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Best GoPro Editing Software For Windows & Mac in 2022

A popular tool for many video creators is the GoPro editing software. With a GoPro, recording videos is simple, but editing those GoPro video clips to make them appealing and shareable depends on GoPro PC software.

GoPro editors can do a lot of different things, such as trim videos, denoise videos, add background music, eliminate fisheye effect, and stabilize shaky footage.

The following are the main characteristics to look for in a GoPro PC app:

Providing assistance with video stabilisation.

Video editing software for condensing a video.

The capacity to accommodate a wide range of popular video formats.

As a result, we’ve compiled 11 GoPro editing software in this article that will enable you to edit videos in the most efficient manners.

What Editing Software Works Best For GoPro?

Let’s examine how to use the tools listed below to edit GoPro videos.


1. Wondershare Filmora X


Wondershare Filmora 9 - Best Free GoPro Editing Software

Give your imagination wings with this top GoPro editing software , which enables you to modify your videos by adding text or titles. Your videos might have music added to them before being shared online.

You are able to layer your video segments with this GoPro editor. You can perfect your adventures by resolving fisheye issues, stabilising a video, going in slow motion, and reversing the way that the video advances. 4K support is also available to increase details.

Wondershare Filmora X features include:

You can add as many animations as you’d like to the video using the app.

Wondershare Filmora 9 has object tracking capabilities for flawless video editing.

In case the audio is unclear, fade it out.

The software can be used by using a variety of hotkeys and shortcuts.

You may split-screen edit and add multiple videos with the app.

The videos’ speed can be altered as needed.





2. GoPro Quik

The best GoPro editing software is GoPro Quik.

GoPro Quik - Best GoPro Editing Software

Here is a software that will show you how to edit GoPro videos on a PC and will make the process great. Enjoy your GoPro photographs and videos by instantly importing them, editing GoPro videos, synching them to music, and doing a lot more with just a few clicks.

Your videos can be enhanced with panning effects by adding pictures and time-lapse sequences.

The generation of quick video clips, editing of burst and time-lapse pictures, graphs, and gauges are also included. In addition, users of GoPro Plus can share and backup their photographs and videos on social media.

GoPro Quik’s features include:

The video of the app to update videos instantly on the cloud is one of its best features.

You may quickly change the app’s playing speed settings for videos.

Additionally, you may use the HiLight tags to highlight crucial sections of the video.

Both Windows and Mac users can download and use the software.

The app offers frequent updates so that you can continually receive new features.

With the app, you may take advantage of sophisticated editing options.

3. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker - Best GoPro Editing Software

The best GoPro editing software is Windows Movie Maker.

The greatest free GoPro editing software, which accepts a wide variety of video input formats, comes next. To continue, users can import the video content that needs to be modified and convert it to a suitable input format first.

Because it is so simple to use, Windows Movie Maker is the GoPro video editor for novices.

You can add various effects to your videos and post them on social media sites with this GoPro editing software for Windows.

What Windows Movie Maker can do:

The pre-recorded video in the app can have a voice-over added to it.

The app includes many built-in soundtracks.

The app allows users to edit and work on photographs using HEIC.

The video can have titles, a composer, an album, and other features added as needed.

The app contains a tonne of transitional effects that can elevate your video to a new level.

The app supports a variety of video, audio, and other input and output types.

Additionally, you can change the background volume as you choose.

4. DaVinci Resolve 16

DaVinci Resolve 16 - Best GoPro Editing Software For Windows & Mac

Our selection of the top GoPro editing software sfor Windows or Mac includes DaVinci Resolve 16 due to its unrivalled comprehensive feature set. In fact, it is asserted to be the sole method in the world able to flawlessly combine professional 8K editing, colour correction, visual effects, and audio synchronisation.

You can perform all operations with a single click using an all-in-one GoPro editing software. This softwareis ideal for high-end post production editing, including Hollywood, TV shows, and commercials. It is designed for multi-user collaboration.

You can trim a video using the dual timeline function, edit videos intelligently, stabilise, retime, and rapidly export videos to YouTube and Vimeo thanks to the cut page’s simplified UI and ground-breaking tools.

DaVinci Resolve 16’s features include:

A cutting-edge video editing software with many features that can be customised

The videos can be animated and given different filters.

You can use the app to change the video’s colour tone to meet your needs.

The softwarealso offers a choice to change, add, or remove the background.

To make the videos more visible, adjust the video’s lighting as desired.

You may edit a huge variety of audio, image, video, and other media formats with this software.

The software offers suggestions and automatic fixes for your videos.

5. Magix Movie Edit Pro

Magix Movie Edit Pro Software

Use the motion tracking technology, 32 exclusive editing tracks, and 900+ templates in Magix Movie Edit Pro to edit GoPro videos.

This is a helpful GoPro editing software for Windows that comes with premium capabilities. It features an excellent user interface for editing videos well. In addition to the standard editing capabilities, Multicam editing is a further excellent product.

