Top Karaoke Software for PC and Mac

Everyone must have gone through a stage in childhood where they would sing along to their favourite tunes while standing in front of the mirror. The karaoke machine and happiness to millions of people were brought by the 1990s. Nowadays, everyone may enjoy karaoke privately in their homes, online, on their laptops, smartphones, or other mobile devices. When you go out with your pals at a disco-club, these karaoke apps will help you keep your social skills and you won’t be embarrassed to sing in front of everyone any longer. If you want to perfect your Pavarotti voice, try out the following karaoke apps :

Karaoke software for Windows

1. KaraFun Player

Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - karafun

One of the coolest and most user-friendly pieces of software available is this one. 9000 songs are available for you to use, and the user interface is quite simple. You may also make your own playlists with your favourite songs and videos using this feature. Almost any extension you can imagine is supported by it. However, a $9.99 monthly subscription is required in order to take advantage of its complete set of services.

Not just on Windows, but also on mobile platforms, KaraFun is accessible.

2. Siglos Karaoke Professional

Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - Siglos Karaoke Professional 6

Siglos Karaoke Professional 6, one of the top 14 karaoke apps for both Mac and PC

Power Karaoke, a website that provides a wide selection of karaoke software, is the provider of this player. A computer scan for karaoke songs, the ability to create your own playlists, a tempo changer, and many other capabilities are all included in this app. Considering that this software will cost you close to $100, you might wish to utilise it if you operate a club or for other business objectives. However, what are you going to do if you don’t succeed Elvis Presley?

3. OneKaraoke

Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - one karaoke

This software, which was developed by a group of karaoke enthusiasts, is incredibly user-friendly and promises to liven up any gathering. With capabilities for both the typical karaoke lover and those who adore karaoke and wish to bring out the best in them, this software can run practically any sort of file.

4. CDG plug-in for Winamp

Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - winamp karaoke3

For Windows users, CDG is a plug-in for Winamp. With the help of this app, users can play karaoke versions of songs from their computers. It’s a fantastic concept because Winamp is a well-known music player and this plug-in enables users to perform karaoke without having to install any additional software. The best part of it is that you won’t have to spend a cent for it! Even though the plug-in is older, it still works perfectly!

5. Advanced Karaoke Player

Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - advanced karaoke player


This app can manage your media files and perform all of the labor-intensive tasks for you in addition to serving as a karaoke player. You can easily access your karaoke files thanks to this software, so you’ll never be caught off guard during a party. The fact that you must first convert your files into ones with an appropriate extension might be its worst aspect.

6. PC DJ Karaoki

This more sophisticated app makes it easier to plan a karaoke night by allowing you to change the play settings and add karaoke tracks. It’s incredibly easy to use and intuitive, and the option that lets you modify the playlist on the main monitor while utilising the secondary monitor to show the lyrics lets you keep the concert running.

7. Karaoke Player

Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - karaoke player

Simple software deserves a simple name. What it says on the tin, Karaoke Player is a app that lets you play karaoke files on your computer. The application is really simple to use and very user-friendly. For individuals who don’t want to hassle with synchronising their karaoke files, this is ideal.

Karaoke software for Mac OS

1. KJams

Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - kjams

KJams is a karaoke app for Mac OS that resembles iTunes in certain ways. It enables users to download their preferred songs and share them with the public in karaoke format. Your iPod or iPhone can play any format if you export your tunes in that format. Therefore, it serves as a karaoke player for all of your Apple devices rather than just the Mac.

2. iStar

Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - istar karaoke 5

One of the coolest karaoke players for Mac is this application. You can import music into the player and make playlists that suit your tastes. Anyone may use it without difficulty thanks to the straightforward interface, and the attractive features are sufficient for every karaoke aficionado.

3. TunePrompter

Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - tune prompter 14

With the aid of the freeware TunePrompter, you can turn your favourite music into karaoke tunes. You can effortlessly produce and upload all of your karaoke movies to your iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV using its user-friendly interface, or you may burn them on a disc. The fact that TunePrompter automatically searches for lyrics is another amazing feature. This is a convenient function that will undoubtedly save a lot of time.

4. KaraTunes

Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - kara tunes 6

You can make changes to your karaoke library with this straightforward Mac OS tool. It is really easy to use and conducts lyrics searches automatically. You can start singing to your heart’s delight in just a few minutes. If you didn’t know, the Italian word “cara” means “dear.”


Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - aria

Aria is more than just a good singer. Additionally, this app has DJ and Scratch modes. Its UI is uncomplicated. Because of this, anyone can use it, and it has a long list of features, including the ability to use two monitors, an online music store, and unique editing tools. One of the best and most comprehensive bundles I’ve ever seen is Aria.

6. QMidi v2.0

Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - q midi karaoke mac

This entire karaoke studio is fantastic! It offers several options for synchronising and formatting your lyrics, a sound mixer, and it supports practically all audio formats. Perfect for kicking off the party!

7. KMid v2.4.0

Top 14 Karaoke Software for PC and Mac - k mid mac

A little karaoke player called KMid can play both MIDI and karaoke files. It may modify the tempo, volume, and pitch as well as the character encoding, font, and colour of the lyrics. It also supports playlists and MIDI mappers. It also offers numerous graphic perspectives of the piano and other instruments in use.

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