9 Best Car Customization Apps for Android & iOS

Installing the top car modification applications on your smartphone increases its utility if you are more into auto customization, maintenance, and improvement. The majority of these applications provide a tonne of features, such as the most recent auto updates, information, news, tips and tricks, and even games, to better your car in several ways.

The greatest auto custom applications for users of Android and iOS are being launched by a lot of firms and developers. It is not surprising that these apps are currently oversaturated on Google Play and the App Store. If you’re looking for reliable apps, keep reading.

9 Best Car Customization Apps for Android and iOS

It is important to note that applications for car customization are helpful for teaching you more about car customization. It enables you to observe how significant and subtle modifications effect your car’s overall appearance. You can also enjoy the experience by simulating adjusting or upgrading. Here is a look at the apps more closely.

1. FormaCar


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Every vehicle fan needs to get this special platform. This app has a variety of tools to help you with your hobby, including tuning simulators, catalogues, and news updates from across the globe. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to consult friends and specialists for advice on your favourite subjects. Not to mention, 3D mode allows for car customization.

We are grateful for the app’s 3D configurator. For precise and authentic setting, the configurator displays stunning visualisations. This app has an augmented reality (AR) mode that allows you to view the cars, wheels, and tune in real life to provide a more realistic experience. Simply locate the appropriate location, then aim it at your smartphone.

One of the standout characteristics is the daily addition of new cars, so you can always get updates for various vehicles. The most recent version of FormaCar includes further registration, a social media link, stickers in 3D configurators, and additional tuning, disc, and automobile information. Download this free app on your device if you enjoy it. It also provides in-app purchases for additional functionality.

2. 3D Tuning

3D Tuning

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This app surpasses 10 million downloads, making it the most widely used custom automobile app for iOS and Android. You may change and adjust various aspects with 3D Tuning, including the ability to paint the automobile, raise the suspension level, and change the exterior colour. You won’t get tired with this game because it offers a wide variety of cars.

Find your preferred automakers and models in its library of collections. This app showcases the newest and most well-liked automobiles of the twenty-first century without regard to a particular manufacturer or brand. In addition to having a large selection of automobiles, it also has a distinctive assortment of grills, tail lamps, front and rear bumpers, grills, mirrors, fenders, and many other automotive accessories. Your imagination is the only constraint!

Your creation will always be available to you thanks to the integration of the 3D Tuning app and for the greatest user experience. On your smartphone device, updates will be available all the time. This app is worthwhile to try if you are more interested in automobiles. Make your own project and distribute it to your neighbourhood!

3. Fix My Car: Custom Mods LITE

Custom Mods LITE

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Use this expert automotive customization tool to personalise your favourite vehicle. Over 5 million people have downloaded the FireRabbit-created app from the Google Play Store. You may turn your favourite vehicle into a street racer using this software. You must be patient with this free version because it requires you to watch advertisements in order to complete the task.

You’ll need to upgrade a racing automobile in this app to make it ideal for a race. Along with helping you develop your mechanical skills, this quest also teaches you more about automotive customization and modifications. You will be able to practise customising, modifying, and installing parts in actual situations.

You can order components, find and use tools, and take a car from zero to hero with the help of this app. You can also enjoy additional features like the ability to explore a cool environment, a built-in hint system, and aftermarket items. You can access all clues and goals if you upgrade to the full edition.

4. Car Mechanic Simulator 18

Car Mechanic Simulator 18

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For Android and iOS users who need to simulate automotive customization and modification, this free app may be the ideal option. This app’s creator, PlayWay SA, built it with a tonne of features to help you build your auto custom and upgrade abilities. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and amazing graphics that give it a more realistic appearance.

In this app, vintage automobiles are hidden inside dilapidated barns. Pick your favourite vehicle and be prepared to demonstrate your mechanical prowess. To give the car a second chance at life, try your best to restore the engines, gearbox, chassis, and brakes. Don’t forget to putty the car’s face and remove any rust before doing so. Repaint the exterior with your choice colour as the final touch.

This software has warehousing features, a work list, and a parts market where you can purchase spare components to assist you with the project. What differentiates it? You may sell modified cars if you play the Car Mechanic Simulator! Find a buyer for your automobile and become the greatest auto mechanic ever! Enjoy in-app purchases for extra content by downloading this app for free.

