultrasurf

Ultrasurf - Best Proxy Server Websites

Do you want to keep your surfing activity hidden from ISPs and the government? You can access the internet completely anonymously while getting around any network limitations by using Ultrasurf.

Even though it is not as strong as some other free internet proxy websites, millions of people worldwide have left it a lot of excellent feedback.

 11. Privoxy

Privoxy - Best Free Proxy Server For 2020

Even though Privoxy is the last free proxy server on our list, it is still a good choice if you want to unblock your favourite prohibited websites while still remaining anonymous.

To remain anonymous online, you must use your own computer as a proxy server instead of other free proxy software.

Folks, that’s it for now! These are some of the top proxy servers for Windows that, with a few simple finger touches, enable you to get around censorship and access restricted content from any location in the globe.

Utilize these proxy sites to browse the internet privately and securely.

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