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5 Best Subscription Tracking Apps to Manage your Subscriptions

To keep track of all your subscriptions, which span a variety of categories and include everything from entertainment to fitness monitoring to those for a variety of other applications and services you use frequently, is quite a work. You now have even more subscriptions to keep track of thanks to the free-trial approach used by the majority of apps and services. In actuality, it’s the free-trial subscriptions in particular that necessitate periodic monitoring and appropriate action because neglecting to do so may result in irrational spending on subscriptions for apps and services you don’t even use.

Best Subscription Manager AppsRegardless of whether you use Android or iOS, both operating systems have a native function within each app store to assist you in managing your subscriptions. This can be found in the Play Store’s Subscriptions section on Android, whereas the iPhone Settings’ Subscriptions section is where you’ll find it on iOS. These services make it easier to manage subscriptions, but they have one drawback: they can only do it for apps and services that are available through official app stores. Therefore, the native subscription managers of either platform will not be able to recover any subscriptions you have to apps or services from other sources. Consequently, you are unable to manage them natively on Android or iOS.

Subscription Managers

By monitoring your apps and service subscriptions in the background and providing alerts/reminders for any that require your attention, subscription trackers are useful applications that help you manage all of your subscriptions in one location. You will be aware of your current subscriptions and be aware of those that need to be renewed. Take the appropriate steps to reduce your expenditure on subscriptions for services you do not use based on the information you have learned.

It might be challenging to select the best subscription tracker for your needs because there are so many options available. So that you may properly manage your subscriptions, we have put together a list of the top subscription manager applications to assist you in the process.

Best Subscription Manager Apps

1. Billbot: best free and easy-to-use subscription tracker

Comparing the Billbot subscription manager to a few other apps on the list, it has one of the best-looking user interfaces. Its app is effective while also being aesthetically pleasing and basic. The fact that Billbot does not require registration or the creation of a profile is one of its best features. Instead, you can group your subscriptions into distinct places using the spaces that it offers. The sync functionality is lost with this method, though, because there is no account involved.

Billbot subscription tracker

Tracker for Billbot subscriptions
You may add subscriptions to more than 200 well-known services with Billbot, including Netflix, Dropbox, and Spotify. The process of adding subscriptions is likewise quite simple, and the app sends you reminders when your subscriptions are up for renewal. The software also performs a decent job of converting subscription costs into various currencies if you need to convert them between different currencies.

Get Billbot (Android | iOS)

2. Recur: best subscription manager app with widgets

On the list, Recur is a very recent subscription tracker app. It is one of the simplest to get started and is only compatible with iPhone and iPad. The UI of the programme is generally simple, which makes finding your way around much simpler. Similar to Billbot, Recur also doesn’t ask you to create an account, so you can start adding your subscriptions straight away. However, what sets it apart from Billbot – in a good way — is that you can use iCloud sync to synchronise your subscriptions across other iDevices.

Recur — subscription trackerIt’s rather simple to add new items to the app, and you can enable renewal notifications to receive timely warnings when any of your subscriptions are approaching expiration and require renewal. Recur offers a graph on the home page with a depiction of all your subscription expenses to give you a quick summary of your spending in terms of tracking subscription functionality. Additionally, if you subscribe to the Pro plan, you gain access to widgets, which display information about all of your subscriptions right on your home screen. Additionally, a variety of customization options are provided for you to further tailor the app’s features to your preferences.

Free | Paid (in-app purchase)
Get Recur – Subscription Tracker:

3. Truebill: best multi-purpose subscription tracker

One of the most well-known subscription management and cost control systems is Truebill. It is simple to use and straightforward to get started with. It can help you manage all of your expenses and make the most of your subscription expenditure. Truebill is actually more than simply a subscription tracker, so you can use it to keep track of other expenses as well as keep up with your spending.

Truebill — subscription tracking appThe tool offers a quick picture of your finances, making it simpler to view all of your membership fees, bills, and other outlays. You can keep track of all of your apps’ and services’ subscriptions in one location when it comes to tracking subscriptions. Additionally, you may cancel subscriptions directly from the app, eliminating the need to do so for each service separately.

Free, Paid (in-app subscriptions)
Get Truebill (Android | iOS)

4. Subby: Best Subscription Tracking app for Android

You can keep track of your subscriptions across numerous apps and services using Subby, an Android-specific subscription manager. It’s easy to add new subscriptions to the app, and as soon as you enter the name of a service, the app creates an icon for it. One of Subby’s biggest features is the ability to add categories to your listings. You may then organise all of your subscriptions into several categories for easy discovery.

Speaking of capabilities for managing subscriptions, the app offers thorough insights into your spending directly on the main page so you can quickly check information regarding subscriptions including the payment method, expiration date, price, and payment cycle. Even more simplicity is provided by the app’s ability to use your Google Drive account to backup and restore your subscriptions to the cloud. As a free program, Subby also includes adverts in its user interface. So you may want to think about upgrading to the pro plan if you want a distraction-free experience.

Free | Paid (in-app purchase)
Get Subby: Android

5. Bobby: Best Subscription Manager app for iOS

Another pristine and lovely subscription monitoring software is Bobby, which is available on the App Store. It supports hundreds of online services and is only accessible for the iPhone. The finest thing is that, in contrast to some other subscription trackers, Bobby does not require you to manually write the names of the services when adding a subscription listing. Instead, you can pick a service from the list and begin entering the necessary subscription information for it.

The app’s bottom contains a list of all the subscription-related charges you incur. You can also select how you wish to view the overall expense based on your preferences. Which includes monthly, remaining, and total expenses as options. Another important feature included with the app is iCloud sync, which, as the name suggests, enables you to sync your costs across all of your iDevices using iCloud. In addition, Bobby’s subscription plan gives you the option to personalise some of its features, just like other trackers.

Free | Paid (in-app purchase)
Get Bobby: iOS

These are some of the top smartphone subscription monitors for iOS and Android. You should be able to manage all of your subscriptions to applications and services using these apps, saving you money on things you don’t need.

In addition to the aforementioned services, TrackMySubs is another well-liked subscription tracking tool. The web app gives you the ability to manage all of your subscriptions in one location even if it isn’t a mobile app. TrackMySubs has the same functionality as the majority of subscription tracker applications, which deliver notification notifications when a service is about to renew, so you won’t miss out on your subscription renewals.

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