Magix Movie Edit Pro features:

You can use the app to generate the desired video in just four simple steps.

You can use the app to divide the video as needed.

For improved results, Magix Movie Edit Pro integrates with your GPU.

The app can be used to improve output by stabilising the video’s objects.

With the aid of the app, you can alter the video’s colour as desired.

You can choose from a selection of more than 650 various transitional designs.

You may share the finished product anywhere you want with just one click.

6. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro - GoPro Editing Software

Observe this! Here is the top GoPro video editing software. Adobe Premiere Pro is a complete and potent tool that is quick, has good video stabilisation capability, and allows infinite video tracks. It is also equipped with an intuitive interface and simple-to-use features.

You may utilise Adobe’s cloud, Creative Cloud, with this GoPro editor to store the video and edit video from a cinema-quality camera.

Adobe Premiere Pro’s features include:

The enables you to use the pro version’s free trial to sample its additional features.

You can choose the desired template to alter the video from a large selection of templates,

The app’s drag-and-drop capabilities and other features make editing really simple and enjoyable.

You can add as many audio tracks as you like to your video and remove them as needed.

You can use the app to adjust the loudness of various audios in the video.


7. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X - Best GoPro Editing Software

This GoPro Editing Software for Mac may take care of your video editing requirements if you utilise a Mac. It is a strong tool that supports 360-degree video, HDR videos, a magnetic, trackless timeline, and other important organisational features.

The top post-production tool for advanced colour grading, audio, and motion graphics delivery is this GoPro editor, which works with all Mac machines.

What Final Cut Pro X has to offer:

Among the top Mac video editors, featuring a dedicated cinematic mode

You may track things using the app and change them as necessary.

With Final Cut Pro X, you receive so many cutting-edge tools that enable you to swiftly produce the desired results.

The hue of the videos can be changed to suit your needs and preferences.

The app is updated frequently with enhanced functionality and bug fixes.

8. iMovie

iMovie - GoPro Editors

iMovie, an Apple application that can be downloaded from the Mac App Store, is another outstanding GoPro editing software. For those who are new to video editing, this free software for GoPro editing is essential.

It has a well-designed interface, facilities for colour matching, excellent audio tools, and many other sophisticated features, making it the ideal GoPro editor for Mac users.

Aspects of iMovie

The iMovie app is compatible with Macs, Apple iPhones, and Apple iPads.

You can adjust the video’s focus using the app as necessary.

For better videos, you can improve the app and use the picture-in-picture mode.

The app gives you access to more than 10 distinct video filters for high-end results.

You can customise the soundtracks in the app.

With iMovie, adding background to the video is fairly simple.

9. Blender

Blender - Best GoPro Editing Software

The best free GoPro video editing software for PC is Blender, which can also be used to create games, animations, and sculpture in addition to video editing.

32 spaces are available for videos, audio, photos, etc.

Blender features include:

The Blender app gives you a variety of options for modelling, sculpting, rendering, and video editing.

The needed VFX can be easily added to the video.

The app’s features and filters allow for a great deal of customization to produce the desired results.

The app’s user interface is quite straightforward and intuitive for all users.

You can use the app to add 32 different types of videos, audio, and photographs to the slot after downloading it.

The Blender app gives you complete control over the process with a variety of keyframes and filters.

10. Lightworks

Lightworks - Best Free GoPro Editing Software for Windows

Lightworks is the best free GoPro editing software for Windows users, offering the ability to edit videos in addition to timelines because to its simple and intuitive user interface. Additionally, it has many editing tools and different output formats, and it can edit 4K videos.

Characteristics of Lightworks

The app features unparalleled format support for you.

You can share your video outputs with a variety of social networking channels with only one click.

Additionally, you can alter the video’s frame rate to make it compatible.

The app may be downloaded and used on Windows, Linux, and Mac thanks to its cross-platform architecture.

The app automatically saves your work as you work on Lightworks to make things easier.


11.CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector Software

CyberLink PowerDirector is another of the top free GoPro editing softwares. It is a thorough and excellent video editing application with a simple user interface and many potent capabilities.

It offers motion tracking functionality, a multi-camera editing feature, and 3D and 4K video editing capabilities.

CyberLink PowerDirector’s features include:

For video editing, get CyberLink PowerDirector for Mac or Windows.

The most recent version of the software is also compatible with Windows 11.

You can select from more than 3,000 different filters, transitions, and templates.

The app is updated frequently with bug fixes and new functions.

The app supports a variety of modern and vintage music and video formats.

As a result of the app’s keyframing options, the videos are incredibly fluid.

The app can instantly alter an object’s motion while tracking it.

A Conclusion

As a result, you now have a better understanding of the features and services provided by the best GoPro editing software for Windows or Mac that was stated in this article, which should help you identify the GoPro editing software that will make it simple for you to edit GoPro videos.

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