12 Best Locanto Alternatives

Promoting goods and services online is essential for spreading awareness of them and is the most effective approach to connect with potential customers. Locanto, which receives more than 2 million visitors each month, is among the top websites used for that purpose. However, you must employ these 14 top Locanto alternatives if you want to connect with more potential customers.

Best Websites to Replace Locanto

Many websites currently offer classified ads for their goods and services. The top Locanto alternatives are listed below for your consideration.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Today, Facebook Marketplace, which is accessible in almost every nation, is arguably the biggest classifieds platform. On Facebook Marketplace, a variety of products can be posted under the numerous categories that are available, including cars, houses, cosmetic products, and others.

The most intriguing feature of Facebook Marketplace is the ability to advertise your products to a larger audience through Facebook Ads. Just so you know, Facebook ads are, aside from Google Ads, one of the most well-known internet advertising platforms worldwide.

With a variety of features offered, such as the ability for customers to select products based on city and radius distance, Facebook Marketplace is another excellent way to court potential customers for your goods.

2. Craigslist


In terms of advertising, Craigslist established the first online marketplace. In addition to being the oldest website, Locanto’s competitor Craigslist is a great place to sell your goods online.

It boasts millions of active users globally and is the top classifieds website. Since its founding in 1995, this website includes members who offer a variety of goods and services, including electronics, housing, automobiles, etc.

This platform’s ability to connect customers and vendors via internet media makes it interesting. They can communicate with one another to exchange information or offer goods they sell or purchase. Craigslist makes sure prospective customers can find the goods or services they require by using a system that is organised and conveniently located.

The greatest Locanto substitute for you may be Craigslist if you wish to advertise a product. Another free Locanto substitute is Craigslist, which provides users with a number of useful conveniences for advertising their goods and services.

3. Bedpage


Bedpage is a website that is similar to Locanto and is the most widely used online classifieds site in the world. Its name is reminiscent to Backpage, a free advertising network that was discontinued in the past.

Because of how similar the two websites’ designs, menus, and amenities are, many people claim that bedpage is a clone of Backpage.

Bedpage also provides consumers with a number of comforts. You can acquire any goods or service that you desire to sell or purchase on this classifieds platform.

Users of the free classifieds on this American-based website are currently fairly popular. In fact, a few users provided testimonials regarding the security guarantees offered by this platform.

It is understandable why so many people are interested in using the Bedpage service given the assurance of advertising security.

This classifieds service site also gives you the opportunity to post numerous types of adverts simultaneously. You can promote any kind of goods or services for free using this web media.

4. Bunz


With millions of users, this app is currently popular in the US and Canada. It suggests that people are using this online classifieds site as a reliable way to buy and sell their goods.

Due to the fact that the website, which was established in 2013, now accepts digital currency, it has an increasing number of users. You can use virtual money to make purchases if you sign up to be a Bunz member.

5. OLX


Who hasn’t heard of the well-known internet marketplace OLX? The greatest Locanto substitute for users outside of the United States was founded in 2006 and has millions of active members dispersed over 60 different nations.

Users are drawn to this online classifieds app since it provides several benefits for purchasing and selling things. Any of your products may be advertised here. Users who want to rent something have a chance to do so on OLX.

The buyers and sellers congregate on this website. They can communicate with one another, for instance, consumers can message sellers privately.

As a reputable website, OLX only accepts verified goods and services, ensuring that everything sold there is of the highest calibre possible. With this platform, there is no need for sellers or buyers to be hesitant because quality guarantee is genuine.

6. Oodle


In comparison to similar websites, Oodle is growing extremely quickly. In addition to being quick, Oodle’s service is popular because it makes it simple for users to post classified advertising.

Ooodle provides a range of goods and services, including real estate, travel, cars, and more. This platform has a minimum of 1 million active users per month. They are dispersed all over the world, from Australia to the United States via England and England.