5. NFS Heat Studio

NFS Heat Studio

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One of the best applications for customising cars is this one. Thanks to weekly drops collections, you may collect and personalise incredible racing cars in NFS Heat Studio. To access custom designs in this app, you must log into your EA account. You can start customising the cars as soon as you have the designs.

The Cars tab in this app allows you to access every vehicle. Additionally, it offers a Showroom option where you may showcase your preferred bespoke automobiles. Simply click on the Container tab to find the most recent release. This is a fantastic programme that enables you to customise and own as many automobiles as you like.

You could enjoy being in the workshop the most. In the workshop, you are free to use your wildest imagination to design the most exceptional and potent automobiles. Enjoy yourself to the fullest with wheels, exhausts, body kits, and many others. Use the Color Selector to add the finishing touch, too. Once finished, save the hard work in the gallery or share it with friends on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

6. Overdrive City

Overdrive City

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This Gameloft-created car customization app is worthwhile to consider. You can build and collect your favourite automobiles as well as establish a fantasy car town and rise to the position of tycoon. Overdrive City has a tonne of features that allow you to customise a well-known vehicle and create your own auto components for a fun and unique experience.

You can produce more than 50 well-known automobile models in Overdrive City, including models from Ford, Porsche, Lamborghini, and many other premium brands. Additionally, you can create drivetrains, steel bolts, and carbon fibre for use in automobiles. The finest part is that you will have complete creative freedom to personalise an automobile and display your personality.

In contrast to other apps for customising cars, Overdrive City lets you manage and export mechanic fixes to grow your business. A car town can be made, the city may be altered, and you can even build car factories and other facilities. This software enables you to drive a race car in the city if you enjoy racing.

7. Car Master 3D

Car Master 3D

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This software is one of the top-recommended car modification apps for Android and iOS after receiving over 5 million downloads on the Play Store. You will assume the job of a mechanic in this app and be tasked with providing the best service possible to your clients. Your garage will receive various customers, and you will need to use your finest mechanical abilities to fix, restore, or tune the cars.

There are also other tasks to complete, such as washing and cleaning the automobile, choosing the ideal exterior colour, and restocking your toolbox. Car Master 3D is a simple and enjoyable programme to install if you want to have fun with car customising.

This tool will refocus your thoughts if you are becoming tired of using some serious programmes or making significant modifications. Although it sounds insignificant, it can actually help you become more mechanically proficient. Become a true automobile master with Car Master 3d by amassing as much cash as you can in your garage.

8. Tuning Car Simulator

Tuning Car Simulator

Download On Google Play

This app is primarily focused on tuning cars, as the name would imply. Tuning Car Simulator is a great game to download, especially for Android users who have an intense enthusiasm for racing. You can enjoy tuning your automobile and getting ready for a race using this software for car modification. The quality of the driving is just as important as the outcome.

This tuning simulator has easy steering and smooth control with touch buttons. A realistic audio environment and driving experience are also available directly from the smartphone. Tuning Car Simulator redefines your experience with crushing, drifting, and tuning thanks to gorgeous graphics, full HD support, and realistic physics.

It goes further than that. With the help of this software, you may observe everything right now from the perspective of the cabin. After driving the vehicle, you will learn what needs to be changed. Additionally, Tuning Car Simulator provides a large number of vehicles from which you can choose. Break the track and make as much virtual money as you can using this software!

9. Car++


Download On The App Store

For iOS users who don’t mind shelling out a little money, this app is ideal. You may customise and update a beloved car using the 3D customising programme Car++. With this app’s enhanced 3D rendering capabilities, you may enjoy realistic graphics of the highest calibre on your iPhone or iPad. This rendering method also provides accurate

You can benefit from a variety of features to improve the car with this software. Pick your preferred exterior automobile colour in gloss, gloss metallic, or other variations. Additionally, you may change the fog lights, brake lights, and many other types of automobile lighting. Not to mention, it comes with a variety of wheel and rim options and stylish body modifications.

What else? With more than 80 cars and fresh releases every week, this premium software provides a wide range of automobiles. This guarantees that you can continually be interested in this software because you can customise new automobiles every week. Car++ is offered on the App Store for $2.99.

One of the best automotive customising apps must be downloaded by auto aficionados. The apps allow you to have a lot of fun while also teaching you more about automotive customization.

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