The Top 12 Free FTP Clients for Windows and Mac in 2023

The traditional way of sharing files from one server to another can be time-consuming. Both the methods and the software have evolved. FTP, often known as the File Transfer Protocol, is the finest method for sharing files and will soon be used by all users.

We have now provided the top free FTP clients for Mac and Windows in order to assist you in effectively transferring data and preparing for emerging technologies. You can read all available details about the software, including its features and cost (if paid). So without further ado, let’s get to the list and look at what free FTP clients for Windows and Mac are available.

The Top 13 Free FTP Clients for Windows and Mac in 2023

Here are some of the top files that have been hand-selected for software sharing between servers that you can try. The software with faster performance and good evaluations is among the top FTP clients for Mac and Windows.

1. Transmit 5

Transmit 5

Transmit 5 is the first item on our list of the top free FTP clients for Mac. One of the most well-known pieces of software was created by Panic Inc. The reason why we have kept this software in the first position is because of its blazing quick speed of transferring files. Using this software, sharing between nearby and distant servers is simple.

This is excellent software for Mac PCs since it lets you send shortcuts for quick access. Supported protocols for this free Mac FTP software include FTPS, SFTP, SSH, Amazon, WebDAV, and S3. Even though the UI appears straightforward and unremarkable, it has some of the best features. Tags make it simple to organise your files and find them later.

The software integrates with Terminal to unlock a ton of hidden potentials. This is a fantastic feature for all the power users that might be of interest to you. The most crucial aspect of security is that it provides two-factor login to prevent hacking. You receive assistance for numerous languages other than English. Chinese, French, and German are on the list.


supports numerous important protocols

On both local and remote servers, it offers folder syncing.

For quick access, you can add a shortcut to Finder.

Multiple cloud platforms are supported by the software.

You can include a dashboard widget.

supports multiple languages


costly paid plan

by default, adware is installed

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2. CuteFTP

CuteFTP - Download

Another feature-rich free FTP software for Windows is called CuteFTP. With the software, managing and editing files is simple and highly controlled. However, the software may seem complicated at first, but you will ultimately grow used to it. It includes a number of capabilities, including support for multiple FTP, WebDAV, and SFTP extensions, file compression, and OpenPGP encryption.

For a better user experience, this free Windows FTP client provides a color-coded HTML editor with automated syncing and backup. In addition, you can quickly connect to any FTP site to share and preserve files.

Even the software’s built-in HTML editor contains functionality for creating and modifying HTML texts. This work can be done without any outside software. The software provides one-time password authentication in addition to a clever password manager for security. You can work effectively knowing that your work is completely secure.


File compression and OpenPGP encryption are supported.

authentication with a one-time password

Automatic backup and synchronisation

It includes a built-in wizard for beginners.

HTML editor with color-coding


Not possible to compare files

There is no support for laaS providers.

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3. Commander One

Commander One

The next item on our list is Commander One, a free FTP software for Mac. You may support a number of protocols, including SFTP, FTPS, and WebDAV, using this software. It provides versatility for file files because it supports cloud platforms. The software’s extremely adaptable user interface is its best feature. Its smooth user interface makes choice navigation quick and simple.

You may effortlessly complete daily tasks using our top-rated free FTP client for Mac. You can quickly copy, edit, move, and delete files. The software’s files are all logically arranged for accessibility. You have the choice to modify the interface beyond the default in accordance with your needs.

It has a specific file manager to assist users in quickly finding tasks. You may quickly filter and sort the task using this tool. There are both free and paid versions of the software. You can select based on your needs since the premium version unlocks all features while the free version only offers a subset of them.


Hidden files can be simply enabled or disabled.

It enables you to utilise several tabs efficiently.

interface that is distinct and simple

Customizable terminal emulator

Hotkey list for support


The files cannot be renamed.

Not possible to compare files

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4. CloudMounter


A great software for keeping and managing your files is CloudMounter. With the software, you can effectively control and manage your files thanks to its close interaction with Finder. The main feature of this free FTP client for Macintosh is how easy it is to add and transfer files to many servers with it.

