Best Hard Drive Health Check Software For Windows in 2022

All of the files, programs, and applications are kept on a hard drive, which serves as the system’s non-volatile memory. An HDD might deteriorate over time much like the others. Therefore, it is crucial to perform an HDD health check frequently, preferably at least once every three months.

In this post, we’ve included some of the best hard disc diagnostic tools you can use to check your hard drive’s health and take the appropriate action to prevent it from failing.

You can use these applications to check the health of your hard drive and the status of your HDD to determine whether it needs to be repaired. Utilize these free hard drive diagnostic tools to recover the vast majority of the important data.

2022’s Top Windows Hard Drive Health Check Software:

Looking for the finest PC hard drive health check software? The best apps for 2022 are those listed above. Look through the list to get the top hard drive health check software for better Windows performance.

1. CCleaner

CCleaner - Best Hard Disk Diagnostic ToolsCCleaner is the first and among the finest HDD health check software on our list. It is a wonderful treatment for your hard drive’s deteriorating health. You should use this software to clean up your hard drive and effectively manage your computer’s resources.

Additionally, it aids in the removal of accumulated temporary and unneeded files. It looks after system apps in addition to clearing up critical SSD space.

In addition, it has a built-in uninstaller tool and registry cleaner, making it the greatest hard disc doctor. Because it has some of the greatest hard drive diagnostic features, CCleaner is widely regarded by people all around the world.


 2. SSD Boost Manager

SSD Boost Manager - Best Hard Drive Health Check Software

SSD Tweaker is the best software to check the health of a hard drive’s next alternative. SSD Boost Manager, a free storage space management software, is a great use of the product.

This is a good Windows hard drive health check software that enables you to transfer programs from an internal hard drive to an SSD before connecting the two.

In this approach, you can free up space on your HDD for the crucial applications by moving the unneeded or infrequently used programs, documents, and applications to a smaller hard drive.

It only requires one click to start the data transmission, which is speedy.


 3. SSD Tweaker 

SSD Tweaker - Best Hard Disk Health Checker Software For Windows

Excellent SSD management software with many capabilities is called SSD Tweaker. You can change the system settings that impact how well your hard drive performs using these tools.

The auto-tweak option, which allows you to change all the usual settings at once, is what makes this software special. Other characteristics include:

Search Engine
TRIM enhancement
Turning off boot tracing
The nice thing about SSD Tweaker is that all of the capabilities are accessible without cost.

This utility may be used to optimise your hard drives and comes with the greatest hard disc diagnostic tools available on the market.

4. Ashampoo HDD Control

Ashampoo HDD Control - Windows Hard Drive Health Checker

Windows Hard Drive Health Checker by Ashampoo
One of the greatest programmes for performing an HDD health check is Ashampoo HDD Control. According to research, 10% of a hard drive corrupts after the third year of use. This programme aids in preventing corruption.

Ashampoo is a comprehensive hard drive health check software since it stops data loss by identifying early failure indicators. Users find it simpler to check the health of their hard drives and repair them as necessary.

As it reads and writes continuously, the hard drive typically becomes fragmented. The read performance is considerably increased by this hard drive health check software for Windows, resulting in improved hard disc health and longevity.

It not only routinely monitors the hard disk’s state and notifies you of any anomalies, but it also makes it easier for you to identify problems.

5. SSD Life

SSD Life - Hard Drive Health Check Software

Hard drive health check software from SSD Life
Source of the photo: Enterprise Storage
The next option on the list of the top disc health tester programmes is SSD Life. Another excellent HDD scan application for Windows that examines your hard drive’s condition and produces a thorough report of how much data is written or read overall.

Both disc space details and a precise assessment of the hard drive’s health are available. In addition, it suggests that the ETA will continue to function normally.

It doesn’t have any unique settings or customizations for your hard drive, but it still works great as a disc scan tool to frequently check the health of HDDs. It provides you with knowledge about how your hard drive ought to be in this method.


6. GSmartControl

GSmartControl - Best Hard Disk Monitoring ToolsBest Hard Disk Monitoring Tools: GSmartControl
Image via CNET
One of the best hard drive health check programs, GSmartControl performs a disc check on your hard drive and produces a thorough report. It gives you a general evaluation of the hard drive’s condition.

