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Vumoo Alternatives to Watch Movies Without Downloading


What happened to vumoo.ch? The official Vumoo is down! Thus you have to find the Vumoo Alternatives to watch free streaming movies online.

As well, Do you enjoy a great time watching movies? Here, Are you an ardent fan of the film? So, Are you looking for the best Vumoo alternatives that will quench your thirst? Then, Worry no more since this article takes you via the best options you can check out.

Luckily, there are some of Vumoo Mirror Sites are still working,


Vumoo Proxy Sites – Unblock Vumoo Now!

Movies are one of the most extensive forms of entertainment in the universe. Movies feature different stories making it a comprehensive entertainment record with online sites undergoing development to create a smooth streaming experience.

Further, movies are also educative, and Vmoo gives you a free streaming experience. As discussed below, these are some of the bestest Vumoo alternatives.

Vumoo Alternatives to Watch Movies Without Downloading

Best Movie Streaming Sites like Vumoo to Watch Free Movies Online without Downloading

  1. 123Movies
  2. SolarMovies
  3. Fmovies
  4. Putlockers
  5. Yes! Movies
  6. WatchSeries
  7. Netflix
  8. ShowMax
  9. My Download Tube



This 123 Movie is a favorite free movie streaming site with an enormous collection of videos that includes mixed genres, which create a significant experience when searching for entertainment.

Well, Movies on this website are well categorized as you open yourself to laughter, tears, & even fear as you watch movies on this website. 123Movies is indeed a good Vumoo Alternative.



Suppose you are passionate about movies and series, then a SolarMovie is not a new name to you. This solar movie is one of the best Vumoo Alternative popularly identified with its rich movie library. So, What makes Solar movie a good Vumoo alternative is the resemblance in features and the excellent provision of services. Further to that, Solar movie has a sensational library of films that will leave you wanting more.

Videos on this website are of different genres, making it a big pick for online streaming.



Should you use the old Fmovies? This question is familiar to movie enthusiasts. Suppose you have not seen that question on any website. In that case, you are missing out on the immense fun Fmovies holds under its site to create a fantastic movie experience, that makes it an excellent Vumoo alternative.

So, All being free, Fmovies hosts a vast collection of movies ranging from action to comedy, by videos getting updates frequently to enable you to access the latest movies with different server links provided if the other server fails in the process. Well, Movies on this site are of high quality to give you efficient time streaming.



Nothing can the beat having a website that provides an outstanding display that makes the selection of movies on this website easy with free streaming. With a search feature, you can quickly get to the movie of your interest.

This arrangement of movies in genre, rating, and country makes this site an excellent brilliant Vumoo alternative. So, You can check out the newest updates of movies and movie series on Putlockers

Yes! Movies


This YesMovies could not miss out on this list for being a convenient Vumoo alternative. Now, You can get unlimited free streaming of movies on this platform. Additionally to that, YesMovies has a well-displayed website to allow you to browse the movie smoothly.

Well, YesMovies includes the movie ratings to help you choose a better movie from the list. Enjoy high-quality streaming on YesMovies. So, You can also search for a movie or movie series on this website.



WatchSeries is one of the preferred free online streaming websites in many parts of the world, making it a viable Vumoo alternative. So, WatchSeries mainly focuses on providing movie series more than movie content, making it the best pick for you if your interest is often in movie series.

On this website, you have a block option that permits you to block any ad that may come on this page, giving you a smooth and uninterrupted time when streaming. Now, You can watch popular shows and the latest releases too on this website. The display on this website is outstanding.



Netflix is one of the premium movie websites that has spread like wildfire ever since its launch, rated at number seven on this list of the biggest internet companies in terms of revenue. This Netflix hosts the most popular shows in the entertainment world & boasts the excellent quality of movies it gives, making it a suitable Vumoo alternative.

So, Netflix requires you to undergo a brief sign up process to create your Netflix account to control every activity regarding movie streaming. Now, You can also save movies or other shows for later watching. Well, To guarantee you a good deal for your money as well as a unique experience, Netflix gives you a 29-day free trial, after which you decide to continue using the website or drop it; pretty convenient Vumoo alternative, am i right?



How should we ignore the dragons of Khaleesi and the white walkers? Well, All this content in popular Tv series with over a million viewers exclusively aired on Showmax. This Showmax is the home to a huge range of movies, from adventure to comedy, making this website stand out as a great Vumoo alternative.

You are now needed to sign up on this website and conduct payment to stream movies; still, the charges are pocket-friendly, giving you an excellent chance to stream on this website. You have several payment methods like using a PayPal, credit card, or M-Pesa in other countries for convenience in conducting payments. So, Showmax is cooperative with several devices making it an excellent Vumoo alternative.

My Download Tube


Faraway from other online movie streaming websites, My Download Tube is the perfect free of cost spot for you to watch movies from the online platform. Well, My Download Tube is a suitable Vumoo alternative host, an excellent collection of movies in several genres that will leave you in bewilderment after watching movies on this website. So, You can access this user-friendly site with the only limitation being movie downloading.

Final Words

Online streaming has continued gaining popularity over the years, with developers working tirelessly to provide easy and convenient online websites for entertainment. However, You cannot miss out on the rush movies give when in the mood for one. These above web sites are the best picks for Vumoo Alternatives.



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