Einthusan Alternatives To Stream Free Movies in 2022

Einthusan is arguably the best source of Hindi movies, with its website having a substantial collection of Einthusan Hindi movies, Einthusan Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Kannada movies, and much more.

A list of 17 Einthusan alternatives for free movie streaming in 2022 has been developed because Einthusan is not available in all nations.

1. YuppTV


YuppTV is one of the best Einthusan alternatives with free movie streaming.

This ground-breaking website, like Einthusan, supports a wide range of languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, and Bengali, to name a few. Additionally, it includes a sizable selection of Hindi films.

Users of YuppTV have access to both free movies and well-liked television programs on top-tier regional channels. You can also watch live TV on their website.

YuppTV’s website has categories on its home page for the many media genres and formats, making it simple to navigate.

You can also put the precise title of the movie you’re looking for in the website’s search box.

Check: Go to this site.

2. Hotstar


Another good Einthusan option for streaming free movies is Hotstar, which offers a wide selection of movies and television shows. Hotstar stands out from other streaming services due to the volume of family-friendly content it offers.

You’ll also have access to a selection of Disney Plus movies like Einthusan Tamil or Einthusan Hindi.

Hotstar unquestionably allows users to stream movies for free on mobile devices like your iOS and Android phones, so you can surely do so when you’re on the road.

Its Netflix-like user interface makes it very simple and easy to navigate all of the content.

Check: Go to this site.

3. Sonyliv


Third on our list of Einthusian alternatives for free movie streaming is Sonyliv Entertainment. Sonyliv features an extensive collection of Indian movies, much like Einthus’ free media library.

Just bear in mind that before you can start streaming movies from the service, you must first create and register for a Sonyliv account.

You may watch Hindi and Tamil movies as well as live streaming video and a variety of sports programs using this streaming service.

Thanks to our website’s straightforward and intuitive user interface, all visitors will find it easy to search for a specific movie they want to view.

Sonyliv is a great alternative to Einthusan Hindi because it supports the majority of Indian languages.

Check: Go to this site.

4. Zee5


Another great website like the ones we’ve already mentioned here and comparable to Einthusan is Zee5.

Zee5 has a sizable collection of Indian films, and its website supports a wide range of languages, including Thai, Indonesian, Punjabi, Tamil, Hindi, and Marathi.

When you first visit Zee5’s website, you are asked to choose your favourite content and are given a number of movie category options, including Kannada, Bhojpuri, and many others.

When prompted, you only need to register for a free account to begin.

Just keep in mind that Zee5 also offers a Premium subscription for those who desire more access, but considering Zee5’s amazing selection of free movies, you can choose to continue using the service without paying.

Check: Go to this site.

5. YouTube


Given that YouTube now appears to feature every piece of material ever created on its platform, including your favourite Hindi and Indian regional flicks, we’re rather convinced that you’re no longer startled by this.

YouTube made our list of Einthusan alternatives for streaming free movies due to the fact that it offers ready-to-watch content. There are a lot of top-notch channels showing Indian movies on its website.

Just be aware that YouTube’s selection isn’t going to be as big as the other websites on this list, but hey, we’re sure you’ll find something you like.

Simply establish a free account on YouTube and enter the appropriate keywords, such as Bengali movies or Tamil movies, among others, to get what you’re looking for.

Searching for Einthusan Tamil or Hindi movies is even better.

Check: Go to this site.

6. Yomovies


Yomovies, another top Einsteinian replacement for free movie streaming in 2022, comes next on our list. This website has an excellent list of Hindi movies that is broken down by genre.

Yomovies offers free access to its film library.

If you’re taking a break from Hindi films for any reason, you may watch Hollywood movies, including everything from the classics to the newest blockbusters. You may also watch popular TV programs in Hindi and English.

You may explore or organise the content on Yomovies in a number of different ways, making it simple to discover what you want. You can even sort the website by year, in which case it would display every movie or TV show that was released within the selected year.

Check: Go to this site.

7. Online Movies Gold

Online Movies Gold, also known as Movies Gold Pro, is a great Einthusan choice for free movie streaming in 2022.

This service provides a huge selection of recent and old movies for streaming. The Online Movies Gold database includes movies from as far back as 1936.

Everything on this website is freely available, and the HD movie streaming feature is a great extra. Although the majority of Online Movies Gold’s selection is split between the Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam categories, Hollywood films are also accessible there.

The website Online Movies Gold, like Yomovies, allows users to arrange movies by year, and it will display any movie that was released during the year you pick.

Check: Go to this site.

8. Hindilinks4u


Due to its large library of documentaries, Hindilinks4u stands out from the competition. If you’re looking for Hindi biographies or Hindi documentaries, Hindilinks4u is an excellent Einthusan replacement.

None of the movies or TV shows presented here require a purchase or a monthly subscription charge to watch. More than 50 distinct movie categories are available on this website, which also supports a number of other languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada.

Hindilinks4u also features content from other other streaming services, like Zee5, Sonyliv, and many others.

If you’re seeking for Hindi movie titles that have been dubbed, try Hindilinks4u.

Check: Go to this site.

9. Yesmovies


Our list continues with Yesmovies, a brilliant Einsteinian replacement for free movie streaming in 2022.

