Top 5 Free Video Recording Apps for Android with Manual Controls

It’s now very simple to mistake a photo taken with a smartphone for one that was taken with a professional camera because smartphone cameras have improved image quality to such an extent. And as a result, more people may now take pictures and movies while on the road with a device they always have with them: their cellphones.


Since smartphones are now powerful enough to capture even 4K films at 60 frames per second, content makers do not need to start off by investing in pricey equipment. However, a more skilled user would be aware of the absence of manual settings when recording video in the majority of smartphones, and it’s a setting that can help you elevate your movies.

Best video recording app for Android

Here are the top five Android video recording apps with support for manual controls if you also record videos on your smartphone or want to build a YouTube channel.

Cinema FV-5

Top 5 Free Video Recording Apps for Android with Manual Controls - Cinema fv5

One of the top video recording apps available on the Play Store is Cinema FV-5. Every control you could possibly need is included, and the UI is straightforward with all toggles situated directly on the viewfinder. One of the best aspects of this app is the ability to alter the exposure, white balance, ISO, and even change focus while recording. The Lite edition, which includes all the functions but with some adverts, may be downloaded for free while the Full version is a paid service. You can get it here..

Footej Camera

Top 5 Free Video Recording Apps for Android with Manual Controls - footej camera

One of the most well-liked third-party video recording apps available on the Play Store is Footej Camera. The software excels at recording movies in addition to offering a tonne of options for photographing. You can manually focus as well as change the ISO and White Balance settings. However, once you press the record button, you are unable to change the focus. Although the UI is a little cluttered and manual focus can be shaky at times, it generally does the job. Download it here.

Open Camera

Top 5 Free Video Recording Apps for Android with Manual Controls - open camera

When it comes to an alternative for the built-in camera app, there is yet another incredibly well-liked software on the Play Store. Although photography is the app’s forte, it does offer complex manual settings for video. We really appreciate this app’s step sizes for ISO and White Balance. However, while recording, focus cannot be changed. But this app seems to create the clearest, most detailed videos in terms of noise reduction. Download it here.

HD Camera Pro

Top 5 Free Video Recording Apps for Android with Manual Controls - HD camera pro

Top 5 Free Video Recording Apps for Android: HD Camera Pro with Manual Controls

In addition to being a professional camera app for taking images, HD Camera Pro also produced excellent video during our testing. The straightforward user interface of this video recording tool is what most attracted to us. The controls are all readily accessible on the main screen in a bar, which makes it simple, especially for new users. Even a quick movie that functions something like a live snapshot can be recorded. This app is pleasant all around. Once more, the full version is a paid option, but the free Lite edition offers practically everything you require. You can get it  here.

Manual Camera

Top 5 Free Video Recording Apps for Android with Manual Controls - Manual camera

If you wish to use manual controls to take films on your Android smartphone, Manual Camera is the last app on the list. This app enables manual control for White Balance, ISO, and focus and is somewhat similar to the others. You have a manual slider to regulate focus instead of pre-set alternatives, which is really useful. However, because there are so many options available, it might be perplexing. Take some time to get accustomed to the settings, and you should be ready to go. Using this app, you can even add filters to your movies. You can get it here.

These are the top third-party camera apps that will enable you to manually control video recording on an Android smartphone. Although some manufacturers, such as Samsung, did offer manual controls for video within the stock camera app for its flagships, these are no longer available thanks to the OneUI upgrade. A pro mode for movies is still available from other manufacturers, such as Huawei and LG, but only on flagship handsets. You can thank us later because these apps will make manual controls available even on low-cost and midrange phones.

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