10 Benefits of Hiring a Professional PPC Management Company

Particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, every company is searching for low-cost, high-impact advertising choices.

Although consumers are spending more time online than ever before, businesses are cutting back on their marketing spending.

“Should I continue advertising or should I stop?” Probably has crossed your mind at some point.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a popular choice among many of our clients because it allows them to reach millions of internet users with their message.

What is PPC advertising?

Pay-Per-Click, sometimes known as PPC, is a method of advertising in which you get charged a small sum each time a customer clicks on one of your ads.

These advertisements are a terrific choice for companies that want complete control over their performance and budget because you only pay for the traffic these ads create rather than wasting money on anticipated impressions.

Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook Ads are the three most widely used PPC advertising platforms; nevertheless, given the sheer volume of searches and the sheer breadth of alternatives, Google is by far the most valuable for any PPC campaign.

There are 3 primary types of Google ads, each of which with their own PPC rates and efficiency:

  • Text-based advertisements from the Search Network, such as sponsored links, adverts on shopping pages, and shopping banner results, appear alongside Google search results.
  • Display Network: These advertising, which are typically image-based and shown as a banner, sidebar, or footer image on the websites your audience visits.
  • These are video-based advertisements that appear before to, during, or following YouTube programming.

The most effective PPC advertising campaigns focus on encouraging customers to take valuable actions, such as downloading a PDF file, submitting a form to obtain a price, or simply buying your goods.

Top 10 benefits of PPC advertising

We’ve compiled the top 10 reasons why PPC advertising is so beneficial at assisting businesses in surviving the economic slowdown and thriving in 2020.

#1 PPC ads reach audiences cost-effectively

Campaigns for pay-per-click advertising provide you complete control over your spending, targeting, and ad placements. With continuing PPC campaign optimization, you’ll strike the ideal balance between spending and outcomes rapidly.

You’ll never pay for ad impressions or reach while using our PPC advertising services. Because you just pay for clicks, you have complete control over your spending.

#2 PPC ads provide instant traffic

PPC advertising spaces are already available, so why not use them to start bringing in business while organic marketing efforts are concentrated on putting your content on the top page of Google?

It can take months to go up the organic search results for a keyword. Organic growth is essential for creating a long-lasting brand, but occasionally more immediate results are required.

For your company, we can create and run a plan that will immediately begin bringing in targeted customers.

#3 PPC ads drive warm leads

PPC advertisements give you the opportunity to connect with the correct people while they are actively looking for what you have to offer.

Not only will you pay per click, but visitors who are already interested in what you have to offer will see your product.

How much “warmer” and more economical of leads can you really want?

#4 PPC ads lead to positive ROI 

Any improvement or monetization can be made to something that can be measured.

PPC campaigns, in contrast to many other advertising methods, are simple to measure, allowing you to tweak your adverts until they have a profitable return on investment.

You never have to spend more on PPC than the profits you get because we typically make our clients £4 for every £1 they spend with us.

Up till we discover what functions finest for your corporation, we test several adverts and techniques. We refer to it as our special MIND method.

#5 PPC user data helps your SEO strategy

Before committing to long-term SEO techniques, you can test your keyword approach with PPC.

When it comes to paid search, there is no such privacy restriction as applies to organic keywords, so you can see a complete summary of the terms that convert, along with their cost and conversion rate.

This means that PPC keyword data may be used to optimise existing metadata, headlines, and keywords as well as be immediately included into organic search marketing (SEO).

Without having to wait for your content to rank naturally, PPC campaigns let you improve every piece of content on your website.

#6 PPC ads don’t depend on algorithm changes

PPC advertising gives consistency in contrast to content marketing and SEO, which depend on changes to search engine algorithms.

PPC algorithms seldom undergo significant modifications, so you can predict the performance of your current and next ads based on historical data.

#7 PPC ads offer multi-layered targeting options

PPC advertising makes it simple to target particular client profiles locally and internationally by putting metrics like user ages, localities, and interests at your fingertips.

Even better, when you experiment with PPC ads, you’ll be able to determine the kind of users that respond to your campaigns and the platforms those users use, allowing you to hyper-target various audiences on the platforms where they convert most effectively.

For instance, if you offer gardening materials, you can discover that YouTube advertising attracts more hits from youthful house plant enthusiasts. As a result, you should make video advertisements to promote your product on YouTube.

#8 PPC user data benefits your social media strategy

In comparison to solo PPC efforts,  integrated PPC campaign across search and social can lower the cost per acquisition while converting much more clients.

This is due to the fact that you will obtain additional cross-channel client data, which you may strategically integrate to enhance your campaigns even more.

For instance, you can use “Audience Observations” to guide your social targeting while running Google ads.

You may utilise the data from Google’s “Audience Observation” function to target your social media campaigns and ad text more effectively and reach a wider audience by seeing which audience segments perform better than others.

#9 PPC ads allow for smart retargeting

PPC advertising and analytics work together to let you monitor user behaviour and retarget users who didn’t convert.

Consider that you manage a PPC campaign for a fresh compost company. A user clicks on your advertisement but doesn’t buy the thing. Then, to keep yourself in their minds, you may employ display advertisements to retarget that user across the internet.

Retargeting is effective since you already know a user is interested in your product; they may just need more time to make up their minds.

You improve your chances of conversion by keeping your product at the forefront of their minds.

Additionally, with your retargeting campaign, you can only display adverts for products that are relevant to the customer, reminding them of what they are missing.

With this incredibly targeted advertising tactic at your disposal, you can raise brand awareness and bring in new clients.

#10 PPC ads are easy to produce

The best part about PPC advertising is that they don’t need sophisticated production techniques or specialised design expertise.

Every business may use it because it is easy to start up, and resources like Google Ads or your agency are always there to guide you through the process of developing effective PPC campaigns.

10 incredible PPC statistics

Here are some startling facts to help you decide whether PPC advertising is appropriate for your company:

  • Every second, Google processes more than 40,000 searches.
  • PPC spending by 7 million marketers reached $10 billion in 2017.
  • Over 2 million websites are included in the Google Display Network.
  • The percentage of persons who voluntarily click on Google adverts is 63%.
  • Ads make it easier for consumers to locate the information they’re looking for, according to 75% of those who click on them.
  • According to Google, PPC contributes to an 80% boost in brand recognition.
  • Ads account for 25% of all clicks on local search results.
  • Local businesses that use PPC to regionally target their audience boost in-store visits by 107%.
  • A user calls a local business in 69% of mobile searches for that business.
  • The majority of companies (87%) spend money on social media advertising, with 88% of them using Facebook, 15% using LinkedIn, and 15% using Twitter.

Why hire PPC management services

PPC advertising is a rapidly growing and dynamic sector of the economy.

For this reason, it’s critical for companies like Digivate to have the most recent information on the newest features and strategies for interacting with your target audience online. What worked six months ago might not work today.

You probably don’t want to waste your valuable time as a company attempting to understand the complex world of online advertising.

Instead, you should concentrate on duties that are more crucial, like keeping your company afloat.

Instead of employing, training, and maintaining an internal workforce, we think it is simpler and more cost-effective to work with a professional PPC management agency.

Our PPC experts have years of experience and knowledge of social media and search engine advertising.

With us, you won’t have to worry about spending time (and money!) on unsuccessful advertising initiatives.

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