Simply by enrolling and joining up for free, users of this online advertising platform can enjoy its advantages. Because of its user-friendly interface and numerous menus, this website is excellent for novices.

This presents a chance for vendors to exhibit their wares to prospective clients located all over the world. Buyers can quickly locate the good or service they require. All of your goods and services can be properly managed using Oodle.

7. Gumtree


This advertising platform is really dedicated to helping users get their goods in front of prospective customers. This free website is also made to be user-friendly, ensuring that users have no problems publishing their adverts.

Users of this platform are aimed at being of all ages. Therefore, all industries contribute to the marketed goods and services.

To encourage customers to visit your product showcase, choose a product, and then click the “purchase” menu in the toolbar, this website includes a number of different methods. Unfortunately, this website is only accessible in Australia and the United Kingdom.

8. 5miles.com


If you prefer something straightforward, you can post your classifieds on 5miles.com as the first Loconto substitute. This online marketplace was established in 2014 and has gained a wide user base.

They are drawn to our website because of how simple it is to use. Using the app on your mobile device, you can use this online classifieds service. In addition to having an easy-to-use layout for newcomers, 5miles.com is also free to download.

Every user on this platform can communicate with one another. They are able to talk or message one another using the tool. Additionally, there is a blog where users may read each other’s ideas or exchange product details.

9. Quikr


This classifieds service, which started out in 2008, has been immensely popular. In reality, Quikr has millions of active users and has been one of the well-known Locanto alternatives since its debut.

It makes sense that this platform is comparable to OLX given that it is currently one of OLX’s primary rivals. Quikr’s success cannot be separated from the effort they put forth to keep the level of service they provide to customers high.

This website is ideal for those of you who wish to advertise used furniture. The goods will also be easily found by customers visiting this free website.

Quikr was created with the simple goal of being user-friendly. Use this website to sell any used furniture you have because it has been shown to get a lot of customers and has user reviews. Sadly, this website is only accessible within India.

10. eBay


One of the biggest Locanto alternatives, eBay was established in 1995 and has millions of users worldwide. This online classified ad service has aided business owners in reaching prospective customers for more than 25 years.

Similarly, potential customers will have little trouble locating the good or service they require. On this website, you may find more than 190 brands.

This online store also provides a variety of things at affordable pricing. However, since eBay is quite picky about the things it sells, don’t be a priori with the competitive prices. That is, quality is still prioritised even though the product is competitive.

In an effort to draw customers, eBay is enhancing its offerings and user interface. It offers users fresh chances to expand their businesses more successfully.

Not less significant, eBay’s existence has greatly impacted the global economy by opening up new business prospects. A significant part of developing an online buying and selling business is using eBay, a massive classifieds network.

11. VerageSale.com

VerageSale.comThere is a simpler way for Android and iOS users to post classified advertising on their Google and App Store devices. Trust the VersageSale.com platform for all of your online purchasing and selling advertising requirements.

You may reach prospective buyers all around the world by using this app to sell different goods and services. This website has a strong security system in place to protect users’ privacy and security.

No need to be concerned about data theft from hackers. The administrator keeps an eye on every product or service uploaded to guarantee it is secure from hacker threats.

In order to prevent anonymous users, VerageSale.com also requires each user to prominently display their name and profile photo. This technique makes it simpler for admins to identify unfair practises in this app’s purchasing and selling actions.

12. Freeadstime.org


Another website similar to Locanto that many users use to advertise their goods and services is Freeadstime.org. This free classifieds website allows you to advertise a variety of goods and services.

You can promote your goods and services on this website in a secure and convenient manner. Additionally, you don’t have to be concerned about hackers that like to tamper with application data being present.

To ensure user pleasure, the administrator additionally offers a special blog for users as a platform for user-to-user sharing of product/service information. Some users shared their thoughts on this software, which is great for helping businesses advertise their goods and services.

These are the most effective Locanto substitutes for posting classified advertising. Of course, in order to achieve the finest outcomes, you must select the best Locanto substitute.

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