CloudMounster is the ideal software to use if you’re looking for a better way to save space. Almost every cloud platform, including Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, may be mapped with this software. For everyone who transfers files from one cloud to another, this capability is fantastic.

Even better, all the files that have been shared with you are kept in a distinct area called “Shared with Me.” It assists in quickly and painlessly finding the files. In addition, working with others is also simple.


You can easily share files between different cloud platforms.

Its interface is incredibly straightforward and uncluttered.

Collaboration with others is simple.

The software supports many cloud platforms


refuses to provide a free version

Fails to effectively organise files

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5. Filezilla


Another top-notch free FTP client for Windows, Mac, and Linux is Filezilla. It offers a long range of advantages that can persuade you to choose it over alternatives. The software has a very simple user interface, making it perfect for all users, including beginners. Even if it doesn’t have many features, it nevertheless has all the necessary ones.

The best software of this free FTP software for Windows and Mac is that it offers a quick remote search that enables users to quickly locate critical files. It supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS, and SSH FTP.

You also get excellent security measures in addition to this. The software uses a special encryption to keep your files safe from hackers. Overall, you should give this one of the top FTP clients for Windows and Mac a try.


It works with a number of protocols.

There is a remote file search option available.

Bookmarking files is simple and tidy.

Exchange files in a secure manner.


Additionally, adware is installed.

lacks a fluid drag and drop interface

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6. CrossFTP


CrossFTP is a fantastic piece of software, and to prove it, it provides a number of functions and makes the claim to be the fastest among its rivals. This software has earned a spot on the list of top free FTP for Mac and Windows due to the speed at which files may be transferred. Since it is the fastest software, utilising it doesn’t take much practise. The software has a very user-friendly interface that any user can quickly adjust to.

It’s simple to work how you want to. It gives the user complete freedom in all actions, including managing, copying, and editing. Additionally, it has a download speed control tool that you may utilise to regulate the speed in accordance with your needs.

Even when you are linked to numerous servers, the software runs without any issues. It even provides local file search, archiving, and password encryption. You can choose the plan that best meets your needs. It offers a free as well as a premium plan option.


It swiftly looks for nearby files.

You can efficiently transfer in groups.

It is compatible with all the main cloud platforms.

With this software, a multi-thread turbo engine is provided.


Users may experience difficulties when interrupting downloads.

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7. ForkLift


ForkLift is another amazing free FTP client for macintosh which you may use. This software has been completely optimised to get the greatest possible performance out of the hardware. The software delivers seamless performance and a very user-friendly, clutter-free interface. You have a number of customization choices at your disposal, which can help you build the software to meet your demands and specifications.

The rapid file encryption offered by this free FTP software for Mac is likewise well-liked. It protects your files from threats and hackers. With ForLift, you get a renaming feature in contrast to other software. The software is capable of batch renaming easily and efficiently.

It offers a zip archiving capability that may be used to keep unnecessary files apart from the crucial files in order to assist you in keeping the interface and storage tidy. With this software, working on several servers is simple. Above all, you can select a dark setting for easier viewing.


The software may quickly connect to many cloud systems.

You don’t even need to download files to view them.

It contrasts nearby and far-off sources.

Support for dark mode

Playback of audio and video is available.


Sometimes, the Sync feature is inaccurate.

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8. Viper FTP

Viper FTP

The next software on our list of free FTP clients for Windows and Mac is called Viper FTP, and it belongs there since it has some of the best features. The best thing about this software is that it combines straightforward user interfaces with a ton of useful features that may make sharing easier.

With this software, you can share and transfer files more quickly and effectively to other servers. On FTP, FTPS, WebDAV, SFTP, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, and YouTube, file files are simple. With this flexible software, working to your needs and convenience is simple.

You may simply upload files to several servers and even transfer files in the background while working without having it interfere with your productivity. You also have a ton of other choices, such as the ability to modify files on distant servers, create an HTTP URL for the chosen file, and conveniently manage local archives. The software also retains a record of all the activities and tracks them. With this software, checking and recalling all of your work is simple.


