Top Websites to Watch Anime Free Online in 2022

Nowadays, finding good anime might be challenging. The sheer number of streaming options makes it impossible for fans to find what they’re looking for. Knowing which websites to visit when seeking for new anime is crucial for this reason.

Watch anime free

We have collected a list of some of the top anime websites that are available online and that are always adding fresh content. Here are the top 10 free anime websites you should visit, which range from animated shorts with social commentary to suspenseful thrillers that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Is watching Anime online free legal?

Contrary to popular assumption, it is acceptable to access respectable websites like those we shall discuss today and watch anime for free. Unlike torrenting, none of the websites listed below require a VPN subscription to stream anime. To watch an anime, all you have to do is go to one of the websites.

You will learn about 10 of the top websites in this article where you may watch free anime movies and television shows.

How to identify a good anime site?

Finding a reliable website for anime is simple. You only need to pay attention to a few traits and qualities that we’ll go over below.

A solid anime platform should have a sizable library of anime across a variety of genres, such as action, horror, gaming, children’s, and others. Additionally, it must provide top-notch videos that are hosted on a trustworthy server. Additionally, the majority of anime streaming websites may not contain the dubbed versions of your favourite anime, so keep that in mind while selecting a reputable anime website.

The user interface and the frequency of ad display should also be taken into account while looking for a site to view free anime. Although the majority of these websites are cluttered with pop-up advertising and surveys, we’ll spotlight a couple that don’t have any at all.

Here are the best websites to watch anime for free

You may watch popular and current anime series like One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Sword Art Online, Fullmetal Alchemist, Angel Beats, The God of High School, Bleach, Death Note, etc. on the list of the best online anime sites.

1. Zoro.to

Watch anime for free

My top pick for the best free anime streaming sites is Zoro.to. In addition to being able to download HD-quality dubbed anime, you can also watch anime for free online. Every single anime subgenre, including action, children’s, drama, fantasy, and more, is covered on this page.

Its well-designed and user-friendly interface further distinguishes this anime streaming service from its rivals. Since they forbid adverts on their website, there is no need to register, and the website is free of malware and viruses. Additionally, they provide sneak peeks of upcoming anime movies so that you may see what’s to come.

Depending on your Internet connection, the streaming service also gives you the option of adjusting the movie quality from 360p to 720p or even 1080p while simultaneously streaming anime to many devices.

2. Animesuge

Watch anime free animesuge

Top anime programs like Naruto and Attack on Titan are available for free viewing on the website Animesuge. You may watch anime online on the website with English dubbing and subtitles.

The website has fast streaming servers, up-to-date content, quick access, and other great features that make it simple to watch anime online.

An account is not required to watch anime on Animesuge. The website also has a completely automated video search engine and relatively little advertisements. As a result, you can find any anime you want on numerous streaming services by using an automatic search.

3. 9anime.to

How to watch anime free

If you’re seeking for a free anime streaming website without ads, 9anime.to is another excellent choice. On this website, you may watch a great selection of anime TV series and movies without charge. The collection includes the most recent episodes of major anime series like Boruto, One Piece, One Punch Man, Black Clover, and others, as well as films from a variety of genres.

You may watch anime on this website without creating an account (but you can do so if you want). Users can change the website’s interface from dark to light mode and vice versa, making it highly user-friendly. You can read user reviews of any anime film you choose to watch in the comment section provided by the streaming site. Regarding ads, the website is entirely ad-free. We just had trouble with the website’s slow loading speed.

4. Crunchyroll

Watch anime free

One of the largest collections of Asian dramas, manga, and anime can be found on Crunchyroll. You can easily watch your favourite anime episodes and movies on the platform because it offers such a large range of fresh and interesting anime. On the website, there is a search option where you may look for anime by season, genre, or trend.

The website offers both a free and a paid package. The free edition has advertising, although they are very little. But you may just subscribe to a premium plan if you want more features. On Crunchyroll, you can watch My Hero Academy, Yuri on Ice, and a tonne of other intriguing shows.

5. Gogoanime

How to watch anime free

Another distinctive anime website is gogoanime, which provides, among other things, the opportunity to order anime. You may watch anime online without charge thanks to this website. You have more alternatives with this service because you may select from a variety of servers to watch anime.

There are other anime in this collection from various genres, including horror, action, gaming, and more. The website is entirely devoid of advertisements so that high-quality, uninterrupted anime streaming is possible. It stands out for both its incredibly straightforward user interface and its selection of some of the best anime movies now streaming online in the best quality.

You can watch dubbed anime videos on this free anime website instead of subtitled ones. Chinese anime such as Ling Qi, Shuangsheng, Aishen Qiaokeli-ing, Doupo Cangqiong, and others are also accessible.

6. Simplyaweeb.to

Watch anime free

A website for fans of manga and anime is called Simplyaweeb. The website doesn’t have any adverts or extra fees, and it offers free distribution of anime. There are numerous collections of anime films, both well-known and obscure, old and new. Additionally, the website provides a wonderful categorization of anime into categories (for example, Most Watched, Dramas, and Family).

You can choose the best solution for your network from a variety of high-quality Simplyaweeb alternatives.

7. Animixplay.toto

Watch anime free

Another free anime streaming service I’d like to promote is Animixplay. This website offers a tonne of fascinating features, starting with the option to download anime straight from the site. You may watch every anime episode imaginable on the website.

The interface is interesting and simple to use. There are hardly any adverts on the website. To make choosing easier, the anime videos are arranged alphabetically. The main disadvantage of this service, however, is that you can only watch anime in HD resolution, necessitating a very fast Internet connection in order to watch anime videos on Animixplay.

8. Yugen.to

How to watch anime for free

With over 4000 anime films, Yugen is one of the best websites for viewing and downloading anime. It is a free portal with a selection of both old and recent anime films.

The website has a page where you may watch the most well-liked anime, and the user interface is attractive. Additionally, you can select the video quality you desire.

9. Animepahe

Watch anime for free

If you enjoy all types of anime, this website is for you. Animepahe is a well-designed website in terms of its user interface, features, and anime library. On this continuously updated website, you can easily access the most recent anime.

Both registration and a paid subscription are not available on this website. Therefore, albeit in very little amounts, the website does contain adverts. There are more anime compilations available for download on Animepahe as well.

10. Animeheaven

Watch anime for free

Anime Heaven is another alternative streaming website with a big online library of anime and cartoons. You may watch high-quality, free anime videos on this website. You may watch free episodes of Hero Academia, One Piece, Black Clover, and more shows.

You don’t need to do any surveys or go through many commercials to explore the anime episodes on Animeheaven. Additionally, you can download anime to your smartphone via the internet. Everything streams in one spot, from Japanese anime to Chinese martial arts.

How to watch anime free

Other than the fact that the majority of compelling anime no longer airs on Netflix, these services require subscriptions. This implies that access to their anime content requires a monthly or yearly fee. However, there are more methods that only require a smartphone, computer, or Internet connection to watch anime for free. Follow these instructions to find out how to stream anime for free on your devices:

  • Go to one of the sites mentioned above.
  • Decide which anime you want to watch or search for it.
  • You’ll be taken to a video page where you can choose your preferred video quality.
  • These anime are also available for download so you may watch them later on your computer.

Finally, anime is a fascinating hobby that appeals to people of all ages. To help you more easily watch anime online for free, we have compiled the websites listed below.

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