The Yesmovies website, like Yomovies, provides a superb selection of Hindi movies that are even divided by category. These movies are freely accessible on both websites.

When you first visit the website, a search box welcomes you and successfully instructs visitors to look up the content they want to watch straight away. This describes how Yesmovies works.

Of course, if you don’t have a certain movie in mind, you can just click the movies tab, which will take you to a page with all of its listed movies.

Yesmovies offers a huge selection of free movies in well-known Indian languages, making it a great Einthusan replacement.

Check: Go to this site.

10. MX Player

MX Player

Everyone needs screen time occasionally, but instead of streaming movies, they would like to spend hours binge-watching full TV seasons. In that aspect, MX Player is on your side.

Naturally, the most of the online streaming services we’ve featured on this list provide a variety of TV series as well, but MX Player stands out for its amazing selection of original web series.

The web series available on MX Player fall into the drama, thriller, reality, criminal, and comedic categories. The most extensively used Indian languages can be selected as the content language, and live television can be broadcast using this service.

We appreciate MX Player for providing a platform for Indian stand-up comedians to perform on its website.

Because it has so many advantages, MX Player is one of the best Einthusan substitutes for streaming free movies in 2022.

Check: Go to this site.

11. Tubi


A wide selection of movies, TV shows, and TV series are available on the attractive online streaming service Tubi.

Tubi made our list of the best Einthusan alternatives since it provides unlimited free viewing time and all of its material is free.

Additionally, Tubi users don’t need to register or create accounts, so you may start viewing right away.

On the Tubi website, you may rapidly search for any movie or simply click on whatever is displayed on the home page. The website features a clean, contemporary layout with simple categories.

You can stream content from Tubi using any web browser if you download the Tubi app for iOS, Android, Roku, or Amazon Fire.

The small selection of Hindi movies that Tubi offers is its only drawback.

Check: Go to this site.

12. Bolly2Tolly


Bolly2Tolly, a well-known movie streaming service that specialises in Tamil-language movies, is the next website on our list of the best Einthusan alternatives to watch free movies in 2022.

Bolly2Tolly offers free access to popular movies from the past and present.

In addition to Tamil movies, Bolly2Tolly also has movies in English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali. This website has a ton of Tamil TV series available.

Bolly2Tolly has a user-friendly interface that is comparable to the most of the websites we have highlighted on this list. The website’s front page features a list of the most recent films.

Sadly, Bolly2Tolly doesn’t have a genre list, but you can still use the search feature to look through books.

Another intriguing element of Bolly2Tolly is the Upcoming Movies section, which displays upcoming Indian movies along with their release dates.

Check: Go to this site.

13. TodayPk


TodayPK, which probably has one of the largest collections of Einthusan Tamil movies available for free streaming, is next on our list of the best Einthusan alternatives for free movie streaming in 2022.

This website’s home page features a top-level categories option that shows English movies alongside Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films.

When you hover your cursor over the categories tab at the top, TodayPk’s categorised list of films released in a specific year for a specific language is displayed.

TodayPk is unquestionably worth checking out because it differs from other movie streaming sites by offering a special section of Hindi-dubbed movie options.

Check: Go to this site.

14. SunNXT


Our list of the top Einthusan alternatives to watch free movies in 2022 now includes SunNXT, a network-run internet streaming platform that specialises on Indian programming.

This website supports a number of different languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali.

Despite this website’s limited movie collection compared to others, the free access to regional Indian TV series is nevertheless valuable.

To get started, all you have to do is register a free SunNXT account. After that, you can watch the shows without having to commit to anything. Free content is easy to find because it has already been identified and categorised as such.

If you want further access, you must pay for your SunNXT plan, which provides access for 30, 90, or 365 days.

Check: Go to this site.

15. Vumoo


Vumoo is yet another great contender on our list of Einthusan alternatives for free movie streaming in 2022.

Given that all of its content is free and you have unlimited watch time without having to pay anything, similar to the other websites we’ve identified here, Vumoo made our list of the best Einthusan alternatives.

On Vumoo, you may find a wide variety of movies and television shows.

However, because to the way Vumoo is organised, surfing through its video library can be rather challenging.

Another drawback is that there aren’t many Einthusan Hindi titles on Vumoo, but we’re sure you’ll discover that there are more than enough movies there to keep you entertained.

Check: Go to this site.


There is surely a website where you may visit and quench your need for any type of movie. We’ve compiled a list of websites that are all worth visiting.


Where can I get the Einthusan application?

Notably, there is no downloadable Einthusan app. To stream Einthusan’s movies, you must still go to their website.

Do I need an Einthusan login before I can stream movies?

No, you don’t need to log into Einthusan, however you can if you don’t want ads to appear up while you’re streaming. You can pay a fee after entering in with your Einthusan credentials to have advertising blocked.

An Einthusan downloader is what?

Users of Einthusan must use a third-party downloader because the website does not allow users to download content like movies.

Is the Einthusan downloader secure?

The internet is filled with websites that promise to let you download Einthusan films, but all you’ll find are broken links, some of which may even be harmful to your computer.

Are there free Einthusan alternatives?

Although most of the websites on our list offer free movie streaming, some additionally charge for access to additional content.

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