10 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Video Production Company

The freelance and autonomous outsourcing of many business-related tasks will increase in the coming year, predicts consultant Outsourcing Insight. It’s a trend that has been growing for a while and will keep growing as technology improves efficiency and brings down costs.

Most likely, your organisation outsources one or more of its operations. So why would you even think about attempting to create your corporate videos independently?

Ten benefits of outsourcing corporate video production are listed below:

1. You avoid the initial capital expenditure.

Some businesses have attempted to create their own internal video production team in the past. The goal was to keep complete control over the staffing and equipment availability.

The issue is that the equipment is pricey. After investing in cameras, microphones, editing software, lighting, and other production equipment, you’ll need to set up a studio with the right power sources, soundproofing, and other requirements. You can save money by outsourcing all of those costs.

2. You don’t pay for downtime. 

Any internal production team is only useful when they are putting out new videos. Salaried employees may presumably encounter moments when they have no tasks to work on, but they will still be paid.

Even if you pay staff hourly, they will still be responsible for building maintenance and equipment upkeep—things that outsourcing would take care of for you. In addition, a production crew will only bill you for the hours they spend working on your project (s).

3. You have access to a bigger team. 

Marketing representatives or salespeople are often designated as “in-house” media personnel by businesses that seek to reduce (or avoid) employing full-time video production employees. What ultimately happens is that these people are overworked to the point that they are unable to do either job well.

Production companies, however, are free to use and/or hire anybody they need to produce your video. And rather than attempting to wear multiple hats at once, these crew members will be highly proficient at carrying out their designated tasks.

4. Your video will be produced more efficiently. 

In-house video production staff that work “part-time” typically pick up new skills on the job. As a result, creating videos is frequently more labor-intensive and slower—especially when something goes wrong (with software, equipment, etc.)

Video production teams are quicker and more organised when it comes to setting up for a production session, organising shoot schedules, and troubleshooting problems because they make videos for a living. Additionally, your business makes money when they save you time.

Corporate video production

5. You have access to a professional studio. 

The majority of production companies either own or rent a production studio. These facilities frequently include editing bays, “green walls” for digital backgrounds and graphics, pre-configured sets, pre-set lighting systems, and much more.

Although many in-house video production setups are functional, they typically have a limited scope and a low rate of upgrading. (See item 6)

6. You have access to better production equipment. 

The majority of corporate settings see video creation as a cost centre. These facilities rarely feature the most recent technology because it can be difficult and time-consuming to obtain approval to upgrade hardware or purchase new software.

Production businesses must be on the bleeding edge of production technology because they position themselves as experts in video.

7. You have access to better post-production tools—and the necessary knowledge base.

Yes, businesses can invest in graphics/editing software to enhance the visual appeal of their videos and increase their capacity for production. But can internal staff truly grasp all the peculiarities and nuances of this technology in order to make the most of it?

In addition to having top-notch post-production skills, video production companies also have staff members that regularly use these technologies. Bottom line: A skilled video editor or graphics designer can certainly produce any special effect or visual component that your business requests.

Corporate video production

8. You can avail yourself of their creative input. 

Companies frequently have some ideas about their message and content goals, but they occasionally struggle with how to keep the message and presentation interesting. In order to conserve time, this frequently results in undertaking protracted idea generation sessions or choosing reductive, traditional video presentations.

By outsourcing your video production, you may work with highly talented individuals who are adept at communicating through video and have the benefit of dealing with a range of clients. They’ll undoubtedly come up with some appealing concepts that will grab the interest of your audience and increase the likelihood that they’ll view your video material favourably.

9. Your company probably has blind spots. 

This is unrelated to cameras or their capacity to record video of your office. Instead, your team is likely so absorbed in a few key areas and duties that they lose sight of what others outside of your firm might think.

By outsourcing video creation, you can get new perspectives on your business, your brand, and your objective. Additionally, the ability to see the “whole picture” will only help the video’s ability to effectively convey its message to its audience.

Corporate video production

10. You can more easily get non-local shots. 

If your business doesn’t have a sizable travel budget, it usually can’t afford to send employees to remote locations to film video. Consequently, getting video footage from customer sites, other business offices, or out-of-town trade events may be prohibitively expensive.

However, when you outsource your video production, setting up an on-site crew to capture the necessary video footage merely requires a phone call or email. (If you work with Crews Control, you’re ensured to work with a highly qualified, experienced team that can deliver what you need almost anywhere in the world.)

By 2020, video will account for80% of the world’s internet traffic , increasing the need for excellent video content for your business to remain competitive.

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