You can quickly move files between different systems.

The software makes it simple to upload files to several directories.

It records all work and transfers completed.

Managing all of the local archives is simple.


When establishing a fresh connection, users have experienced crashing problems.

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9. FireFTP


The finest free FTP client for Windows is FireFTP. To support our claim, we examined the product and were impressed by the functionality and user interface. The software feels like standard software and has a very tidy user interface. Even if you’re a beginner, the software interface is simple to get used to.

The software operates as an add-on on the Firefox browser and doesn’t need to be installed. With the help of the software, you can quickly go to the choice you desire. The fact that it operates at a rapid pace is its strongest feature. You won’t even have any problems as you operate successfully and efficiently.

Additionally, it features a straightforward drag-and-drop motion and supports a number of protocols. Even files can be compressed using its built-in utility. Not only that. It also provides proxy support, safe file sharing, and functionalities resembling synchronisation. This software is simple to use in 20 different languages.


The software offers a straightforward drag-and-drop feature.

With this software, compressing files is simple.

Anyone can easily use its user-friendly UI.

supports multiple languages

It enables you upload and download files without any problem


There are no tools available for folder synchronising.

Compatible only with the Firefox web browser

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10. Cyberduck


Cyberduck is the next piece of software on our list. This Mac FTP software has one of the top ratings. Every tool you might possibly need to work with FTP software is provided by the software. You may quickly exchange files using this software to any server. It provides functions like remote file editing and managing file-like characteristics for proficiency.

The protocols FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OpenStack Swift are all compatible with it. You also receive the assistance of numerous outside code editors in addition to this.

Additionally, it offers file locating tools that make it simple to find files. With the keychain feature, you can even keep your crucial login information. Overall, this is the best free FTP client for Mac, so give it a shot.


The software is made to work with multiple third-party code editors.

It is compatible with a variety of protocols and services.

With Cyberduck, you can successfully modify files remotely.

In order to increase security, it has client-side encryption.


The software can occasionally feel slow.

The UI doesn’t really wow me.

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11. WS_FTP Professional

WS_FTP Professional

The software WS FTP Professional is excellent for downloading and transferring files. The software uses encryption techniques to protect your files and data. Although you must pay $49.95 to subscribe to the software, this Windows FTP client is not free.

Due to the fact that it has all the capabilities you could ever need in FTP software, the subscription is worthwhile to buy. Its quickness is its best quality that sets it apart from the competition. This software operates incredibly quickly as compared to other FTP clients.

All the files exchanged with WS FTP Professional are safe as it uses enterprise-grade security mechanisms to protect them. In addition, the software offers drag-and-drop capabilities that make it simple to use. These features are all priceless.


The software is encrypted using 256-bit AES, OpenPGP, and FIPS 140-2 verified cryptography.

straightforward drag & drop capabilities

IIS and Apache web servers are supported.

You can arrange the folders and archive files.


Data transfer without a visible representation

greater than the rivals’ prices

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12. WinSCP


One of the most well-organized FTP clients for Windows is WinSCP. The software is fairly straightforward and open-source, making it simple to download and upload files. With this free FTP software for Windows, you can edit files in addition to performing the typical tasks. There are no additional costs associated with using any aspect of the software, which is provided for free.

In addition to having all the cutting-edge capabilities, the software is fantastic for all users. It provides a graphical representation of the transfers, in contrast to typical FTP software. It displays each transfer separately, regardless of whether it took place on a PC or a server.


Advanced protocols are supported by the software.

It’s simple to swap between languages.

A master password can be used to protect all of the files.

Installs no additional software


No support for hotkeys

You are unable to switch between two interfaces.

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The Best FTP Clients for Mac & Windows OS is now complete.

After reading the post, you must now have a better understanding of how simple it is to share files using the free FTP software for Mac and Windows. The decision of which software best fits your working style is the only thing left to do. If you’re unsure, you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of your preferred software and make an informed choice. We wish you luck in selecting the ideal sharing software. If you are still unclear, please leave your questions in the comment box, and we will do our best to answer them.

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