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Top Applicant Tracking Systems in 2022

I’ll discuss my opinions of the top applicant tracking systems available today in this article. To optimise your hiring process, I want to assist you in finding the best ATS tool.

Applicant Tracking Systems: Comparison Criteria

You might be wondering how I choose the top applicant tracking systems for this list. Here is a list of my evaluation standards for ATS platforms:

User Interface (UI): It is simpler to organise each phase of the hiring process when the user interface (UI) is simple and clutter-free.

Usability: ATS systems must be easy to use, without requiring a lot of clicking or scrolling to get to the feature you want.

Integrations: The top applicant tracking systems have to work with widely utilised programs including email clients, social networking websites, and well-known job boards.

Applicant Tracking Systems: Key Features

The following are some of the key characteristics you can look for in the top applicant tracking systems:

Talent pools and pipelines: The difference between talent pools and pipelines is that a talent pool is a list of prospective candidates for each position, but a talent pipeline is a visualisation tool that reveals the stage of the hiring process at which each candidate is at.

Workflow automations:  These are programs that handle repetitive chores like reminding people of upcoming interviews, calling references, or sending out mass rejection emails.

Direct links with job posting sites: Many ATS systems instantly submit newly published job posts to well-known job boards.

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Overviews of the 10 Best Applicant Tracking Systems

Here is a quick overview of each ATS monitoring tool, complete with a list of standout attributes, advantages and disadvantages, screenshots, and pricing information.


Best customizable ATS tool

Users of can select the information they want to view quickly.

HR managers may utilise the embedded forms on to gather applicant data and organise it into a high-level overview, making it simple to know where each applicant is at any given time in the hiring process. Directly on, a customised form may be created with ease. All of the responses are automatically recorded and sorted on one platform after the form is submitted.

Hiring managers can effortlessly streamline manual procedures using no-code automations. No-code automations make sure that information never slips between the cracks, whether it’s connecting with applicants, updating team members via email, or alerting everyone to impending deadlines. Simply enter any notes or comments you may have regarding an applicant in the platform’s in-app area. Therefore, all necessary information is readily available.

Remember that the no-code automations begin to function once you upgrade to their regular plan ($14/user/month). This is probably why it’s one of their most well-liked layouts. Additionally, you will have access to calendar views, timeline charts, and third-party connections. Here is where HR teams searching for complete ATS functionality should start (skip the freemium).

This platform has integrations with numerous tools, including G-suite, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, LinkedIn, and Slack.

For up to 2 people, is free. Paid subscriptions provide a 14-day free trial and start at $11/user/month.

14-day no-risk trial

Up to 2 users from $11 per month per user

Visit Website


Exceptional security for businesses, including HIPAA compliance

Scalable processes

ready-made designs that can be fully modified


solely for the enterprise package, a dedicated success manager

No integrated payroll

Too robust for businesses with fewer than 10 employees

2. VidCruiter

Best ATS software for high volume recruiting and candidate screening

Utilize VidCruiter’s ATS and candidate screening tools to quickly rank candidates and add them to talent pools.

With the help of VidCruiter’s ATS, it is simple to rank and sort a large number of applicants according to their suitability for each post. Due to their system’s time-saving communication automation, such as automatically created thank you emails and other timely messaging focused on next steps and hiring decisions, recruiting is also completed more quickly.

You may even text applicants directly from VidCruiter’s system, making it simpler to reach them on the fly. The hiring process is supported by VidCruiter’s technology as well. Hiring managers can receive candidate profiles from recruiters via a secure link without ever having to log in. Once the best prospects have been chosen, hiring managers can use the sophisticated video interviewing features of their system.

By allowing candidates to record responses to pre-set interview questions at their convenience, VidCruiter’s structured digital interviews enable additional time savings while also standardising the interview process. This improves the candidate experience while also reducing hiring prejudices. Additionally, their platform has more sophisticated screening tools like live video interviews, software that automatically checks references, and exams for competence assessment.

Direct interfaces between VidCruiter and well-known job board websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor as well as widely used calendar apps like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and iCloud are available. They also have connections with some HRIS systems and other specialist software for doing background checks and testing abilities.

Requests for pricing for VidCruiter will be honoured. You can also request a free demo via their website.

On demand, a free demo

On demand pricing

Visit Website


It is practical for staffing technical professions thanks to integrations and skills assessment software.

Features that save time include automation, teamwork, and structured video interviews.

Support for digital signatures


Pricing information is opaque.

There aren’t many connections to HRIS or payroll software currently.

3. Pinpoint

Best ATS software for in-house talent acquisition and people teams

The dashboard for Pinpoint provides a summary of each qualifying applicant, together with information about their status, scorecards, and other factors.

Instead of recruitment firms, Pinpoint is an applicant tracking solution made for internal talent acquisition and people teams.

Pinpoint has an intuitive user interface and a sophisticated yet simple to use interface. The customer success team can offer further assistance, and recruiters and recruiting managers can be onboarded and up and running rapidly.