The top hard drive monitoring tools included with GSmartControl are as follows:

count of power cycles.
Count of calibration retries.
rate of multiple-zone errors.

Three stages are used by this incredible HDD monitoring software to identify irregularities in the hard disc:

Phase one begins with a quick test that locates hard drive damage.
The second stage starts with a thorough examination of the full hard check.
The third phase begins with a conveyance test that looks for hard drive damage while the drive is being transported.

Seven. HDD Regenerator
Image source: FileHonor HDD Regenerator – HDD Monitoring Software
Because it functions as an excellent and free hard disc diagnostic tool that diagnoses, fixes the damages, and scans for faults in the hard drive, HDD Regenerator earns its spot on our list of the top HDD diagnostic tools. It earns the moniker “regenerator” since it intelligently corrects abnormalities in addition to detecting them.

The HDD Regenerator includes the following tools for testing hard drives:

A thorough assessment on the drive’s health.
There is a presen mode feature.
It keeps an eye on the drive in real time.
This HDD monitoring software supports both FAT and NTFS files.
The faulty clusters, spots, and other warning signs on your hard drive are sorted by this tool’s sophisticated reading of the corrupt data.

#8. Toolbox for Intel Solid-State Drives
Image source: Softpedia for Intel Solid-State DriveToolbox
The best and most free hard drive health check software is Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox. It optimises your hard drive, examines it for problems, and produces regular health reports and updates.

The toolbox of this disc health check software provides the option to execute trash collection, which is another professional function. You can schedule this useful feature whenever you choose.

In addition to doing an HDD health check, this application also does the following:

adjusts the system parameters for best efficiency and performance.
Runs a rapid and thorough diagnostic check to evaluate the drive’s read/write capabilities.
utilises the TRIM feature to enhance the performance of the Intel SSD.
Views the hardware configuration and system information, including the chipset, CPU, driver versions, and controller name.
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#9. OCZ SSD Tool
Free Hard Disk Diagnostic Tool: OCZ SSD Utility
Photo credit: Softpedia
One application in the top HDD scan tools for Windows category is the OCZ SSD Utility. Only the secondary discs are securely flashed, and the firmware is updated. Along with its primary role of evaluating the health of hard drives, this software also helps you monitor your SSD.

The characteristics of this hard drive testing tool are as follows:

A dashboard for real-time hard disc status information.
an interface for capacity.
Reports on the health of the hard drive.
regularly checks the SSD’s life.
Excellent SSD tuner that enables you to optimise your drive for peak performance.
You can manage how the system OS communicates with the SSD by using Operating System Tuner.
Performs an HDD health check.
The OCZ SSD utility is a fantastic hard drive health check software at all times because it can help you with debugging, settings, Namespace Management, managing partitions, DAS management, and much more.

Number 10. HD Tune HD Tune

Due to its extensive analysis and use of SMART sensors, HD Tune is a fantastic programme for examining the health of hard drives. Not only that, but the programme also aids in monitoring the disk’s state and present activities.

If the disc is in danger or not, the user will be informed about it at the status tab, which also notifies the vital items separately.

You don’t need to worry if the software indicates that the drive is in good condition, but if it indicates critical or danger, schedule a repair right away. Information about various drive systems is available under different tabs.

PassMark DiskCheckup 11.
DiskCheckup PassMark

PassMark DiskCheckup is the last but certainly not the least of the finest hard drive health checkers on our list. It is a clever disc monitoring tool that is constantly updated with data and historical statistics. The software includes distinct tabs for monitoring discs, just like its rivals. The software mostly displays two tabs:

Smart info: The software displays the disk’s current condition as well as other drive-related data under the Smart info tab.

Smart History: Smart History stores information about past performance as well as the number of worst states that a user should be concerned about.

It’s crucial to keep track of the drives, and with the check of this hard drive health check software, the user may do so quickly and conveniently while also keeping track of the past.

It’s over
Therefore, you should check and utilise these top hard drive check utilities and software in 2022. It’s time to check the hard disk’s health if it was first really fast but over time became slower.

All of these HDD diagnostic programmes for Windows are cost-free, but if you want to upgrade, you may do so and access premium features like the TRIM feature by paying a fee.

Only the HDD monitoring programmes with the highest user ratings and most widespread recommendations have been included. So check a look at these programmes to preserve your failing hard drive.

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