10 Best Online Review Management Software For Your Business

Do you own a business or work in marketing? If so, you should monitor reviews using online review management software.

Regardless of how much you market your goods, a potential consumer will look at internet reviews before purchasing them. You should not leave this area ungoverned because it has become an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Instead of manually monitoring all of the online reviews on numerous sites, online review management software may assist you.

What Is Review Management, Exactly?

Review management, as the name implies, is the process of controlling the internet reviews for your product or organisation (websites or social media). It is the process of monitoring, assessing, and responding to reviews.

Small and large organisations may encourage good ratings while combating bad ones with efficient review management.

The Advantages of Review Management Software

You will gain the following advantages if you employ software for online review management:

#1. Provide Real-Time Feedback

You may respond to clients quickly after they publish a review using online reputation management solutions. As a result, it will assist you in establishing a stronger relationship with consumers and providing them with the appropriate reaction.

#2. Handle Negative Feedback

Negative reviews help you identify problems that clients are having so that you may address them and enhance the company’s process. Handling such reviews delicately would highlight your company’s intelligence, which review management software can readily achieve. You will also be able to recognise fraudulent reviews and respond correctly to them.

#3. Establish Yourself as a Reliable Brand

These technologies protect the legitimacy of your company or brand in the eyes of customers by controlling and responding to all online reviews. Timely answers to reviews will make your company appear responsible and customer-focused.

Considerations When Purchasing Online Review Management Software

Here are some things to think about before deciding on a review management Software:

#1. Access to popular review sites

Access to popular review sites 

The ability to integrate with popular platforms such as Google Maps is a must-have element of an excellent review management application.

#2. Monitoring in Real Time

When it comes to a question or unfavourable criticism, an immediate answer is required. As a result, choose a programme that can track internet reviews, forum conversations, and social media comments in real-time.

#3. Usability

You can’t utilise a tool if you can’t readily navigate it. Make sure the online review management platform you choose has an easy-to-use interface and dashboard so you don’t have to spend time learning it.

#4. Support for Mobile Apps

While a review might appear at any time of day, you can not always be in front of a computer to respond to it. As a result, a tool with a mobile app is really useful.

#5. Reporting

Your tool should have extensive reporting capabilities. These reports assist you in keeping track of your products and enterprises throughout the internet and social networks.

#6. Centrally Managed

If your company runs from numerous locations, a centralised solution is an ideal choice. Your review management technology should allow you to see and respond to reviews from anywhere.

Here is our hand-picked selection of the finest online review management software apps:

1. Brand24


Brand24 provides cloud-based marketing tools for media monitoring. It not only serves huge firms, but it also provides ideal solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Furthermore, marketing firms may use it to track various initiatives for one or more brands.

Users may use its comparison tool to compare the performance of the projects. Once you’ve entered the appropriate keywords, this programme will gather any mentions of them in the internet world, including Google reviews, social media, blogs, and discussion forums.

Users can filter the obtained data by time period. Its powerful sentiment recognition capability can segment positive, neutral, and negative brand references.

2. BrightLocal


BrightLocal is a well-known online reputation management service that can handle review tracking for you. This cloud-based programme is simple to use on any desktop, laptop, or tablet computer.

It monitors over 80 review sites, including Trustpilot, Yelp, and Google. In addition to showcasing the reviews you obtain on several sites, BrightLocal also produces reviews on 200+ websites.

It has a one-click response function for responding to Google and Facebook reviews. This programme may present all data on a single dashboard by integrating Google Analytics, Meta, and Twitter.

3. Podium


Companies that aspire to be the best in their field should employ Podium. This online review management software may significantly improve your monthly review volume.

This tool also shows your ratings and reviews in areas that will be most appealing to users and potential consumers. You may automate the process of soliciting customer reviews, and they can provide input by responding to the text-based review invitation.

Furthermore, managing your reputation across several websites becomes simple with this platform’s one dashboard.

4. Social Sprout

Social Sprout

Sprout Social is a centralised tool for monitoring social media replies and online evaluations. For online review management, it supports Meta, GMB, Yelp, Glassdoor, and TripAdvisor.

This application serves as a consolidated platform for keeping you up to date on what people are saying about your company or brand. Businesses may handle reviews more effectively by filtering and categorising review data.

Sprout Social also provides data on local business operations that your company might use to improve the client experience. Its engagement tools can also help businesses strengthen interactions with clients and consumers.

5. Sprinklr


Sprinklr has robust software that allows you to manage the comments you get. As you utilise this tool, you will have a clear understanding of when and where to provide assistance and comments to your consumers in order to instil optimism.

It controls your company’s reputation by addressing negative comments in real-time across all digital and social platforms in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This feature also helps to improve your customer experience by encouraging review sharing and increasing review response rates.

In addition to collecting positive feedback, it examines product performance to give insights for developing a better business strategy.

6. ReviewInc


Are you looking for a solution to help you manage your internet reviews and boost your online reputation? If so, go with ReviewInc.

It also connects you with over 600 review sites for full coverage. You can quickly monitor and reply to online company reviews from a single platform.

ReviewInc’s multi-level access enables it to be used by many team members. This software has military-grade security features such as complete data encryption and passwords that are twice encrypted. Its dashboard may be modified using various filters to display the data that is vital to your organisation.

7. Yotpo


Businesses may use Yotpo to produce legitimate internet evaluations and display them in strategic locations. Customers can easily provide feedback to your company using this data-driven online review management Software.

It sends email and SMS reminders to post a review after each transaction. Customers also receive personalised questions related to the things they purchased.

Yotpo also shows the top reviews at critical conversion touchpoints throughout the purchase journey. Users may also search for and sort reviews. Furthermore, its formal partnerships with Facebook and Google assist you in increasing social media traffic.

8. BirdEye


BirdEye is a powerful customer review management software with enterprise-level capabilities. It may be used by any number of team members in any place.

Large companies can benefit from this solution’s capabilities such as the role-based dashboard and bulk review management. For monitoring reviews, the programme supports over 150 websites.

It also allows you to update your company listings on over 50 different websites. BirdEye’s auto-response templates are always useful for speedy review management. It can also be used to delete spam or libellous reviews.

9. Swell


Swell is an online review management software that uses your reputation to help your business develop and gain internet prominence. It is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises that lack the essential resources for reputation management.

The tool is clever enough to recognise when and how to review feedback from a consumer. Swell allows users to post reviews on Facebook, Google, and other sites via automated and personalised SMS messages. You may react quickly to reviews by using its built-in templates.

10.  is a well-known service that meets the requirements of worldwide digital marketing organisations. With our all-in-one review solution, you can manage and respond to online reviews on over 165 review sites.

It offers an easy-to-use dashboard that is great for monitoring the whole review gathering and response process. This web-based technology collects website evaluations through SMS, email, and direct mail campaigns. includes white-label services that allow businesses to create branded reports, whitepapers, and widgets. You may manage your company listings automatically and set recurrent reports.

Finishing Touches

Many customers read internet product reviews before making a purchasing decision. With the prevalence of fake reviews on the rise, your company should have a robust online reputation management plan that incorporates software.

You may select one of the online review management software from the list above based on your business requirements. It will increase the online exposure of your shop or product and provide a better client experience.

If you want to increase user engagement, you should get your product or website evaluated by genuine individuals.

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