Rex Lapis Genshin Impact: Things You Should Know About

Rex Lapis Genshin Impact, the God of Contracts, is well-known. He is a shadowy person in Teyvat’s tale. You may not be aware of the many mysteries that are concealed beneath him. What you need to know about him is as follows.

You might be wondering how to complete the Geo Travel Diary commission and unlock the “Geo Archon Anecdotes” achievement in Rex Lapis Genshin Impact. To learn more about the history of the city, players will be required to procure items and meals from Liyue.

Players can unlock this challenging achievement by providing all four of these items, which is required to learn some of the Geo Archon’s past.
What does Rex Lapis Genshin represent?
Morax, the God of Contracts, went by the name Rex Lapis, and he was in charge of Liyue, the homeland of the Geo element. One of the two original archons of the Seven who have endured since the start of the game is the Geo Archon. Zhongli, a consultant at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, is now portrayed by Rex Lapis.

One of Genshin Impact’s most powerful geo-characters right now is Zhongli. Rex Lapis, the oldest archon, is more than 6,000 years old. By completing Teyvat’s narrative quests and his archon tasks, he progressively reveals various secrets. Rex Lapis Genshin Impact seems even more mysterious because to the soft hood that covers most of his face.

Lapis, Rex

The Contracting God’s Impact of Morax: 5 Things You Didn’t Know
Each deity has a certain realm to rule over and an ideal to represent. This also applies to Morax, who stands for the legal ideology of rules and contracts. More specifically, Morax stands for law and order, which is what he constantly strives to uphold among his people. This lesson is ultimately taught through the deeds of the God of Contract throughout the story. He makes sure that every aspect of his funeral is meticulously organised because his departure is meant to be a formal handover of the ruling stick to his people. The story ended the same way each time, with Morax giving up his Gnosis in a Fatui contract rather than engaging in combat.

Ganyu’s Agreement
Morax is fixated with contracts; everything he does is in some way constrained by one. But the half-adeptus Ganyu was one of his first acquaintances. The flaws in Morax’s model are demonstrated by this contract. Ganyu accepted to work as the Liyue Qixing’s secretary for the rest of her life, and although she enjoys her position, it has significantly impacted her life and wellbeing. She is required to live with individuals she doesn’t belong with (in her eyes). She is obligated to uphold her contract out of respect for her deity even if she has more work than anyone should be able to handle.

He Can Change His Shape.
It’s one of Morax’s most intriguing abilities to instantly alter his look. Morax’s true appearance is that of a dragon, as is well known. This enables him to keep a tight eye on the mortal world and sneak down to Liyue Harbor without being seen. It is said that Morax performed this action several times, most notably during the Rite of Descension. However, he has occasionally shown up in odd shapes, including once as a woman.

A yaksha
Liyue’s version of Mondstadt’s Four Winds is the Yaksha. Despite the fact that they were formed differently than Mondstadt, they were established to maintain the country’s order. The Yaksha were initially Morax’s soldiers during the Archon War, but the Four Winds were developed to maintain peace. They have killed so many people and are now significantly darker as a result of karma’s wrath. They did, however, care for Liyue enough to endure for ages in order to protect it. Xiao is the sole remaining Yaksha at this time.

Meetings He Had With The Gods
Morax seems to be highly regarded by the other gods of Teyvat, unlike Barbatos. Clearly, based on millennia of exchanges, he and Barbatos had a wonderful friendship. According to reports, relations between the neighbouring nations are friendly. On the other hand, Morax seems to enjoy the favour of the other gods. They feel secure taking Morax’s gnosis in a transaction because the Fatui seem to be treated better in Liyue than in Mondstadt. This would suggest a favourable (or at the very least amicable) relationship with the Tsaritsa.

The Rex Lapis Secrets

Few players are aware of a number of characteristics of this archon.