Pinpoint provides essential ATS and talent CRM features including multiple posting to job boards and social media, as well as endlessly customizable workflows, automation, scheduling interviews, and employee onboarding. Single sign on, two factor authentication, and tools to help manage compliance with national laws like the GDPR/CCPA are just a few of the data protection and security features available.

A personalised careers website, blind screening to lessen unconscious bias, candidate scorecards to quickly and accurately gather hiring manager input, and a suite of reporting tools with a custom report builder are just a few of the distinctive features Pinpoint offers.

In addition to a Zapier connector that permits integration with more than 3,000 additional tools, Pinpoint offers native integrations with hundreds of other platforms.

Pinpoint has monthly fees starting at $500 when paid yearly. They provide customised demos in addition to an on-demand demo video.

Free trial

monthly payment of $600, paid yearly

Visit Website


exemplary client success and assistance

focus on candidate experience and employer brand

Strong automation and thoughtful design for usability


Due to the lack of client management tools, it is not ideal for the majority of recruitment companies.

No HRIS or payroll features

Certain features are exclusive to the Enterprise tier.

4. ClearCompany

Best ATS software for ease of use


You can identify, schedule, and engage the best potential employees with ClearCompany while maintaining organisation.

A simple-to-use application tracking system (ATS) called ClearCompany has helped thousands of businesses find, evaluate, and hire better talent. You’ll also gain access to tools that can help you motivate your team and apply strategic analysis to maintain a high standard of hiring.

The ease of organisation and communication using mobile and text-friendly tools gives candidates exceptional candidate experience. ClearCompany gives you everything you need to find, hire, and engage “A Players,” from candidate sourcing, automated screening, grading, and interview scheduling, to easily building talent pools, EEO/OFCCP compliance reporting, and much more.

Tools for background checks, calendars, job postings, payroll and benefits, and SSO are all integrated with ClearCompany.

On request, ClearCompany provides individualised pricing.

On demand pricing

Visit Website


excellent advice for implementation

superior features for collaboration and communication

ATS solution that is adaptable and scalable


Currently, no free trial is available.

No public listing of pricing tiers

We encourage more ad hoc reporting.

5. Tracker

Best ATS platform for recruitment and staffing firms

Utilize simple Kanban boards to visualise the hiring and recruiting process.

A combination ATS and CRM, Tracker is a software for hiring and staffing. The application is intended to assist staffing and recruiting companies in managing and streamlining their client, candidate, and operational operations.

The tool has functions for finding candidates, developing and coordinating applicants, and placing candidates. Additionally, Tracker provides features like resume parsing to assist in reducing manual data entry. Tools for marketing and job board integration, back office support, sales and client relationship management, and more are also offered.

Users can create unique applicant portals, dashboards and reports, and workflows, as well as combine Tracker with external job boards.

Tracker is compatible with several different third-party tools.

A tracker starts at $80 per user every month. Also available is a free trial.

Free test

$80 per user per month

Visit Website


intuitive, user-friendly interface

Customization of views, fields, workflows, and other features

reputable local success and support team


Background checks are not integrated

Although Quickbooks and other programs are integrated, there is no built-in payroll.

6. Eddy

Best ATS software for small, local businesses

The hiring process is made simpler with Eddy’s drag and drop hiring pipeline and automatic stage actions.

Using Eddy’s application tracking system (ATS), you can easily post job openings to well-known job sites and your own bespoke company careers page. With a simple drag-and-drop pipeline to organise and automate interactions with applicants, Eddy provides visibility into every stage of the hiring process. You can communicate with team members by rating, commenting, tagging, and even adding emoji reactions to each candidate’s profile by clicking into it to discover key information.

Onboarding, document storage and electronic signatures, an employee directory and employee profiles, training tracking, PTO monitoring, and time tracking are all included in Eddy’s basic HR package. Payroll and HR consulting, as well as their ATS solution, are all available as add-ons. Due to the fact that you only pay for the services you actually use, they are flexible and expandable.

Small firms should utilise Eddy since it provides a versatile tool at a reasonable cost. They also place a high priority on an intuitive user interface (UI), allowing anyone to become familiar with the system quickly. Since many of their key procedures may now be completed with a simple drag-and-drop or point-and-click, technical knowledge is not necessary.

Eddy’s HR processes + ATS module start at $99 per month, and an additional $8 per employee per month is added on top of that. There is also a free trial available.


Free trial

from $99 per month

Visit Website


Very user-friendly and intuitive

excellent way for managing documents

a competent and kind customer service team

Tools for tracking training are excellent for onboarding.


No trial or freemium plan is available.

ATS module is more expensive.

7. Manatal

Best ATS platform for social media recruitment & AI tools

Users of Manatal can accelerate the hiring process by arranging applicants and process phases on Kanban boards.

Manatal, a market-leading provider of recruitment software, has customers in over 90 countries and relies on AI, machine learning, and cutting-edge features. The program aids in streamlining all aspect of recruitment, from sourcing through onboarding.

Teams may use Manatal’s products right away because of its practical and intuitive user interface, which necessitates little to no training. The platform comes with all of the common ATS features, including daily recruitment processing, drag-and-drop pipelines, compliance tools (such as GDPR, CCPA, & PDPA), a full analytics suite, skill bank, candidate and job history, activities management, collaboration tools, a placement management system, and all key features relating to applicant and employee information and records.

Strong search capabilities, AI-based suggestions, candidate scoring, and social media recruitment are some of the more cutting-edge features (Linkedin, Facebook, GitHub, and more). These capabilities have proven to be incredibly helpful in expediting tasks like applicant sourcing and screening and in maximising the use of sizable existing candidate databases.

Last but not least, Manatal offers a full CRM (customer relationship management) system and a simple, configurable career page builder so users may start promoting opportunities.

Manatal provides integrations with Linkedin, Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, and other services as well as an open API.

Manatal offers a 14-day free trial and monthly prices starting at $15 per user (paid annually).


14-day no-risk trial

$15 per user each month (billed annually)

Visit Website


User interface that is simple

AI-based candidate recommendation and social media recruiting

integrated CRM tools


No free offer

There is no additional trial period.

a lack of a payroll management system

8. Breezy HR

Best ATS for diversity & inclusion recruitment

Utilize Breezy HR’s straightforward drag-and-drop Kanban board process to arrange hiring assignments.

Businesses like Product Hunt, Tonal, Everylight Solar, SwagUp, and Duolingo employ the cutting-edge ATS solution Breezy HR. With over 800 HR and recruiting templates, Breezy HR has an easy-to-use interface that will get you up and running quickly. Any web browser or smart device can be used to access Breezy HR via the web or mobile.

Numerous connections to job boards to advertise open positions are just a few of the key features. Others include tools for automatically screening and qualifying candidate applications, collaborative hiring, offer management, and a set of reporting and analytics tools to assess the state of your hiring pipeline. Breezy HR has an unrivalled network of premium job board partners, including All Diversity, Disability Connect,, H2B Job Board, and, that focus on hiring people from diverse backgrounds.

Breezy HR connects with apps from your current tech stack, including BambooHR, Paylocity, Sapling, Zenefits, Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Zoom, and HelloSign. Through Zapier, you can reach more connections (may require a paid plan).

There is a freemium plan offered by Breezy HR for one open position. Paid subscriptions provide a 14-day free trial and start at $143/month.

14-day no-risk trial

between $143/month

Visit Website


One job ad in the freemium version

On a yearly basis, two months are free.

Auto-distribute to more than 50 job boards

Language Support in Several


Questionnaires for multipaths locked to highest plan

The cost of candidate SMS/text messages is additional.

9. Recruit CRM

Best ATS x CRM hybrid solution

For a complete ATS x CRM solution, recruitment CRM enables you to keep track of all recruiting communications and contacts.

CRM for recruitment is a customer relationship management system and application created to manage and automate all your recruiting touchpoints. Staffing firms and talent recruiting services benefit greatly from recruitment CRM because it has dashboards for each of your clients’ effort-to-revenue ratio reports and built-in features for stakeholder input on candidates.

The option to source applicants directly from LinkedIn, fantastic tools for organising and visualising the employment pipeline, the capability for candidates to edit their own user profiles, and email integration and administration are just a few of the key features. They also include an assignee tag so your team is aware of who is working on what as well as a Kanban board to manage the hiring and sourcing processes, including background checks and interviews.

Over 5000 apps, including Slack, Google Workspace, HubSpot, Typeform, Asana, and others, are integrated with Recruitment CRM.

Recruitment CRM has a free 14-day trial period and monthly prices starting at $69 per person.

14-day no-risk trial

$69 per user per month

Visit Website


ATS and CRM all-encompassing in one

large number of integrations with external apps

10,000+ candidates per user can be accommodated

available extension for Chrome


not a freemium model

Custom branding is strictly prohibited.

10. Zoho Recruit

Best applicant tracking system for staffing agencies

On open job status, jobs by industry, and other topics, Zoho Recruit offers analyses and reports.

For recruiters and corporate hiring teams, Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system. The tool aids teams in increasing candidate qualifications and hiring a workforce that is in step with shifting talent demand.

Users may automate and manage candidates, clients, and contacts, publish jobs to numerous job sites, and spend less time on tedious tasks.

The application tracking solution from Zoho Recruit helps recruiters overcome a variety of challenges. The application assists users in finding, following up with, and hiring the finest prospects without having to switch between different media. It provides solutions for both internal recruiters and staffing firms.

Users can use customizations and automations for a variety of functions, like sending emails and updating the status of interviews. Additionally, Zoho Recruit offers statistics and data for hiring plans.

Zoho Recruit starts at $30 per user per month. Additionally, they provide a free sample, a 15-day trial, and round-the-clock customer support.

Visit Website

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