Be cautious of the following Rex Lapis insider information:

When he was at his peak, Rex Lapis could easily beat multiple gods.
He summons spears from the skies to drill and pin enemies.
The Teyvat gods held Morax in the highest regard.
The Geo Archon and Anemo Archon Barbatos, whose present form is Venti, get along great.
He has the appearance of a dragon, but he is easily capable of changing that appearance so that he may move around Liyue.
With Rex Lapis’ assistance, Liyue Qixing, which governs Liyue alongside the Adepti, was created.
Morax was one of Liyue’s original concepts, and he significantly influenced how people saw the nation.
For instance, Liyue has a strong preference for corporate agreements and conventional values.
It is significantly influenced by this God of Contracts.
Every landscape in Liyue was manually crafted by RexLapis, from the ocean to the mountains and forests. He used his spears to build the Guyun Stone Forest in particular.

The Geo Archon is described as a polearm user who during the game skewers his opponents with stone pillars (check) (check). Simply have a look at Zhongli’s gameplay to see the similarities. He is a Geo/Polearm user that summons meteors and has a distinctive polearm attack style that includes diving skewering attacks.

Relationships and Character
Zhongli is quite knowledgeable about almost anything concerning Liyue or history, as was already mentioned. He is unique in that he is knowledgeable about jade, smell, and even old ballistas. Some questions are presented when you consider the Geo Archon’s honor-bound adherence to contracts.

However, Zhongli’s friendships with Adeptus Madam Ping, who frequently invites him to tea, and his “friend from Mondstadt,” who frequently sends him dandelion wine, strongly imply that he is Rex Lapis. The only person who is rumoured to appreciate dandelion wine is Venti, an archon himself, whereas Madam Ping is an Adeptus.

Zhongli awkwardly avoids answering Paimon and the Traveller’s straight question about whether or not he is an Adeptus. A little background lore investigation showed that Rex Lapis was an Adeptus himself. Last but not least, a humorous (and understated) suggestion submitted by user u/Callanthe on Reddit suggests that the myth behind the creation of Guili Plains fits in nicely with the idea.

The Geo Archon, who we believe to be Zhongli, and the now-deceased Goddess of Dust Guizhong both go by the name “Guili.” Even the character for “li” in Zhongli is the “exact same character” as the Guili character for “departing.” There will be more information on Rex Lapis’ story revealed in the game’s later chapters.

Geo Traveler’s Diary: Genshin Impact by Rex Lapis
A Liyue Daily Commission that frequently appears is The Geo Travel Diary. At Yiyan Temple in Liyue Harbor, this assignment was finished (Yujing Terrace). It’s not difficult to finish this commission, earn 10 primogems daily, and gain a lot of experience points for raising your explorer rank. Follow these steps to complete this daily commission.

Impact of Rex Lapis Genshin

Speak with the male NPC named Musheng in Liyue Harbor. Give him any plants, foods, ores, or dishes that you can gather for Liyue. After giving Musheng legitimate items, you will earn 10 Primogems, 175-250 Adventure EXP, 1,850-4,350 Mora, 15-40 Companionship EXP, and Enhancement Ores. You must gather these items and mine these ores in the Liyue wilderness to give to Musheng, including bird eggs, carrots, apples, white iron chunks, cor lapis ores, Jueyun Chili Chicken, SquirrelFish, Glaze Lily, and others.

These scenes and objects were made by the Geo Archon RexLapis. That is all there is to know about Geo Archon, also known as Rex Lapis Genshin Impact. Even though RexLapis is no longer an Archon, he still has a lot of influence in Liyue.

Questions and Answers
The following are some RexLapis-related questions that people regularly ask. You can discover more about him by reading these queries and responses.

1. Who was accountable for Rex Lapis’s demise?
RexLapis is supposed to have been killed in the titular Rite. Tartaglia, the 11th Fatui Harbinger, compelled the Traveler to inform the Adepti of Rex Lapis’ passing in order to undermine Liyue. However, as various parts of Teyvat’s story were revealed, it was discovered that the Geo Archon faked his death. As Zhongli, he is presently residing in Liyue.

2. Is Zhongli the reigning Lapis?
Yes. RexLapis, also known as Morax, is now called Zhongli. He resigned from his role as Archon and went wandering as a human after Liyue showed it had the strength to survive and thrive without his protection.

3. What drove RexLapis to pretend to be dead?
Zhongli, Geo Archon’s current form, claimed that Geo Archon faked his death in order to step down as the Archon of Liyue. He understood that this country could defend itself even without his presence. He wanted to live as a human and work as a consultant for Wangsheng Funeral Parlor as a result.

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